When Yata had heard that his enemy, rival, ex-partner and best friend, Fushimi Saruhiko was missing, no matter what he felt he and select other from HOMRA had joined in the search.

Yata was trying to keep it together, he really was, but members like Rikio, Izumo, and Chitose who knew him well enough could tell he was falling apart at the seams, barely keeping it together as he explained how they'd divide the city between themselves and Scepter 4. Yata was surprised by how willing the Blue King was to let him help, take a little control. Maybe the man was nice, compassionate, sympathetic…or maybe he also saw the expression in the redhead's eyes, the pain there that Yata refused to feel yet.

They're off then and Yata skates through the city faster than he thinks he ever had before, checking basements, shady dealings, searching…searching…searching for hours until he makes it to the outskirts, the sun starting to dip below the horizon.

Blue catches his eyes and he speeds down, skidding as his eyes widen at the sight in front of him.


He rushes over and his hands stark softly pressing over the blue's body, searching for a pulse he can't find.

"Saruhiko! Come on, come on, say something, open your eyes." He commands as he still can't find a pulse. "OPEN YOUR EYES!"

He's gentle but quick as he lays the teen on his back, opening his mouth to breath into him, hands pressing down on his still chest. 1….2….1….2….1….2….

Nothing…nothing. Yata knows it's no used but he can't stop as he pumps.1….2….1….2….

"No…No! Saru…" His voice hitches, a sob choking him, breathless from trying to push all of his breath into the blue below him.

"Don't leave me here! Don't…you can't!"

His head falls onto Saruhiko's chest as he sobs, choking, gasping, hands curling into the other's bloody uniform.

"Saru…please god…please…I beg you." He sniffles and chokes another sob. "Please!" He screams and with shaky hands pulls out his pda, dialing for emergency. "Please! I need someone quick! M-M-My friend.." He stammers out, crying to hard to really form words.

"My friend, he's hurt, really hurt please quick, He needs help."

The man on the other end of the phone is asking questions and Yata gets frustrated, angry, upset that they're still talking and there's no moving happening. "Please sir!" He shouts. "I'll answer whatever you want when you get here ok?! He's hurt and there's a lot of blood and he could be dead! He needs help! He needs….I need…." He's crying hard again and there are firm voices on the phone, the man telling someone to move, asking in a gentle voice for Yata's location. He gives it and hangs up the phone, dropping it to continue trying to pump blood to Saru's heart.


"Hold on Saru ok? Please hold on….I know you're in there. Stay, stay, stay…please? I'm sorry…whatever I did I'm sorry. I'M SORRY!"

He's still pumping, hoping that if he can keep it up for just a little longer they can shock his heart, spark something that's still in him.

"Just a…" He hiccups, "little longer. You're stronger than this…the strongest ok? Come on…little longer please."

He doesn't stop. 1…2…1…2…1…2…

"You promised! You promised me dammit! I won't let you break it! I won't, I won't I-"

"Hey Saru?" he had asked from his spot on the floor, head in Saruhiko's lap, staring up as the dark haired boy's fingers pressed rapidly on the buttons of his gameboy, absorbed.

"Hm?" was the reply, distracted.


Finally he paused his game and looked down snapping "what?" in annoyance. Yata flinched a little at the tone and Saruhiko took a deep breath, his face softening. "What Misaki." He tried again.

"What happens next?"

Saru quirked an eyebrow and looked confused. "Next? Misaki I told you, go to sleep whenever you wish, you don't need to stay up with me."

"No." Yata replied, shaking his head, "Next. After we die….like in the game. We don't…get extra lives too…do we?"

The other boy looked down at the redhead, at his genuinely questioning face. 'He was serious?'

Saruhiko started laughing, starting off softly then getting louder, almost doubling over but unable to because of the boy in his lap. "Extra lives? Honestly Misaki do you pay any attention in school? No we don't get extra lives idiot."

Yata was quiet for a long moment, seeming to think hard about something and Saru liked watching the expressions flit over his face.

"Then what?" He finally asked. "What comes next?"

Saruhiko opened his mouth to say 'heaven…duh' but stopped, unable to say the words he had been taught in school all these years. The after life, heaven, some great paradise…all things that a young Saruhiko could barely wrap his head around.

"Well….I don't really know." He said honestly. "I would have no way of knowing Misaki. Not until way later when we're both old, really old." One of his hands involuntarily moved down to run through chestnut hair.

"Hm….when we're old?" Yata looked up with big, innocent eyes. "Don't go without me ok?" He blurted, one hand gripping the other's shirt tightly in a small fist. "Promise me. We'll go together."

Saruhiko's eyes widened and he didn't understand where any of this is coming from, let alone why Yata wants to talk about death and the afterlife in the first place. You didn't get to decide when you died. Fate didn't work like that.

"What? Misaki, what are you talking about? How can I prom-"

"Just do it!" Yata's voice cut him off and Saruhiko looked down, looked into eyes so bright and filled with nothing but him that Saru didn't know if he'd be able to say no.

"Why?" He said instead.

"Because….if we go together…neither of us will have to be alone for a second…and we can play more games right? Wherever we end up? Just like we do now? We won't…be alone anymore. That was the deal right?"

Saruhiko's throat went dry and he felt something in his chest tighten, maybe his heart. He didn't know, he hadn't felt such a sensation in a long time if ever.

"Ok….I promise. We'll go…together." He said slowly, unable to fight back a smile when Yata's returning grin is everything he wanted.

"Pinky swear?" Yata asks, holding out his smallest finger for Saru to twine his with.

"Ok…it's a promise."

"You bastard! we swore! We swore on it!" Yata presses, up, down, up, down, 1…2…1…2…

He's growing tired and his arms hurt, his breath getting quicker as he gasps for it, panting, crying, choking, sobbing, the front of Saruhiko's vest now a mess of blood and his tears, wet.

He hears sirens and when he sees the lights round the corner, there are people, shouting, someone pulling him away…two people holding him back as he protests, yells, tells them that they need to help…that they-

A man is talking to him, telling him how good he's done, his compressions how they may have saved Saruhiko, how they're trying to do everything they can.

Not good enough. Not good enough. Not good enough!

Do more, do more, do more!

He's tired, exhausted and probably looks like he's about to pass out the way he is, covered in Saru's blood, crying, eyes blood shot, voice hoarse from yelling.

They murmur calm, soothing words that Yata isn't listening to, just letting the sound lull him a little as they let him get into the back of the ambulance, unable to see over the men that crowd around the blue's body, but able to hear the shocks, the sounds. "One, two, clear! One, two, clear!"

His heart has never beat so fast and for the first time in Yata's life, he closes his eyes and prays, to what he doesn't know, but he wants nothing more than to see blue eyes staring at his…just like they used to.