"Please...please tell me, y-your name..."

"Christian." He says simply.

"And your name is Anastasia Steele correct?"


I couldn't keep my eyes open and I can't even stand straight either.

My body is freezing. I achingly lift my arm and rub my shoulders, I don't even any close on! My body tensed and a shiver went up my spine as I felt rough hands snake around my shoulder and yank my body forward. "You're next, so hurry up and get your ass moving." All I can hear was a deep male voice to the left of me as the male pushed me onto a platform. Fuck, I can't see anything, I can't even see my own feet without it turning double. Have I been drugged? My thoughts ask in worry, yet I couldn't speak...no words could form in my mouth...I'm mute.

"You may begin you bets." The man announces to the crowd of men gazing at my naked features from bellow the platform. Bets? To give the men a better look at me, the man to left yanks my head upwards to expose my neck with one hand and uses the other to pull my wrist behind my back. The crowd nearly gasped with need and begin shouting rare quantities of money that even the richest man alive couldn't afford.

"One thousand for the girl!" One shouts.

"Four-hundred thousand!" Another shouts.

At the moment I thought the announcer was going to have a sale on me, the most unexpected thing happens...

"Five-million dollars..."

Holy fucking-shit!

"Sold! To the gentleman back. Please come up and claim your prize."Damn! Damn! Damn! I've been sold! My thoughts flare but my eyes remained blurred and unfocused. I hear foot steps approach me as I wait for my final blow. Will I ever see my family again? My friends? My future in this world? Just when I though everything was about to end for me, the male that stood before me took off the coat of his suit and swung it around my shoulders, picking me up bridal-style with broad strong arms and held me close. " Don't worry, everything is fine. You're saved, for now. Just stay silent. " he whispers in a cold tone that nearly sends a shock wave down my spine and back again.

I held onto the coat around me and kept myself cover as he walked off of the platform and carried me away from that place and out the back entrance.

"Taylor...yes...ofcourse...see you then." And with a swift of the hand he hands up and places his phone into his pocket and places me on the cold ground where I sit, trembling with no control over my body. "You've been drugged, its only a mildly dose as it seems, all you have to do is sleep it off. So bare with me for a while longer."No argument there . Just who is ? And why did he pay so much just for someone like me...I don't understand his motives. It's like he's some kind of statue with no emotions to show. I atleast need to know his name..

"Please...please tell me, y-your name..."


Christian." He says simply.

"And your name is Anastasia Steele correct?"


How does he know my name...? And just what lies beyonds those cold eyes of his? I wonder...

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