Reached the Conclusion

Sort of…


I woke up, staring at the ceiling. There was hardly any time left for the game, did that mean it end already? I felt around my bed to discover Kagami wasn't lying beside me and I wasn't wearing his clothes anymore; instead I was back in my own black tank top and teal sweatpants. When I took a look around I saw I was in my own bedroom and that it was early morning.

So, it looks like I won the game in the nick of time. I sighed and tucked a loose strand behind my ear. Thank goodness. W-wait a second; if the feelings had to be all mutual… what I said in the game, that whole 'I love you' I confessed and liking it when Kagami was kissing me like that. Does that mean I actually do love…?

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, loud enough my siblings came barging through the room to see what was wrong with me.

"Koto-chan, are you okay?!" My eldest sister Okamine asked.

"Did you have a bad dream or something?!" My brother Kenji asked. I furiously scratched my head all around. No way, no way, no way!


Fortunately, it was the weekend so Kotone was able to stay in bed and sleep in for a bit, giving her a chance to wash away all the odd feelings she felt while experiencing her dream. She assured her siblings that it was merely a bad dream, but gave no other details than that. The clock had already struck one and she refused to leave her covers.

She didn't feel good, and she felt worse when she got a text from Riko. She was saying that she and Momoi set up a little practice game for everyone to have fun. Kotone groaned, dreading to face any of the Kiseki after what she had gone through. I'll be there in a few, she texted. With that, she rolled out of the bed, hitting the floor with a thud, and then sluggishly picking herself up to take a shower.


"I wonder what's taking Koto-chan so long." Momoi uttered, keeping a look out for her.

"Hmm, maybe she's still mad at you for all your annoying insisting yesterday." Riko said with a pout.

"Eh? I was just trying to get Koto-chan a boyfriend." Momoi answered back. "What's wrong with that?"

"You know how she feels about them; we're lucky she even tolerates them." Riko pointed out.

"Oi Satsuki." Aomine called. "Should we just start without her?"

"She's almost thirty minutes late now." Kagami mentioned.

"No, now you all be gentlemen and wait for her!" Momoi scolded loudly.

"Hi you guys." They heard Kotone greet lazily.

"Koto-chan!" Momoi greeted, hurrying over to her.

"You're late." chided Riko.

"Sorry about that." She apologized.

"Well you're here now and that's all it matters, Kotonecchi." said Kise.

"Right, now hurry and stretch out so we can start." said Akashi.

Kotone frowned and sent a death glare at all of them, a dark aura radiating from her as she did.

"Um, Makoto-kun, are you okay?" Kuroko inquired. Out of nowhere, she kicked all six Kiseki (and Kagami of course) right in the face.

"You fucking little pricks!" She cursed out loudly, panting heavily in frustration. The seven of them lay, doubled up on the floor in pain.

"O-ow…" Kise groaned out in pain.

"What the hell was that for?!" Kagami yelled.

"All of you stay the hell out of my dreams!" She shouted. They all sat on the floor and gawked at her.


Kotone began explaining the entire dream she had last night. She summarized each route she took and expounded on how they acted in the game, causing her to be quite furious. She expounded on how much of a tsundere Midorima really was and how when she played Kise's route it ended kind of sadly. And of course when she mentioned Kuroko's route, Momoi cringed, especially when she said how he started forcibly kissing her and etc. When she continued on to Akashi, Aomine, and Murasakibara's, she started turning red.

"And to make matters worse four out of the seven routes I was molested in!" she yelled, her face blushing.

"Well to be perfectly honest I can kinda see them doing that to you." Momoi said shamelessly. The boys frowned.

"Sa-chin that's really mean." Murasakibara whined.

"Yeah, we'd be perfect gentlemen Momoi." Akashi told.

"Hmph, perfect gentlemen my ass." Kotone growled out.

"Oh, Kotonecchi, you never did tell us if you won the game or not." Kise pointed out.

"Yeah I forgot about that. I surprisingly managed to win." She said.

"Well whose route did you complete?" Midorima asked.

"It sounded like you failed every one's route." Aomine said. Kotone's blossom pink blush returned, this time she had a seemingly adoring gleam in her eyes. She coyly hid her hands behind her back.

"Oh, um well… I didn't win with any of the Miracle options. I actually won with K-Kagami's route." She stuttered out shyly.

"WHHAAAAAAAT?!" They all yelled.

"How could you fall for that Bakagami?!" Aomine griped.

"Yeah, he's just a Kiseki wannabe." Murasakibara insulted.

"W-why're you all so angry?" She asked nervously.

"Sorry Makoto-kun," Kuroko began. "But the thought of you falling for Kagami-kun instead of us is pretty frustrating to me."

"What the hell are you saying Kuroko?!" Yelled both Kagami and Kotone.

"I agree with Tetsuya. That fool is nowhere near our level yet, I don't understand how he managed to get your attention." Akashi mercilessly berated.

"I kind of agree with Kise. Us losing to that impulsive idiot is upsetting." said Midorima.

"Waaah! I demand a restart!" Kise cried out.

"Eh?" Kotone muttered under her breath. Kise rested his hands on her shoulders.

"Do the game over again but in real life!" he shouted. "You'll see you're better off with one of us Kiseki no Sedai than with Kagamicchi!"

Aomine pushed Kise off to the side.

"Hold up Kise, no way are you gonna get a head start and capture Koto's heart. The only one who can beat me is me!"

Why are you saying that for something like this?! Kotone thought frantically. She suddenly felt someone touch her shoulder, sending a chill down her spine.

"You'll go with me, right Kotone?" Akashi questioned with a smirk.

"Koto-nee, win with my route please." Kuroko requested.

"W-wait hold on, are you guys really serious about this?" She asked, afraid of what the answer would be.

"Of course we're serious Kotonecchi!" Kise yelled. "Basically what we're trying to say…"

"Be mine!"

They stated simultaneously. Kotone froze up. Now she's dealing with a jealous group of miracles. She started sweating with anxiety. In the top of her lungs she yelled,

"N-no way, there's no way in hell I can do this!"

Well, it's sorta the end. I was kinda sad when I realized I was about to finish this fanfiction. There are obviously some loose ends in the story, between Kotone, Kagami and of course the Kiseki no Sedai. What do you think? Should I make a sequel of some sort? Any ideas would be welcome! Thank you for all your reviews, reading, faving and etc. Until next time SEE YOU! ~ Roriko Kojima