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Kim Possible: Rogue

By LJ58


The wedding of Shego and Kim Possible was the most widely televised event in recent history.

While originally intended to be a quiet, private ceremony, it quickly grew until there was no way to contain the publicity that swelled around the most unlikely union of apparent opposites in history. When Global Justice publicly admitted that Shego was a secret double-agent working to help undermine the invaders all along, a very grateful world completely forgot all the new charges against the green-skinned woman who secretly cringed at being hailed as a hero once more.

Especially when Hego immediately called her up, and congratulated her on finally doing the right thing.

She only shut him up by inviting him to her wedding. To Kim.

She had yet to hear from him.

The Wegos had shown up, she noted, but Mego was missing, too. He, they heard, had a new life with a certain young woman he was currently pursuing from one of his Engineering classes he was taking at Go University.

Rumor suggested that Electronique was not only still on the straight and narrow, but was now offering her aid to help Hego, and Team Go in their own efforts to keep their city crime free.

It was something that made even Shego shake her head when Walter admitted that the former felon also seemed to be crushing on the big blue lug.

She was still musing over Dr. Director's less than subtle employment offer, but to her surprise, Kim had not immediately jumped at it in spite of her own obvious interest. She had demurred, stating she wanted to finish her doctorate first, and then decide where she wanted to go after that.

Rumor was, Dementor was making up for lost time, and had gleaned a lot of alien tech from the facility he had helped shut down to use for his own purposes.

Still, there was no great danger.

For there seemed a sudden surfeit of heroes around the world since Kim had shown up to seemingly unleash them, and Shego had to admit there were more than a few of them even she didn't want to face. And, too, there was Stoppable, who was obviously a force to be reckoned with himself.

"Ready, Princess," Shego asked when Kim finally came out of the bath after changing from her gown.

"Oh, yeah," she smiled at her wife, doubly wedded now as she reached out to hug, and kiss the older woman. "Ready for anything."

"How about a private honeymoon, on a very private island. Say, for two or three weeks?"

"Sounds like bliss," she told Shego, letting the woman's arms wind around her. "And when we get back, I should have enough to time to help find us a place before I start grad school."

"Like you say, no big," Shego grinned, stroking her slender back. "I happen to know a very nice place near the university that will be perfect. I even put a deposit down on it."


"It's supposed to be a surprise. The boys, your twins, are upgrading the security while we're gone. They seemed to think we'll be needing it."

Kim sighed, and lay her head on her shoulder.

"We probably will," she lamented. "Just for the press alone."

"Well, that's why we're sneaking out the back after I had Stoppable load our luggage ninja-style."

"I love you, Shego," Kim smiled. "And I just know my folks will, too, once they get to know you a little better."

"We can always hope," she laughed softly, still remembering her father's expression as Kim had spent over an hour trying to convey their feelings to them.

Still, they hadn't argued over the second wedding meant originally for family.

And they hadn't protested when the minister gave the opportunity for dissenters to speak.

That had to count for something.

"Let's go, Princess," she smiled, leading her toward the door. "Suddenly, I can't wait to get to our island."

"When you say 'our' island?"

"Well, I might sort of own it. So no one will be finding it, since it's under my real name."

"Oh, really," Kim murmured, eyeing her.

"Come on, Kimberly."

"Anytime. Anywhere," the redhead cooed.

Shego paused at the door, remembering the first time she had said that.

"Are you really willing to be with me," Shego had asked several years ago at the start.

"Anytime. Anywhere," the redhead had told her then.

Shego smiled, hugged her to her side, and stepped out of the room to head for the waiting car. In the end, they had to run when it turned out the press had anticipated their getaway.


The slim, toned female turned when she heard something move behind her.

Two-plus years of solitude had attuned her to the deserted world that seemed an idyllic garden without any higher life forms save herself.

She had tried for years to find a way to communicate with her own.

Her communications device proved useless.

Her weapon soon spent bringing down prey for meat, which was thankfully abundant, she was left to make do with crude tools, and a cruder lifestyle as she tried to figure out a way to escape this exile.

One moment she had been accessing the Matrix she hoped would free her kindred to swarm that lush, ripe world ready for squeezing, and the next she was standing in the middle of a grassy plain she only belatedly learned was far from any of her own ilk.

She wasn't even sure if she were still on the same dimensional plane.

The constellations did not match those known to her.

There were no sentients about to exploit.

And, worse, no way off the world that would have lasted her kindred a few months were they here to exploit its obvious riches.

Now, hunched over, sharpening a stone knife she was crafting to replace her last, she heard the unmistakable sound of heavy steps.

Too heavy to be any of the local fauna. Too heavy to be anything on this world.

She ducked down behind an outcropping of rock, and listened to the steps pass her. She waited for them to still, then slowly peered out from around her cover.

And gaped at the eight foot creature that wore simple armor, and carried a huge spear of some kind.

He lifted an arm, and spoke into a metal gauntlet on one arm, and used a guttural tongue she did not know.

She ducked down when he looked her way again, and then walked on, apparently not having seen her.

Who was he? What was he?

More steps, and she risked looking again to see three more giants. All green. All wearing the same stylized armor, brief as it was. Though they all bore different sigils.

One, however, looked vaguely familiar.

It looked like the same symbol that had adorned the Matrix.

Then, she realized, the humans might know these creatures. And they might know her.

She smirked, and stepped out to confront the three giants.

"Greetings," she spoke up in borrowed English learned from contact with her model, hoping they could understand. "I am….."

"The short, red-haired demon from Earth," one of them shouted, and raised his spear.

The redhead groaned, trying to make casual contract when she tried to shake a hand, only to be backhanded away. Still she absorbed enough to understand them from just that brief contact.

"Stop," she shouted when the one male with the big spear started to charge her, it's glowing tip raised. "I am a friend!" "You cannot fool us, Earth woman," he growled, and raised that big spear.

"No," she growled, and suddenly became a copy of the tall woman she had touched when she had knocked her aside. "Is your Earth woman capable of this," she demanded, and rose to well over seven feet as she grabbed the haft of the descending spear, twisted it aside, and then stepped back, hands raised.

"Who are you," the big warrior growled.

"I am…..one without a world. One without a name. I came from across the stars to find help to rid my people of...a blight."

"What….people," the taller female growled, eyeing her suspiciously.

"The form you saw me in at first was….forced on me. Part of my exile to this hell," she swore hotly. "But you have freed me, and if you will listen, I can lead you to Earth, and take our vengeance on that place once, and for all," she boasted.

Twenty minutes later, the Lorwardian ship blasted free of the planet, and soon vanished into space.

Behind them, a screaming female howled, and hurled curses after them.

"She must be mad to think we would cross those insane monkeys again," one of the warriors declared as he piloted a new course away from the useless rock behind them. All it had was an abundance of plants and animals. Nothing worth stealing at all.

"Make sure you mark it as taboo," his battle-mate declared somberly as she glanced at the small, green moon near the great sun that first drew them. "The last thing we want is that foolish creature getting away to start new trouble with those infernal primates."

"Agreed," the other warrior on the scout ship nodded. "Even I still cringe at the shame that befell the once proud Warhok."

Which made them all shudder.