The servant girl was trapped in a world of pleasure; the tongue playing with her breasts evoked an unfamiliar sensation within her she had never encountered before. What a talented tongue it was, slightly pointed, and a longer than average. It had a raspy feel to it, like a cat's tongue almost. She couldn't hold them back, despite how embarrassing it was: moans of delight fell from her lips unheedingly as the creature's tongue traced the underside of her breasts.

The mouth was hungry, needy, relentless...and she was more than willing to feed it whatever it desired. The sandpapery organ slithered up her chest to lap at her neck. The servant girl felt rough fingers teasing one of her nipples, tugging and pulling, while the creature's free hand slowly massaged her other breast.

A tingling sensation grew in her stomach, like hundreds of butterflies fluttering around. It was a warm, comfortable sensation and it spread throughout her entire body. The servant girl was growing hotter between her thighs as well. Her blood felt hot, her bare figure was slick with sweat. Her chest felt strange, so sensitive. The tongue and the hands caused all of this… she knew they did. The maid's hips jerked lustfully against the body above hers, she…couldn't hold back anymore.

She had never wanted anything so badly.

The hands switched, and the tongue buried itself in her mouth. Somehow, her already sensitive breasts grew more so, in both feeling and somehow size. Once small and delicate, they were now large and round, not even fitting in the hands that had been holding them anymore.

She was too overwhelmed with pleasure to question it. A part of her knew she should be more alarmed. The mouth on hers focused more intently on her lips, saliva dripped from long sharp fangs as their teeth clacked together, hips grinding with need. The hot slightly pointed organ that forced its way in her mouth captured her tongue. Not only had her breasts grown hypersensitive, but also her throbbing sex, and every other part of her body. Anywhere the needy fingers touched, an electric trail of lust followed. She was dripping wet, and a knee found its way against her arousal.

"Where is it," the voice snarled, her pleasure was heightened at the sound of such a deep, yet beautiful voice. It held command, and the mouth trailed down her chin, along her soft neck. She felt the tips of incisors.

The knee between her thighs rubbed harder, she screamed with delight. The servant was enraptured by a deep brown gaze, it was hungry and waiting to ravish her at any moment. She didn't want to wait.

"Please," she begged, desperate for release. The creature smirked, and shook her head.

"Not yet, sweet one. First, tell me...where is the Grimoire?" The creature cocked it's head, dark eyes staring into her as it waited for a response eagerly.

The servant girl knew that answering would be treason. But she also knew it would bring her closer to the sweet release and death that she so desperately craved. She wanted to feed her predator, make them happy. So she answered. "The keeper is…the…heir to the Gremory F-family," the servant managed to pant out between her heavy moans.

"And what is his name?" The creature drawled, running a calloused hand along her cheek. The maid gasped, leaning into the loving touch.

"Her name…she's a girl. Rias Gremory, but you need to know that she…is powerful," The servant whispered, so strongly wanting to protect the creature that had wrapped her around it's finger. She had to warn it. "All of the Gremory's are powerful and stealing the Grimoire would evoke their wrath...that would be terrible, you must not do it." She ran out of breath now, ran out of words. Now she longed for her promised end.

"Good, very good," The creature whispered,chuckling, "Thank you for your assistance." It smirked, "but whatever am I to do with a pretty thing like yourself?"

The servant girl grew distressed. Would her new master not give her the release she was promised? She would go mad if such were the case. Reaching out with quivering hands she gripped one strong, muscular arm.

"Please, I beg of you to kill me. I need it…your touch, please give me more of it. I want you to drink all of me!"

The deep voice laughed mightily, mockingly. But the servant couldn't imagine living with the sin of betraying the family she had served loyally for so long, tempted by a forbidden fruit.

An enemy of Devils, Angels, and Fallen Angels alike.

A Jaracara.

"I am a seeker of the Grimoire of Honorius, one of the last Jaracara in existence; and I will grant you your wish because of the gift of knowledge you gave to me." The servant girl smiled at those words.

Then, the lips found her swollen breasts, nipples erect with desire. The pointed tongue grew longer, splitting and becoming forked.

She screamed as the hot cavern wrapped around the center of her breasts, suckling hungrily. She felt a burning in her chest, as liquid erupted from her breasts to fill the Jaracara's saliva soaked mouth. The pleasure evoked by the forked tongue curling around her nipple and tugging was mind shattering, it set her nerves ablaze with lust.

As the copious amounts of milk were swallowed, sliding along the forked tongue, and the knee rubbed roughly the servant girl felt pieces of herself slipping away. Memories of her life, her energy and emotions.

All she could do was feel.

She was dying; the Jaracara was killing her, sucking her soul out through her breasts. That's what Jaracara's did. She remembered learning about the terrifying, lustful creatures.

Then, fangs slid into her flesh, piercing the soft white skin easily. Blood was mixed with milk; it was a double feeding. The servant girl felt so blessed. She was the ultimate feast...

Even after the last grains of life left the servant's light eyes, the Jaracara feasted on all that remained. It felt slight remorse for the Hanyou, she had been quite beautiful, and she would have made a fine first pet. It hated that feeling of regret, and it hated how a part of itself wanted to stop feeding. The lust for blood and milk overpowered all of it's emotions though as it consumed the remaining liquid in its victim.

All that mattered was that it could find the Grimoire of Honorius, as it suckled lightly; it was able to shake off its guilt, and focus on the task at hand.