Inspired by something JustSomeAverageGuy suggested in a review for me to try out. This will be a shorty, but hopefully a goody.

The Path Not Taken

He could do nothing but watch helplessly as his cybrid body obediently flew itself closer towards the blinding tower of molten cola, his arms flailing about uselessly as he tried to take control of his new form. The cy-bug's programming was the dominant personality though, overriding his original code, and all hope was soon abandoned that he could ever escape his certain death.

The boiling soda seeped into his code like a tidal wave of liquid flame, incinerating every byte of his being, his screams muted instantly as indescribable agony took over his senses. White light filled his vision, so much that he could see nothing else. He could feel his pixels separate from him, his body stretching into oblivion until there would be nothing left of him.

Was this how it was really going to end? All his years of hard work and living in secrecy, ruining others' lives in the process, had all led to his painful demise. This wasn't how it was supposed to end, he was meant to remain the greatest racer of all time, fulfilling his life's purpose no matter what the cost. Things were going so well until that wrecker showed up. Life would have kept on going the way it had been, King Candy would still rule over Sugar Rush as its top racer. His unmatchable racing skills would have continued to be revered by all, respect and admiration his.

No more.

Death was the only certainty he had now, darkness quickly overshadowing the flash of light from before. Had he known that the path he had taken in life would lead to this moment, he might would have done something different. Any moment in his life, he could have chosen to do the opposite of what he actually did, changing the course of his life drastically. But what? What could he have done, and when?

Better question...would he?

The darkness was all he knew for a time, how long he did not know. He wasn't even aware of being fully conscious until the solidifying effect of his pixels rearranging back into a physical form brought him back to his senses. Yellow eyes blinking, he stretched out a gray hand to observe before looking down at his old red and white jumpsuit. He brought his hands to his chest to feel his heart beating.

Was he alive? How was this possible? Only inky darkness surrounded him and he floated in one place, twisting his head about in bafflement and fear. Where was he? Was this the afterlife? Was he destined to be here, alone and forgotten for the rest of his eternity?

Another bright light appeared, this time a small orb in the distance just ahead of him. It slowly widened until it reached him, swallowing him completely. The blinding nature of the light caused him to close his eyes once more, his hands in front of his face as if to shield him. He felt as though he were falling, tumbling down until-

Turbo jerked with a start when he landed. Surprisingly it was not a rough landing, in fact it was very soft and warm. He opened his eyes, wide with confusion and sat up immediately. It was a bed, a large one with red covers and fancy canopy drapes, currently pulled back with silky ropes. The room was alabaster white...just like he knew the rest of the house would be.

Panic gripped him and he leaped from the bed and rushed to the large picture window that he knew was located on the left hand side of the room, flinging the curtains back in a rush. Gaping, he stared outside with his nose and hands placed against the glass, unable to believe what was in front of him.

He was back in TurboTime.