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Bachelorette Number 2: Helaine

Age: Never ask a lady her age, you uncouth authoress! (Authoress interjection: UNCOUTH!! I'll show you uncouth, you stuck-up, arrogant, cocky little... ~words trail off as authoress and Helaine fight. Eventually authoress wins by using authoress powers, and both are forced to resume the pointless interview~)

Physical Appearance: (Authoress pointedly refrains comment, while Helaine notices and glares daggers. Good feelings not engendered) Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue Height: 5'5'' (Authoress interjection: shortie! Shortie! Shortie! No offense to any actual short people, I am just tormenting Helaine for my own enjoyment. ~hears Helaine's muttered, "sadist," and plans revenge for a more convenient time.~) And, in her words: Perfectly fit, and well suited for taking on a certain *cough Liviania *cough authoress.

Description of self: I've already got a boyfriend, but considering he is cheating on me, I'm willing to go on a date with anyone except people who like beans in there chili. (Authoress interjection: Gee, something we agree on. What're you bean people, psycho?)


Pixel-Now is the time to act on my secret crush! Oh no, did I say that out loud? Liviania, Liviania, you aren't recording this are you? Liviania?

Score-I am not cheating on you. I'm just having casual affairs behind your back, honey cake.

Sarman-I like a woman with a sword.

That dude from the first book who works for her dad and kept her secret, but my Diadems are packed so I don't know his name and don't have time to look because I really need to update-You know, Helaine, I've always wanted time alone with you.

Marten-Your father put me up to this, as your fiancée couldn't be located.

Helaine's Replies:

Pixel-Secret? *snort Raging rhinos are less noticeable.

Score-*cough CHEATING SCUMBAG *cough See you at our house later anyways.

Sarman-Doubt it big time.

Like I'm going to type that out again-You could me my dad! Pedophile!

Marten-He is no longer my fiancée. Score is, not that he knows it.

Author's note: Okay, so I didn't finish the date. I'm choosing the old standby of writer's block. Just review! P.S. I had real fun writing this chapter, hope you all enjoy it! ~evil cackle~ Watch out Helaine sweetie!