Angel Lite

Chapter 4

My second chapter today! Yay! Though it's a bit dramatic, I hope you enjoy it!

Third Person's POV

Everyone lunged towards the monster as we take out our weapons. "It's their time to shine." Lilly muttered smiling. "Ha! Get this you stupid monster!" Yelled Yuri as she took her bow and shot it. Then the monster made a screeching noise. "Stop!" Mia yelled. Iori noticed that Mia was right next to the monster, so he ran towards her and covered her. "Iori?" She whispered. "Shh! Just cover your ears." Mia did as she was told and Iori, Kinji, and Kirito jumped forward at the monster taking their weapons and hitting the monster. "Shut Up!" Yelled Kirito. He sliced off the monster's arm and Iori got the other arm. Kinji stabbed it in the stomach. Mia smiled with excitement as she also jumped out and took her sword and sliced it in the middle, killing it. "Ha ha ha ha! Suffer! Die!" She had a scary look on her face. Everyone stood there staring in even bigger shock. "She killed it…." Muttered Yuri.

Mia turned and said with a scary look, "What's wrong? Huh? Are you scared?" Iori clenched his fist and yelled out, "Who are you and what have you done to Mia?!" 'Mia' was just standing there staring at Iori with an annoyed face. "You didn't see her leave, you didn't see her die, and so, I'm Mi-" "No you're not!" Kirito yelled out. "You may look like her, but she would NEVER want to kill something that badly!" "Tsk! I guess you guys don't know. You see my hair? Right now, it's covering my 'blue eye'. Why don't you see for yourself? "As she said that, she lifted her hair and opened her eyes…

"No way…." Both of her eyes were red. "Impossible! She had a red right eye, and a blue left eye." That girl just stood there laughing. When she stopped she said, "I'm her other half. You know the 'special' side. I'm the monster that terrorized Japan! I'm the Black Mage!" She then laughed crazily. Everyone was shocked. EVERYONE. "Oh, and one more thing. Why don't you try to find out your past Iori? You can find out why I'm here, in your sister's body." She took Kara's staff and banged it to the ground, and in one second, everything was slow and made them a little dizzy, that they all fell to the ground.

When they opened their eyes, they saw Mia on the roof collapsed. "Mia!" Kirito yelled. He ran up to her and he picked her up. Everyone else opened their eyes and ran to them. "Mia! Are you okay?" Yuri yelled. Mia slowly opened her eyes and saw her friends around her. They all were relieved. Then Kirito pushed her hair out of her eye and saw that her eyes were blue and red again. She's normal again. Kirito clenched his fist, Iori looked away clenching his teeth, and everyone else had a worried look on their face.

Mia's POV

"What's wrong everyone?" I asked weakly. I knew everyone was faking it, but didn't want to ask anymore after this answer. "N-nothing." Kara said worriedly. "Okay then." I said. After I said that, everyone was relieved for some reason, and I smiled. They smiled because of mine.

Later, when everyone was clean, nice, and patched up we all finally got to relax. Knock knock! "Come in! The door's open!" Rina yelled. The door opened as we all stared intently to make sure it wasn't a robber or monster. "Hello everyone!" said a voice. It was too dark to see. 'Oh no." Kirito said under his breath. I looked at him in confusion as he started to tip toe away. "Do we know you?" Asked Kinji. "No, but I know you. Or at least two of you. Uwah! There you are little brother!" "Shoot!" Kirito muttered as he stopped tip toeing. The boy ran towards Kirito and I could see him better. I could see the resemblance.

"What do you want aniki?" Kirito asked harshly. "Oh boo hoo. Why can't an older brother just see his little brother once in a while?" Kirito's brother obviously faked crying. "Oh yeah! Anyways, I'm Kenji Fujioka! Kirito's older brother! Of course you know that… Hey! You're Mia Suede, right?" He asked me. "U-uhh yes. How do you know my name?" When I asked that, I could see Kirito making an X to his neck like saying, Stop it! Don't say anything or you're dead! "Hoh hoh. Well, Kirito told me a lot abo-""STOP!" Kirito interrupted. Yuri had a great big smile on her face and ran up to Kirito, "No way, maybe, just maybe you lik-""Stop!" Kirito yelled again but this time like he was suffering. He fell on his knees as Yuri and Kenji started laughing. "We were just teasing you!" Yuri said. "Actually, I wasn't really teasing, it's just fun seeing how he reacts." Kenji said calmly. Kirito muttered something I could probably only hear, "But it feels like you guys are trying to kill me…." I laughed a bit as I studied Kenji to see what kind of guy he is. Kenji then caught my glance and walked up to me.

"Have you fallen for me?" he asked sweetly. I started to blush uncontrollably and I covered my face and Kenji's face went in shock, "I was just teasing you, have you really fallen for me?" Kirito caught our conversation and looked some-what disappointed. "O-of course I don't like you! You just said it all of a sudden!" I said panicking. He started to laugh as he glanced at Kirito. He smirked and walked out the door, "Well, bye now!"

Third Person's POV

That was a surprise. For everyone. "I didn't know you had an older brother Kirito." Mia said. Kirito sighed, then said, "I don't like him. Or talking about him." Wow, Kirito looked pitiful. "Sorry…." Brianna said. "Why are you apologizing?" Kirito asked. "Because I'm apologizing for everyone. She smiled a sincere smile and everyone all felt warm inside. "Thank you Kirito." Kara said suddenly. "Huh? Why?" "Because, you brought us closer with your problems!" She said with a smile. -.-' How is that supposed to help when you say it like that? Kirito thought. "Ha ha… Now, why don't we get some sleep, it's getting dark. We can sleep in our rooms." Mia said. "But, we all have to share. Each room has a bunk bed, and there are only 7 rooms." Yuri pondered. She had an evil smirk on her face and it felt like it was towards Kirito and Mia. "Let's all share rooms! Boy and girl each!" As Yuri said that, we all thought, I knew she was going to say that. She smiled brightly and said the partnerships she thought of. She wrote it down on a whiteboard. It said:

Yuri/ Hinata

Brianna/ Jacob

Reki/ Mutou

Kara/ Satoshi

Aria/ Iori

Rina/ Kinji

Mia/ Kirito

Mia's POV

We all agreed, but I can tell that me and Kirito were thinking, "I knew it." Yuri then ushered us to our desired room. Kirito and I walked into our room with our belongings and looked around. "I'm taking the bottom bunk!" I yelled. "Fine." Kirito just said that as he jumped to the top bunk and he fell right asleep. I smiled and whispered, "Good night, it sure has been a long day." I touched his hair but suddenly- he grabbed my hand! " Hey!" I yelled. "It's not right to touch someone when they're sleeping Mia." He smirked then laughed. "I'm kidding. You can touch me." When he said that I blushed even more than when Kenji was here. Kirito looked at me blankly, and then made a sincere smile, "Good night." He said as he got under his blanket and slept.

I sighed and whispered, "What a handful." Kirito saw me at the corner of his eye and said, "I'm not a handful, I just think it's funny how you react." I looked at him and commented, "I-it's not funny! Man, how am I supposed stay here with you?" But unfortunately, I couldn't say that seriously and instead, I laughed at the end. He started laughing too. "Good night!"

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