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Bachelor Number 1: Score

Age: 16

Physical Appearance: Hair: Dark Brown Eyes: Tawny Height: 5'8'' And, in his words: To die for

Description of self: Want a good time? Go on a date with this handsome daredevil for a romantic evening with flowers, food, and magic. You pay half the bill, and don't sue the company if an insane villain comes after you.


Destiny-Hmm....mind if I kill you after our date? I mean, might put a damper on your romantic evening.

Shanara-Score? Since when are you a handsome daredevil? Last time I checked, you had Helaine kill that spider that crawled into your bedroom.

Helaine-Hey! I'm already your girlfriend!

Score's Replies:

Destiny-See you Monday!

Shanara-Hey, she was already in there.

Helaine-So, why are you here?

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