Otome no Yume: A Maiden's Dream


The Seirin members were busy ordering and eating lunch at Maji burger when suddenly a few of the Generation of Miracles, (Kise, Aomine, Midorima, and Momoi) came and hurried to join them.

"I wonder where Kotone is." Kagami said as he gobbled up his hamburgers. Kuroko sipped his vanilla milkshake.

"She said she was running a little late." Kuroko replied. All of the sudden, they heard someone bursted through the door. They turned and saw it was Kotone and her hands were full with a copious amount of bags.

"Sorry I'm late." she apologized, dropping the items onto the table with little care.

"Hey, take it easy, you just bought those." Riko scolded with a pout.

"Sorry, sorry, oh here's your change by the way." She said, handing her the crumpled up bills and little coins.

"Thank you so much, Makoto-kun!" Riko acknowledged with a big grin; she then swiftly proceeding to rummage through the bags enthusiastically.

"What did you have to buy Makoto-san?" Hyuga inquired. Riko dumped the contents out of every bag and pouring out came boxes of otome games for PSP and DS all with the faces of a cute naïve looking anime girl surrounded by a handful of good looking young men. The boys gawked at how much the coach had asked Kotone to buy.

"Th-this is all for you?!" they all exclaimed. She smirked, but then something got her attention.

"They are, but this one isn't mine." She commented. In her hand she was holding a Vampire Knight otome game for DS. Kotone snatched it away.

"Uh, that one's for me." she confessed, blushing.

"Eh? Koto-chan plays otome games too?" Momoi inquired. Kotone folded her arms, still flustered and nodded her head.

"I didn't know you'd play such things." Midorima noted. She furrowed her brows.

"So what if I play those? I'm a girl." she retorted. "Plus, you can see the appeal can't you; Zero-kun and Kaname-kun are… just too cute..." she said dreamily, holding onto the video game, rocking back and forth with a wistful smile, blushing.

"Sorry, but it's just that we'd never see it fitting you." Kise explained, and the others nodding in agreement.

"Koto-chan, are you good at those games?" Momoi asked. She shook her head.

"Usually when I play these my relationship with any boy is always at a friend zone." Kotone admitted.

"Me too." Riko added. Momoi giggled.

"Heh, well that's kind of sad, you two can't even pick up guys in a video game." She scoffed. The two glowered and glared.

"You're really asking for it brat!" they both hissed.

"I can understand why Riko doesn't get guys," Momoi insulted, making Riko cringe. "But how about you? Can't you just pick the nicest sounding option?"

"I pick whatever sounds like me." Kotone responded.

"No wonder you never win any endings." Aomine taunted. She frowned.

"Shut up."

After a moment of silence, Momoi abruptly sprang up with a bright grin.

"I've got an idea!" she shouted, nearly startling the rest of them out of their seats and some of them nearly choking on their food.

"Don't be so noisy Satsuki!" Aomine griped.

"What's your idea, Momoi-san?" Kuroko asked.

"I can't believe I didn't think of this before; why play an otome game online, when you can play it in real life."

Kotone raised her brow. "I don't get it."

"Simple; Koibito no Sedai!" she exclaimed. "The miracles shall be your options and your goal is to create a romantic connection with one of them!"

Kotone, and the rest of the miracles, sat there, frozen, mouths agape, and their faces painted with rosy pink blush.

"What the hell?!" Kotone cursed loudly, pounding her fists on the table. Momoi paid no attention and simply cupped her chin, lost in her own whimsical ramblings.

"Yeah, it could definitely work; of course I will need to take out Tetsu-kun or make him just a friend option. It will lessen, but I could just replace him with Kagamin."

"Hey, don't get me involved!" Kagami whined. Momoi continued to prattle on about the creation of Kotone's harem.

"I'll make some arrangements with Akashi and Mukkun; hey, hey Koto-chan are you listening? Wouldn't it be fun?"

"Are you crazy?! There's no way I'd go out with any of them." Kotone shouted. The generation of miracles present sat there, feeling kind of hurt with blank faces.

"Um, that's kinda offensive Kotonecchi." Kise said. Momoi pouted like little child.

"How come; after all, you do know them well." Momoi said. Kotone folded her arms and with a stern look, began listing one by one the faults in each of them.

"Kise is too noisy and whines a lot basically just annoying, Midorima's kind of okay but can be a real tsundere jerk, Aomine is a perverted and arrogant bastard, Murasakibara is so childish, Akashi's just plain scary, Kuroko is blunt and gloomy, and Kagami is a hot head who eats way too much."

Again the miracles (including Kagami) got their spirit crushed by Kotone's relentless and brutal honesty.

"Waaah, Kotonecchi is so mean!" Kise griped.

"You just proved my point about you Kise; besides the truth hurts." She retorted.


As Kotone started making her way home, she encountered Momoi once again, this time she was accompanied by Murasakibara and Akashi. She glowered at the sight of them.

"Hi Koto-chan!" Momoi greeted.

"What are they doing here, Momoi-san?" Kotone questioned.

"Hey, that's not a nice way to greet anybody." Akashi responded.

"Sa-chin told us about her idea." Murasakibara added as he munched on a mouthful of chips. Akashi cupped her chin.

"I didn't know you wanted us miracles to be a part of your little otome fantasy." He teased. She flinched away from him.

"I don't." she said. "I'd never fall in love with the person who tried to punch me on our first encounter."


Kotone hurried home and hastened to fling herself onto her bed with a huff.

"Who does Momoi think she is? There's no way any of them would make me fall in love with them. Besides, in otome games the girl must make the guy fall in love with her. I can never do it and I told her, what makes her think that it could happen?" Kotone hugged her pillow tightly. "But she does have a point; if I can't even make game boys fall in love with me, how can those Miracles fall in love with me?" she said sorrowfully, succumbing to sleep.

(Translation notes)

Otome game: Is a video game that is targeted towards a female market, where one of the main goals, besides the plot goal, is to develop a romantic relationship between the female player character and one of several male

Koibito no Sedai: I was originally going to make it Kareshi no Sedai (Generation of Boyfriends) but the name was already taken so it is now (Generation of Lovers)