Angel Lite

Chapter 1

Hello! My first chapter for S.A.! Or at least it's filed into S.A. This is a different story than S.A., and it's coming from my imagination. It doesn't really matter if anyone hates it. I used the names from some animes and last name from some animes too. Some I made up, and some names I mixed up. Anyways, the characters in this chapter are:

Mia Suede, Iori Suede, Aria Suede, Gauche Suede (Younger)

Kirito Fujioka, Yuri Tsukuba, Kyoko Tsukuba, Lilly Higurashi

Reki Higurashi, Kinji Tohyama, Brianna Kirigaya, Jacob Kate

Satoshi Ride, Kara Kent, Rina Love, Hinata Evergreens, Mutou Gouki

Third Person's POV

One sunny morning, Kirito Fujioka opened the door to his class, 3-A. He walked in and sat down at his desk. He was an average height boy with blonde hair that led up to the middle of his neck. He had red eyes and was a quiet person. He wasn't shy, he was just lonely.

Anyways, he sat at his desk twiddling with his pencil until the announcements came up. "Would these following students come to the student council office? Yuri Tsukuba, Satoshi Ride, Kinji Tohyama, Brianna Kirigaya, Kara Kent, Reki Higurashi, Rina Love, Hinata Evergreens, Mutou Gouki, Jacob Kate, and..." As they paused, Kirito Just knew it wasn't going to be hi- "Kirito Fujioka!" Kirito was so shocked; that his chair flew backwards, and his head hit the desk behind him. "Owww..." He murmured as his class stared at him. "Umm Uhh" Kirito was so embarrassed, that he just rushed out of there!

Panting, Kirito finally made it to the student council room. When he opened the door, 9 students were standing there in the middle of the room with the student council president, Kyoko Tsukuba watching him. "S-sorry I'm late." Kirito spurred. WOOSH! Then the door behind them burst open. "I'M SORRY I'M LATE! YURI TSUKUBA REPORTING FOR DUTY!" Standing there was a girl with purple eyes and hair that led up to her shoulders. Yuri Tsukuba was the student council president's older sister. She was also my childhood friend. "Okay... so now we are all here. A lady would like to speak to you. And, now, if you would excuse me, she wanted to talk to you privately." Kyoko said as she stood up. As Kyoko walked out of the room, a woman walked in. We were all staring at her intently. "Hello, my name is Lilly Higurashi, Reki's sister." She said while pointing at Reki. Reki is a quiet girl. She doesn't communicate with people much. "Have you kids heard of the Suede Project?" Lilly said interrupting my thoughts. "Isn't the Suedes the family that owns this school?" asked, Hinata Evergreens. "Yes and we are choosing you 11 kids to take part in it." She calmly suggested. "What?" We all questioned (Of course not Reki).

"You kids have special abilities that are hidden inside you. There are monsters suddenly roaming around the campus so we are taking you guys to stop this from occurring." She said. "Aren't monsters some kind of myth?" asked Rina. "No, we make it into a myth so people won't freak out." Lilly answered. "But how do you know we could do it? I mean, we are just normal High School Students!" Yuri exclaimed. She looked at Kirito and yelled," Kirito don't you agree?" Kirito was shocked that she asked him, but he answered with a, "Uhhh s-sure." "You guys won't be the main leaders, the Suede family will." Lilly exclaimed. We all stood quiet for a minute but were interrupted by Kara. "But aren't two kids in the Suede family too old to attend High School?" "Yes, then the other three will take part. Come on out now!" Lilly called out. After she said that three kids with different heights walked out. The shortest kid, a girl, who had pink hair, pink eyes, two small pigtails and long hair in the back. The tallest one was a boy, who had blonde hair that looked messy and ocean blue eyes. He looked like he was smiling in an evil-like way. The middle one was a girl with long hair tied up to the back. Her hair was silver-white in color and her eyes were two different colors. Her left eye was blue and the right eye was red. Her height was an average like Kirito just a bit shorter.

"These three are Suede's." Lilly said. "The tall Boy is Iori Suede. The short, pink haired girl is Aria Suede." When Lilly said that, Aria seemed to be annoyed when Lilly said "short". "And, the middle girl is Mia Suede. She is, I guess special. I'll explain it when the time comes." Lilly smiled. Mia looked away when Lilly said special for some reason. But then, Lilly threw something in everyone's hands. "What's this?" Yuri asked. "Since you guys are still training you need that amulet to control your power. Of course even when you're done training, you still need to keep your power from consuming you." "But how come the power didn't consume us now?" Hinata asked. "Mainly, because you have to get stronger power." Lilly said. All our amulets were all different sizes, colors and shapes.

"Now, if you excuse me, why don't you kids get to know each other until lunch? You don't have to go back to class." Lilly smiled. When Lilly left, Yuri lit like a light bulb and ran towards Mia. "Hey!" Mia screamed. "Oh, sorry anyways I'm Yuri second year! Nice to meet you I know I don't look mean but that's for my inner self! Hey! Do you like monsters? I don't like them, and I don't think they are real but do you think they're real? Huh?" Yuri yelled with a bright smile on her face. "Uhhh...Yes?" Mia answered. "You shouldn't talk so fast Yuri; I think you are scaring her." Mutou said. "SHUDDAP!" Yuri screamed. "Fine whatever." Mutou mocked. "So, Mia, right? You said you believe in monsters why?" Yuri questioned. "I want to know too!" Kara said. "I guess it wouldn't hurt to know, right?" Kinji said. As everyone agreed, they all looked at Kirito, even Mia, Iori, and, Aria. "What?" Kirito snapped. "Do you agree?" Mia asked. "Uhh sure." Kirito answered. "Umm Okay..." Mia said. "I'll tell the story now." Mia took a deep breath and explained.

Mia's POV (POINT OF VIEW) Flashback.

"Hey Onii-chan!" I said. "What is it Mia?" Iori asked. "Look! Look!" I pointed to the big garden we had. We lived in a mansion. I have forgotten everything when I was found though. The Suede kids were adopted. But my Onii-chan (Iori) and I were found unconscious under a tree. That was all I could remember. Anything before that, I forgot, as you could say, but, my brother and I could only remember our names back then. I loved him a lot when I was little. BECAUSE EVERYONE HATED ME. Except my brother. That time, my younger siblings weren't born yet though.

Anyways, I was pointing at the garden where flowers the same color as my hair were. "Aren't those pretty? They look like your hair when it's blowing in the wind." Iori said. "Mm-Hm" I agreed. We then heard a maid scream, "AHHHHHH!" "What was that?!" Iori yelled. I was scared that time, and I was hugging my brother really tight. BOOM! "Ahh!" I shrieked as I landed in the pond. "MIA!" My brother screamed. He jumped in to save me when he carried me back out of the water, by that time, I was almost unconscious. My eyes were closing slowly. The last thing I saw was a monster.

(Real Life Present)

"You can tell it in your point of view now Onii-san." Mia said looking at Iori. "Hmm? Oh ok then..."

Iori's POV Flashback

When Mia started going unconscious, I held her tightly as I saw what was in front of me. A monster. I was so shocked, I couldn't move my body. I thought it was the end for us. Everything was going to fall apart. SWOOSH! " Huh? What was that?" I wondered. Then, all of a sudden, the monster disappeared into glass like-pieces that we couldn't touch. When the monster disappeared, the eldest brother, Gauche Suede stood there with a sword in his hands. "Gauche!" I yelled. When he rushed over to me, he hugged me and said, "Are you two ok?" "Yeah we're fine, but Mia fell into the pond." Mia couldn't swim, or course. Gauche picked Mia up and ran towards the mansion. "Let's get you two dried and see if we can help Mia." He exclaimed.

When we were in our (Mine and Mia's) room, we dried off as Mia gained her consciousness when Gauche was carrying her. She was crying and repeating, "I'm so scared, I'm so scared, I'm so scared..." I felt so sorry for her that she had to see something so scary, so young.

So, when we were dry, I remembered something. "Oh yeah! Gauche you were holding a sword. Where did you get it?" I asked. His smile turned into a frown. He said, "It is the job of the Suede family to protect. You and Mia might not have to do it because you guys were found in the forest." He explained. "I want to do it! I want to hold a sword and protect!" Mia yelled. I smiled. But inside, I wasn't smiling. She probably just doesn't want to stay here. Our parents hate her. But anyways, now, we believe monsters 100%.

(Real Life Present.)

Everyone was quiet for a second when Iori was done. " Uhmm if you don't mind me asking, but why do your parents hate you?" Kirito asked. "Kirito!" Yuri yelled. "It is rude to ask that!" She hit him. "Oww! "Kirito exclaimed. "It's okay I can tell you guys, it's simple...Because I have a power inside me that is different. Everyone that is special like you guys, have powers of your own. Mine, is different." Mia said, looking out the window. "I-I'm sorry Mia." Kirito apologized. Mia looked at him and smiled. "It's okay." Kirito was in shock that she could smile after saying all that.

"Uwah! I forgot!" Aria yelled. Mia and Iori looked up and then jumped out of their seats and they all yelled smirking, "WE CAN SKIP SCHOOL!" "Huh? WHAT?!" The rest screamed. "Well, we can't skip school, well; we don't have to be in class!" Aria said. "We have special permission to skip class, even for the whole day, to stay in another place as long as we catch up on studying! I think we should call that place the Dome! Because it's dome shaped." Aria suggested. "Mia, Aria, and I studied everything from now to collage already though!" Iori said with a smile. "Up to collage!? HOW?! Cool! I'll have to study hard too!" Kara and Yuri exclaimed together, but then laughed together afterwards for saying the same thing. Everyone smiled, and then laughed. Together.

Is this a bit too long? I hope not. The rest will probably be longer than this. Ha ha ha... -.-' Sorry if it's too long. Anyways, this is my 4 chapter but the first one on a different story. I hope you enjoyed Angel Lite Chapter 1!