This is my take on the episode 'Dark Side of the Moon'.

Lying on his stomach on the threadbare motel bed, fully clothed and on top of the blankets, something wakes Dean up. He can feel that he's not alone and Sam and Lizzy should be moving around, talking, doing something. Instead it's dead quiet, still, and it unnerves him. Spidey-sense tingling, he reaches under his pillow for his trusty Colt out of instinct.

"Looking for this?" he hears a voice ask him as he hears the cartridge being ejected out of his gun. He turns over just in time to see the black-masked man tossing his handgun away. He then looks over to Sam on his own bed and sees a second gunman with an intimidating weapon aimed at his brother.

"Mornin'," Dean greets the room with a sarcastic bite.

"Shut up," the first masked man demands as he aims his own gun at Dean. "Hands where I can see 'em."

He sits up at his own, relaxed pace and raises his hands in surrender. Keeping an outer calm, Dean has to wonder where Lizzy is when he doesn't see her. Maybe she left and got lucky and she's missing this… whatever this is exactly. Thinking hard, he realizes that he knows that voice that's rudely demanding things from him.

"Wait a minute," he calls out lightly, peering at the man threatening him. "Is that you, Roy? It is, isn't it?" The lack of answer confirms it. He looks to the other gunman. "Which makes you Walt. Hiya, Walt."

The masked men look at each other for a beat before Walt pulls off his mask. "Don't matter."

Roy follows suit and lifts his mask also.

"Well, is it just me or do you two seem a tad upset?" Dean stalls for time, trying to conjure a plan if there's one to be had.

"You think you can flip the switch on the Apocalypse and just walk away, Sam?" Roy questions the other captive hunter with anger.

"Who told you that?" Sam does his best to play off the correct accusation.

"We ain't the only hunters after you," Walt explains and pumps his shotgun. "See you in the next life."

"Hear me out," Sam nearly begs. "I can explain, okay? Please."

Walt does no such thing and he shoots Sam in the chest, his body instantly propelled backwards. His form lies still and bloody on the bed as Dean jumps to go to Sam at the same time he hears a muffled scream of sheer horror coming from below the foot of his bed.

"Stay the hell down," Roy commands while aiming his gun at Dean. The hunter pauses, slowly sitting back down. Sam's dead. Oh God, Sam's dead. He's too still and too covered in his own blood. And Lizzy… is in the room! He heard her scream!


"She's right here," Roy grins as he reaches down to the floor at the end of Dean's bed where he stands. Pulling her up by the arm from her lying position on the floor, Lizzy is settled onto her feet. Her wrists and ankles are bound by rope and there's duct tape covering her mouth. Once up she gets one look at Sam and bellows deep from the depths of her being through the tape as her knees give out under her, Roy's arm hooked in hers being the only thing keeping her on her feet. She's horrified by the sight of him and tears start to instantly stream down her face as she knows he's already gone.

"Let her go!" Dean calls out angrily. The calm act didn't work. Now that he's lost one, he certainly isn't losing the other.

"Not happening," Walt says.

"Walt," Roy calls over to his partner. "Killin' Sam was right, and tyin' up Lizzy to get to him sucked but it's fine. But she and Dean…"

"He made us and we just snuffed his brother, you idiot," Walt explains plainly as Lizzy shoots a horribly frightened look Dean's way through the rush of tears falling down her face. She tried her best to wriggle free from Roy's hold but she can't with her tied up legs. "You want to spend the rest of your life knowing Dean Winchester and Lizzy Noonan are on your ass, 'cause I don't. Shoot 'em, both of 'em."

Dean takes a second to look away from Lizzy and take in the sight of Sam's unmoving body. He makes a sudden, all too sure decision and then turns to face Roy.

"Go ahead, Roy," he taunts in utter ire, making Lizzy try to shout out to him through her taped mouth. She doesn't understand what he's doing. He's going to get them killed. "Do it. But I'm going warn you, when I come back… I'm gonna be pissed."

Eyes wide as she looks at the gunmen and then back at Dean, she starts to panic. Walt points the shotgun at Lizzy's chest.

"C'mon!" Dean further pushes Walt. "Let's get this show on the road!"

Lizzy desperately looks over to Dean, not understanding his tactics at all.

"Sorry Liz," Walt says quietly, feeling bad about how mixed up she became in this situation, and pulls the trigger. Lizzy's form hits the floor with the full weight of her entire body. She's instantly lifeless and Dean knows she's dead. He doesn't have even a second to think about his loss before Walt steps forward and shoots Dean too, making everything go dark.

"Why are we at Bobby's?" Sam asks as they walk through the second floor hallway of the house they've been in numerous times.

"No idea," Dean answers honestly as the sounds of Led Zeppelin's 'Rock and Roll' can be heard in the distance. "But maybe we're here because L's here. We still gotta find her."

"How do you know we will find her at all?" Sam worries as he's starting to see that heaven's a bit difficult to figure out how to navigate. Just before this he and Sam were climbing the steps of an old house they once squatted in and when they reached the top they were at Bobby's.

"Because we're freakin' soul mates," Dean snaps, his mood nothing short of pissed off from being separated from her for so long. He's anxious with not having found her yet. It's unsettling. "That and I'm not doing anything else until she's with us."

Right as Dean finishes his determined statement they hear a soft moan coming from a few doors down.

"Was that her?" Sam asks as they both walk to the closed bedroom door that Lizzy and Dean usually take when visiting and listen, hearing the moans again, this time much louder, along with the music.

"I'd know that sound anywhere, Sammy," Dean ensures as he turns the knob and pushes the door open. Both standing side by side in the doorway, they look over to the bed with dropped jaws.

"Oh yes... oh my God!" Lizzy shouts out loudly, her back arched and eyes closed as she lays on her back with her head on a pillow. "Fuck that's so good." From the waist down she has the bright white sheet covering her body along with the form of the person that's nestled head first between her thighs. Whoever it is has his legs hanging out the bottom of the sheet and Dean certainly knows what his legs look like. It's himself… trippy. She grabs her own breasts hard as she shouts a little louder, her building bliss clear in her reactions. "Oh yeah, oh shit, Dean!"

"Nope!" Sam calls out and holds up his forearm to block the scene. "No fucking way!"

"What the fuck!?" Lizzy shouts when she sees both Sam and Dean in the open doorway. She yanks the sheet over herself quickly to cover up as the figure under the sheets disappears and her confusion starts in instantly. "Sam! Get the hell outta here!"

"Gladly," Sam grimaces as he steps out the doorway and back into the hall. He sighs in relief once away from the visual assault.

"Wait… how the hell did you get over there, Hot Shot?" Lizzy questions Dean when she suddenly finds herself alone in the bed, Dean no longer under the sheets making her crazy. "Damn it, I was so close too," she bemoans the loss of her orgasm and sits up with a start, the sheet pressed to her chest. "How'd you get your clothes back on?"

"This is one of your best memories?" Dean smirks as he recognizes the moment immediately. The sun is out and it looks to be midday. Led Zeppelin is on and they are holed up in one of Bobby's spare rooms. This was after Oklahoma City. This was the day they spent together in bed from the morning until after the sun set. This was one of the greatest days of his life and he now knows she shares his sentiment.

"What the fuck are you talking about?" Lizzy asks with confused worry. "What memory? What the fuck is happening?"

"L, you're dead," Dean tells her matter-of-factly while gathering her clothing strewn about the room.

"Pardonne moi?" she asks him with narrowed, very suspicious eyes.

"You died," Dean succinctly explains. "Walt shot you."

Lizzy's mind flashes to the motel room, Walt's gun aimed at her, Roy grabbing her outside the room when she left on a coffee run, the sound of the gun going off and knowing it was aimed at Sam, and the gun going off again before it all goes black.

"Fuck… I'm dead?" she wonders, trying to find a way to understand everything happening.

"As a doornail," Dean says back, tossing her clothes on the bed. "So are we. Come on, get dressed."

"Wait, why am I at Bobby's if I'm dead?" she pries further, seeing that he's clearly had time to figure their predicament out.

"You're doing the whole life flashing before your eyes thing," Dean explains, pulling her shirt right side out for her as he takes a seat next to her. "Right now, you're playing your greatest hits."

"Oh," Lizzy nods slightly while it all sinks in as Dean olds her panties out for her on a finger. She takes them and immediately punches him in the shoulder, hard.

"Ow," Dean says annoyed, grabbing his arm with the pain. Sometimes he forgets how fucking strong she is… even when using her non-dominant side.

"That's for getting me shot, you fucking dickbag!" she complains while she stands up out of bed, her memory of everything coming back. "You got one big, fucking mouth on you, you know that?"

"Eh, they were gonna do it anyways. Plus, Cass will get us outta this."

"Well, I'm glad you're so damn sure. Fucking idiot…" Lizzy huffs as she pulls her underwear on. "Hmm, I guess it makes sense though."

"What does?"

"That I'd be here right now. And with a bum hand none the less." Lizzy looks down at her bandage wrapped broken hand she'd gotten fighting off Nixes the day before. "I'm reliving my greatest moments. This day was fucking awesome."

"Oh, definitely," Dean grins right back to her, watching while she dresses as he never gets tired of that.

"Damn, we spent all day in here," she fondly recalls.

"Hey, I wasn't about to let you out of this room when you told me the night before that this is what you wanted. Fuck that, you were all mine."

"Ha! I seriously had a hard time walking down the stairs for dinner that night, remember?" Lizzy fondly retells.

"Yeah," Dean huffs a laugh, remembering her legs shaking a bit after the first few steps.

"Shit, I was so fucking in love with you after that," she pauses, her arms dropped to the sides as she looks at him with fondness and love. "I mean, I was already, but damn. The proverbial fork stuck into me that day."

"So now you're calling my dick the proverbial fork?" Dean smirks instantly.

"I may be not in the room but I can still hear you," Sam says as their banter starts heading towards too damn much for him to listen to.

"Sorry dude. So what do we do?" Lizzy asks while clasping her bra in place. "How do we get out of this… or are we, like, done-zo?" She's taking this whole thing incredibly well and she isn't exactly sure why. Might be because Dean's there and is quite calm himself. Scratch that, it is because Dean's there.

"We're just following the road," Sam calls in to explain to her from outside the room. "Cass told us to find Joshua, said we'll find him if we follow the path set for us."

"Cass!?" she pauses with excitement. "You found him?"

"Kind of," Dean explains. "Talked to him through a TV and the radio in the Impala… or the heaven Impala… or whatever."

"Shit," Lizzy laments while tugging her jeans up her legs and buttoning them. "So, ah, don't take this the wrong way or anything, but I get that I'm up here in heaven and all, it makes sense. What gives with you two?"

"Damn good question," Sam huffs from the hallway.

"Sam-I-Am, come on in," Lizzy calls to him while getting her t-shirt on. "It's safe."

Sam slowly walks in, uncomfortable to be near her.

"Sorry about the show there," she says to him with a rosy color creeping across her cheeks.

"Just glad we found you," Sam answers back, looking around the room and not at her.

"Huh, I think I owe you two assholes a giant 'I told you so'," Lizzy grins wide while tugging on her boots.

"How do you figure?" Dean asks, eyes narrowed at her.

"How long have I been trying to get both of you to realize what good, no fuck that, awesome people you are," she explains herself. "You both got a golden ticket. You were good enough people to get into the exclusive club made only for the purest and most honorable of souls." She pulls her jacket on and points to Dean. "I fucking told you so, Hot Shot." She then walks to the door to leave, stopping to pinch Sam's cheek and playfully tell him, "Told you so too, big man."

Lizzy walks past them both, ready to head out on their heaven-adventure, and Sam wipes his face with the back of his hand.

"Damn it," he complains to her with a disgusted face before following. "I don't know where that hand has been!"

"I sure as shit do!" Dean laughs at his brother's expense as they all leave to find their way to Joshua. Walking down the hall, Lizzy freezes in place mid-stride when she hears a very familiar voice. Her heart stops and a chill runs down her spine.

"Louie?" Lizzy calls out quietly, turning to the closed door of the other bedroom next to the one they just left.

"What!?" Sam grows anxious with the thought that Lou was around. He was hoping he wouldn't have to deal with seeing her.

"She's here," Lizzy says, opening the door swiftly to search for her lost friend.

All three hunters step inside and are instantly greeted by the living room at Bobby's in the middle of the night, only lit by the glow of the TV. Sitting Indian style sideways on the couch and facing away from the three is Lou, her long blonde hair cascading down her back as she talks to the empty space in front of her.

"You know, that's very sweet of you," Lou laughs out as she stares at the vacant other side of the sofa. "But you're totally wrong."

"I don't remember this," Lizzy says with total confusion as she looks over what's happening. She would remember talking to Lou like this if it was one of her greatest hits but the scene isn't ringing a single bell for her.

"I do," Sam heavily says as he steps closer to the now deceased woman with a pained face.

"Oh," Lizzy sadly laments as she walks around to face Lou. Her sister isn't here for her right now and it's hard for her to accept. She just wants to talk to her so badly. "Louie?" Lou doesn't respond to her, just keeps staring at the air and appears to be listening to nothing. "Lou!"

"L, she can't hear you," Dean tells her while pulling her back to the doorway by the hand. "It's Sam's memory so you kinda don't exist."

"But she's right there!" Lizzy sadly rebuts, desperate to take the opportunity to have her back, just for a minute.

"I know," he squeezes her hand as he watches Sam sit sideways onto the couch with his back leaning against the arm. He couldn't stop himself from going for it, letting himself have her while he can. He bends his knees up, rests his elbows on them, and Lou looks him right in the eye.

"Look, all I know is this," Lou tells him. "In our line of work you gotta take the breaks when you get them. Have a little fun now and then."

"I remember this," Sam says to Dean and Lizzy without looking away from Lou as she reaches for one of his hands. He then plays into the memory out of sheer need and talks to her. "Fun isn't exactly banging down my door these days." He smiles to her when her bright blue eyes start sparking in the dim light and she grins right back at him. He thinks briefly that he should feel guilty because of his still new connection to Rina but he can't for the life of him find that guilt right now. This just feels far too right.

"Mine either," Lou answers quickly with a small laugh. "But I guess this weekend kinda proves that even the most depressing, fucked up hunters get lucky here and there, huh?"

Sam smiles bashfully and looks down at their entwined hands just like he remembers doing.

"So what do you say, big boy?" Lou challenges, peering at him mischievously. She leans forward and sits up with her legs under her, bracing a hand onto each of Sam's knees. "I know your brother is enjoying his weekend… a lot…"

"Did I ever," Dean says under his breath to his wife as he stays by the door, recalling he and Lizzy's first weekend together. His hand tightens in her grasp as he looks over to Lizzy with a very fond smile, one she returns.

"…but what about you?" Lou asks, leaning forward until she's just a few mere inches away from Sam's face. "I think you could probably enjoy your time off a little more than you have."

"Oh, no," Sam jokes with a smirk. "This weekend has been fine. Couldn't possibly get any better."

"Is that a fucking challenge?" Lou questions him, her lips brushing against his once as she looks into his eyes. Sam's heart skips a beat with the contact and it sets him off.

"I think it is," Sam answers her quickly before cupping her face and kissing her. Just as he remembered… perfect. She was always such a forward person, crass words and crass actions along with a sarcastic and tough shell. But when like this, when she gave herself over to someone else, or maybe it was just to him specifically, she was sweet and so caring. She was also sexy as hell and not afraid to get what she wanted either. She held a lot of different personalities and qualities within her, all of them addicting if one were to ask Sam.

Lou hums a little and pulls back from him with a lick of her lips. "Mm, see? Fun."

With that Sam immediately straightens his legs as he pulls her on top of him until she's straddling his lap, grabbing her thighs and pulling her close. Something within both of them snapped that night, setting them both off and surprising Sam a bit with how easily they found a grove.

They make out frantically, like they have a time limit. Right now, Sam does.

"Sammy?" Dean painfully calls to his brother as he and Lizzy try not to watch the current action going on in the room. "Sam!"

"Yeah?" Sam calls over to his brother between kisses with the woman he's missed so damn much it hurts. Lou reaches for her own shirt and it flies over her head quickly, making Lizzy realize they'd better call it quits on this memory and fast.

"Aw, Sam, come on," Lizzy sadly tells her brother in law. She knows how hard it'll be to let go of Lou for him, especially in the moment. Still, she doesn't need to see this and in the long run it'll only be worse for Sam if he stayed. "We have to go."

Sam sighs and drops his head back in frustration. Lou dives in and kisses his neck, his eyes involuntarily closing for just a second as he relished the feeling of her mouth.

"Sammy, I'm sorry," Dean looks his brother in the eye with every ounce of sympathy he's feeling for him in the moment. "But you know we have to leave."

"Yeah, I know." Sam gently pushes Lou back until she's sitting back on the couch. She looks to him with a dejected face.

"What's wrong?" she asks.

"Nothing," Sam forces a disingenuous smile as he moves to stand up. "I just… I have to go to the bathroom." He lies completely, knowing his memory on replay wouldn't understand his leaving right now.

"Uh!" Lou complains while lying back dramatically across the cushions, making Lizzy laugh at her sister's antics. She was a bit goofy sometimes, much like Lizzy. "Sam, you're killing me!"

"I'm not killing you, drama queen," Sam rebuts with a real smile, the ease of their conversation still there for him.

"Ok, not killing me, but I'm getting impatient here!" Lou points at him accusingly with a grin. "I finally get you where I want you and you leave? You better get back here quick if you know what's good for you!"

"I will," Sam painfully responds in another lie. "Just stay here, ok?"

"Yeah yeah," Lou lays back exasperatedly. "Go piss and hurry back!"

"Ok," Sam chokes out in a whisper as he forces his feet to walk out the doorway with Lizzy and Dean. Lizzy immediately grabs his hand to support him the only way she can in the situation and they all very reluctantly leave Lou behind.