Chapter Four: Statue

No. No. No.

This can't be happening! Not only that Christian is about to have sex with me, but he knows I'm a virgin too! What is he going to think? Twenty-one year old Anastasia Steele Is still a virgin. Oh wouldn't that be a scoop for Christian's private thoughts!

The blood rushes to my cheeks. I looked down towards Christian, expecting him to be shocked, angry, or something but as my eyes come in contact with his; all I see is a sharp grin on his face. It looks as though he found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. His eyes glare with hunger and I find my arousal once more.

"Mmm, , looks like I've stumbled upon your teasure." He says as he gets up from the bed. "Come. Let's give you a bath, Anastasia." He holds out his hands for mine and I find myself taking it without hesitation. A bath sounds great right about now.

Exiting the room, Christian and I head to the bathroom right across the hall. We entered and Christian plugged the drain and turned the knob, turning on the hot water. "All be outside. I expect you to clean up and return to the room across the hall." He states to me as if its a command. Before he exits through the door, I have a couple of questions for him. "Wait." I start off slowly. He stops, his hand still on the knob as he looks back at me with an over-powering glare that sends a shock wave of excitement to my sex. Fuck he's so sexy...

"Um, I need to know a few things...Sir. I-If I don't get any answers I..won't be your submissive!" I conclude with a raised voice in hope that he fully understands where I'm coming from.

"All will be revealed in time, Anastasia." He says with a grin.

I hope so...


She's so defient. But that body of her's makes me just want to take her here and now.

Slow down, Grey. You have to teach her about the Dom & Sub ways. If she doesn't she'll just frustrate you and you'll have to lock that ass in a cage. So keep your dick in your pants and we'll see how it goes. Fuck my subconscious pisses me off but again he's always right. I have to be patient and she'll be even more perfect. I exit the bathroom and stay outside of the door, hearing a splash of water; knowing that she's in the water right about now.

I close my eyes, silently waiting with patients. My mind seemed to go wild just picturing her beautiful body, wet, soaked just for my eyes and my eyes only to see. Suddenly I felt my erection kick in; Oh the things I could do to her right now.

"Christian.." Her voice calls for me.

"Come, Anastasia. Let's have a private session, shall we?"

"A-Alright." she says with a hint of hesitation and emerged from the bathroom without a towel. Her body is like a goddess. I put an arm around her waist and led her back into the room, closing the door and locking it behind me. "Now, let's begin Anastasia." I start off with a stern tone and sat on the bed in the corner with my elbows on my thighs, looking up into her blue oceans. "In this room, you will adress me as 'Sir'. You will listen to every command I give and you shall follow them without hesitation or defience. Do you understand me?"


"Do you understand me?"

I bite my bottom lip. What is he going to do to me? Is he going to use these canes and whips on me?

Nodding at his question. "Yes..Sir." I say as gracefully as I can manage and he groans inecstacy from my submissive tone as his eyes scan my naked body. "I can't wait anymore.." he says in frustration and pulls me onto the bed beside him and turns me onto my stomache, exposing my ass. He stands up and opens a closet on his left and looks through it as if picking out an expensive tuxido and shoes. Coming from the closet I see a black-leather paddle in his beautiful hand and fear instantly takes over. Suddenly he grabs my arm and holds it behind my back. "No, no , no! I don't want this! Please, please don't do this!" Tears start to run down my cheek and then I felt the sting of pain as the first hit comes crashig down onto my ass. I cry out and wiggle underneath Christian, terrified of the next hard hit that he was going to give me. "Five more hits, Anastasia. It's for your own good." He says with a dark chuckle as the next hit sends a wave of painto my body. "Stop! Please! Christian, STOP!"



The pain soon morphs from pain to pleasure. I've never felt this much emotions before. Arousal consumes my fear even though the tears keep falling from my eyes and the final hit collides with my skin sending me into a climax I've never felt before, my body trembles with unwanted ecstacy.

Hearing the sound of foil rip, the feeling of Christian's hands lifting my hips sends panic into my system. He's going to do it. He's going to take my virginity. Suddenly his cock plundge into me, stretching my walls, and the feeling of pain from the penetration made me cry out unexpectedly, sending Christian wild as he begins to thrust into me with brute force. I feel like I'm being raped. He wasn't the man from before, he's not the man that was kind to me, he's not the man that helped me...He's completely different. Is this the real him? Have I been sold to a monster?

My climax builds and builds with each hard thrust he gives to my insides, making me quiver and tighten around him as I finally cry out in pain and pleasure. But that didn't stop him, not in a long-shot. He kept thrusting and thrusting, making my body drunk with pleasure. I can't stop moaning and crying out each orgasm after another. I get bruises from his strong hands holding onto my hips, arms, and shoulders as he smacks my ass with hard hits that make me go wild with another climax. We get lost in each other, fucking until all we felt was pain...

The next day . . .

I wake up with bruises along my arms, neck, shoulders, thighs and hips. God I look like a mess with my 'Just-Got-Fucked-To-Oblivion' hair. I sit up and felt a shock of pain on my ass and I yelp like an injured dog limping on one leg. Looking over to my right I see grey eyes penetrating my thoughts.

"Anastasia.." he says as he reached over to touch me but I recoil in fear.

Once realizing what I've done, I look back at Christian to see his eyes soften in regret.

"Chri-" I was suddenly cut-off by the ringing of Christian's blackberry in the pockets of his jeans. Looking away Christian gets up, grabs his boxers and gets his phone to only stare at the screen in thought. With his back turned to me, he sighs in frustration and exits the room with a stern face. Reminiscing the look of regret on his face I knew he was just trying to comfort me about last night, but somewhere deep inside of him something was wrong. Is Christian really the monster he seems? Or is he just a statue, wanting to be noticed?

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