The Black Savior

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Chapter One: Legacy of the creator

Kirigaya Kazuto was living a lie. He lived with his aunt and Suguha, his cousin,who told him that they were his mom and sister. His cousin actually did think he was her brother, but his aunt knew better. His aunt lied to him. Kazuto, however, knew better. he slept most of the day, so he could secretly meet up with his real father, who was actually alive. His father's name? Kayaba Akihiko.

Yes. His real name was Kayaba Kazuto, who helped design the game Sword Art Online. He was in the beta test, and with his knowledge, made it up farther than anyone else in the beta test, all with zero deaths to his name. As of now, he was in his father's lab, fixing the final bugs of the game, as it would be released tomorrow.

"Final bug,and...done! Finally!" Kazuto cheered in relief. Now the game could be released.

"Hey, dad? I gotta get back so I can get enough sleep for when the game comes out, alright?" The young swordsman asked his father.

"Sure, and take this copy. You already have the Nervegear, so here's the actual game. Log on to the server at about 3:00 pm. That's when the people will start getting on." Akihiko stated as he tossed him the first copy of the game.

"Alright. See ya!" he called as he left the lab, hopped on his bike, and rode home.

Akihiko watched his son leave for the night, waiting to get into the world he and his father created.

"My son, forgive me." Akihiko stated sadly as he watched his son leave.

"What? The log out button's gone." A certain fiery tempered swordsman told Kirito, his mentor/partner for the game. It didn't make sense that the log out button would simply be gone.

"Hmm? probably just a bug." Kirito replied. 'Yeah right. I know that I fixed all the bugs last night. Father...could you have done this? And if you have, why? What are you planning?'

"Yeah, you're probably right." Klein stated. "The game masters are probably freaking out now."

"Oh yeah? well you'll be freaking out soon as well." Kirito said as he pointed to the time, stating 5:35 pm.

"AAAGH!MY TERIYAKI MAYO PIZZA!" Klein screamed in agony, clutching his hands to his head.

Gong! Gong!

Everyone was instantly warped to the center tower. Confusion reigned over the 10,000 players there. In the sky, a single warning sign. A system announcement. A red cloak materialized into view.

"Greetings, players. My name is Kayaba Akihiko. As of now, I am the only one that can control this world."

Whispers quickly spread through the crowd, dying down as fast as they began.

"You probably have noticed that the log out button is missing from the game. This is not a bug. It is a feature of Sword Art Online. Also, there is no respawning within this game. If your HP drops to zero, the Nervegear will emit a microwave pulse that will fry your brain. The same thing will happen if someone outside the game tries to remove the Nervegear. Unfortunately, some people have ignored this warning, and as a result, 213 people have died."

News reports appeared, showing the families of the deceased players, stating SAO as a "death game." Gasps ran through the crowd.

'Father...why? Why are you doing this?' Kirito thought with wide, disbelieving eyes.

"The only way to log out is to beat the game, clearing all 100 floors." Akihiko stated with a deathly finality.

"One more thing. I gave you all a gift. Please look in your inventory."

Everyone checked and found the hand mirror, an oddly curved hexagonal shape, and as they looked in the mirror, their avatars were broken, revealing their true forms. Even some girl avatars changed to boys.

"Which means... You're Klein/Kirito?!"

"This concludes the tutorial. I wish you all luck." Akihiko finished his speech and disappeared.

Kirito ran towards the next town, as Klein said that he needed to help his friends and couldn't go along. The games have begun.

Kirito slashed at the first [beastly wolf]. It shattered into polygons. Three more slashes, two diagonal, and one horizontal, followed by a stab. Four other wolves were destroyed. the reasons that they were all one hit kills was that one: he was level 19, and two, he had two special blades. He was experimenting during the creation of this game, and made a unique skill just for himself, dual wielding, though no one, not even his father knew about this. he also made two experimental swords just for himself, that leveled up, just like players, as mobs were defeated. they also were made with infinite durability so they wouldn't break. the swords were level 17, as he remembered them just as he reached level 3. The swords themselves unlocked two skills so far; the first being hellfire blitz, the second called tempest arc. Hellfire blitz lights the swords with red and black fire, greatly increasing damage, while tempest arc surrounds the blades with red lightning, dealing a more damage than usual, not as much as hellfire blitz, but adds a paralysis effect. the swords themselves were called the [twin nightmare blades], being jet-black with a silver edge, a red handle, a silver crossguard that curved upward slightly, making sort of a crescent moon shape, but not quite full crescent moon. The butt of the sword had a sapphire embedded in it, making a very nice completion to the swords. He slashed a crosscut at the 6th [wolf], dodging and then stabbing the 7th and 8th [wolves], then slashing the ninth wolf. He tapped [collect] on the[beastly wolf] drops, collected the col and exp, and hid the[twin nightmare blades] in his inventory, and equipped an [anneal blade]. He was better at his dual wielding skill, but that was his secret weapon. He couldn't let anyone know about that for a while now. That's why he became proficient with a one-handed, no shield style of fighting. He checked his level. Level 20. His swords were still level 17, but they were almost level 18. Yeah, he was ready to solo the boss.

'One step closer to finding father. One step closer to finding the truth.' Kirito thought.

Kirito ran to the tower, as he didn't have a map, but he still knew the exact route to about half the bosses, including the first one. He sprinted around the winding turns and curves of the tower, slicing some [kobolds] along the way. An alert popped up, alerting him that his [twin nightmare blades] leveled up to 18, increasing damage and lowering charge time for sword skills. Just one more bonus that would help him beat the boss. He heard that some meeting was going on about the first boss tomorrow. luckily, he already knew how the bosses work.

"I'ts going to be hilarious when they find out that the boss was soloed." Kirito chuckled to himself.

He soon came to the boss door, checked to make sure that no one was around, set his [anneal blade] back into inventory, and equipped his [twin nightmare blades], and opened the boss door. This would be fun.

The room lit up, as [Illfang the Kobold Lord] stood up, gripped his axe and shield, and roared, showing off its massive, wolf-like jaws. he unsheathed his blades, getting into his battle stance. [Illfang] charged, swinging its axe in a downward stroke. The dual wielding swordsman quickly dodged the blow, ran up the pole of the axe in an insanely risky move, then unleashing a 6-hit combo on the boss, taking out almost all of the first health bar. He frontflipped over the boss' head, slicing his blades down [The Kobold Lord's] back as he fell. First health bar down. He whipped around, parrying the Axe swing, and performed a [cross horizontal] on [Illfang's] legs with the [hellfire blitz] skill active, dealing major damage. Two an a half health bars down, with no damage taken so far-


"Stupid shield!" Kirito muttered under his breath.

That's right. [Illfang] shield-bashed Kirito. Unfortunately, that stunned Kirito for a second, giving the boss enough time to land a good hit on him with his axe. Kirito was at three quarters total health. He dashed forward again, shoulder rolling under the horizontal axe swing, then whipping out a 4-hit, jumping and following up with a 7-hit midair combo, ending with a double stab charged with [tempest arc], effectively paralyzing it, and allowing Kirito to jump back and drink a health potion, fully restoring his health. However, the paralysis wore off on [Illfang the Kobold Lord] who dropped his axe and shield, switching to a... nodaichi?

Kirito strictly remembered it being a talwar during the beta. His father even said so when he decided on it. Kirito made it a talwar. His father must have changed it.

"Dad... I'm so pissed at you right now." Kirito grumbled as the boss launched itself at him.

The solo player leaped out of the way as [Illfang] launched itself at him. Kirito slashed as the boss'combo failed, followed by three more slashes, two stabs, and one final slash reinforced by the [hellfire blitz]. [The Kobold Lord] shattered into polygons. The 'congratulations' icon appeared in the middle of the room, along with a message signifying that he got the last attack bonus. The reward was a black cloak that upped his agility, hiding, and defense skills. The cloak was called the [cloak of midnight]. He equipped it, deciding how it looked. He also stored his [twin nightmare blades] in his inventory, and equipped an [anneal blade].

"Heheheh... I can already imagine the looks on their faces when they find out that the first boss was soloed... hahahahaha! oh Kami-sama, that'd be hilarious!" Kirito laughed to himself, as the jaws of the players who found out would be filled with dirt extremely quickly.

Unfortunately, a certain group of girls saw almost all of the boss fight, and were stunned by the performance.

"Who was that?" The rapier user asked, being the first to break out of the stupor.

"I'll tell you who that is... That's the guy I want to be in a party with!" The girl with whiskers replied energetically.

Kirito would be in big trouble if his skill got out so soon.

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