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A few days later and Yata gets a simple text. Just one line texted to his pda from Munakata

'He agreed. Go to the hospital.'

It takes him a second to process what the text means before he's grabbing his board, yanking his shoes on, and is out the door, at the hospital in minutes. He hesitates before entering the room, looking at Saruhiko silently and quickly looking him over to gauge his condition, hoping the blue doesn't notice as he sits down in the chair by the bed.

"Good afternoon." He starts awkwardly.

Saru doesn't look at Yata. "Hey..." his voice comes out hoarse.

"Hey." Yata replies, smiling nervously. "How….do you feel?" He can't believe he's actually sitting down and having a somewhat civil conversation with him.

"I feel like crap, but..." Saru pauses. "I'm doing better..."

The vanguard hesitates, afraid to say anything that would get Saruhiko to call the nurses to throw him out again. "Is there….anything I can do?"

He sighs. "No... Apparently you're my only option to get out of here though."

"You had Bangs as an option…or so I'm told." Yata doesn't care enough to remember Akiyama's name.

He rolls his eyes and scoffs. "Like hell. If it were really up to me I'd be going home alone."

"Saru….If things have stayed the same over thee years, you can't cook for shit. You're healing and you need real food. Not take out."

The Blue huffs. "I'm sure you're not here to talk about my horrid cooking skills."

"Well….no. Your king told me to come. You agreed to stay with me right? Why?" It was a question that Yata had been turning over in his head since he'd gotten the text. Though he'd hoped….he would have bet any amount of money that Saruhiko would turn him down no matter what. What had changed?

"Why?" there was a long pause. "Well for one I really had no other choice. I didn't have the option to be alone. But you... Well as much as I really can't stand you, I can't stand them more."

Yata chuckles. "Was that a compliment?"

"Shut up." he snaps.

The redhead flinches, looking into his lap. "Right…"

Saruhiko sighs again. "Look, I don't get to go home today... You're about a week early."

"Wait….what? But then why would Munakata….?" He didn't understand. Then why was he there if it wasn't to get Saruhiko? Did the blue king have another plan?

"Don't ask me. I don't know what the man thinks half the time."

"Well…since I'm here…" He opens the backpack he brought with him and pulls out a bento box. "For you. I promise it's better than hospital food. No vegetables." Yata stood up and slowly held it out.

He finally turns his head to look at Yata, some sort of confusion clearly shown on his face. He starts to reach for the box and stops, slightly hesitant before actually grabbing it. "Uh- Thanks. . . "

The hesitation….it hurts Yata that Saru can't stand him that much.

"It's your favorite….if you have the same favorite. Curry right?"

He looks surprised, to say the least, opening the box and looking at its contents. "Yeah..."

Yata smiled awkwardly and sat back down. "Well….good. I can do one thing right at least…"

"Can I ask you something?"

"Huh?" That takes Yata a little by surprise because Saru is going out of his way to ask him something, a first since he'd been in the hospital. "Uh….sure. What's up?"

"Why are you helping me?"

Yata should have expected the question yet it still threw him off and made him silent for a moment, avoiding that stare that always seemed to stare into him by looking into his lap. "I told you before…remember? I made a promise."

"Right..." he trails off, looking down to the food again. "That's it..."

"I…" The vanguard clears his throat. How was he supposed to explain the chaos that went on inside his head whenever he thought about that question himself? "I promised you that I'd make sure you were safe…that it would be ok. I won't stop until you can live on your own and go back to work. Until you're okay again. You can say whatever you want about me….call me whatever names you want. I always keep my promises."

Saru goes silent, gripping the bento tightly between his hands and the redhead wonders what he's thinking. He'd ask him if he thought Saru would talk. But he knows better, and Saru doesn't trust him, let alone like him enough. Small talk is all the redhead will get and even that is like pulling teeth.

"You're an idiot..." Saru barely mumbles.


Saruhiko shakes his head. "Forget it. You should go... I have - uh...things to do soon..."

"Things to do? Like what? Is it rehab? Can I help?"

He flinches at the word. "Thanks for the lunch but. . . Just go."

Yata frowns but nods slowly. "Can I come back tomorrow? I can bring you lunch again."

He clicks his tongue. "Fine. Do what you want..."

"Really!?"Yata smiles and stands up, grabbing his backpack and his skateboard, moving to the door and stopping. He'd expected the answer to be no and is more than surprised that is was a yes. "Hey Saru?"


"Thank you. I know you hate me but….it means a lot to me….thank you." He gave Saru a tentative smile.

He glances at him one last time. "Right..."

Yata leaves and though he's nervous, extremely so at the thought of living under the same roof as Saru for a month to two months…he feels lighter.

So he visits throughout the week. Every day to be exact, always with a bento box prepared. Though they small talk for about an hour, and their relationship hasn't exactly improved at all, it's better than nothing. He can almost pretend it's how it was when they first met and Saru wanted nothing to do with the middle school rascal who got into fights. Almost….

The seventh day finally comes though, and as Yata walks through the hospital doors it's different this time. For starters, Munakata is with him. And second, instead of his usually greeting and a 'I'm here to see Saruhiko,' the Homra vanguard takes a deep breath and says.

"I'm here to sign out Fushimi Saruhiko."