The winding paths of the caves didn't stop nor confuse me. As a pegasus, I have an acute sense of direction. If I do happen to lose my stuff, it would be a breeze to find them. By now, I had 40 diamonds (still lame), 96 iron ore, two and a half stacks of coal, a stack and a half of gold, two stacks of whatever the heck redstone is, and two stacks of gold ore. My last iron pick was almost worn out, and my inventory was packed with random mob drops. My last shovel was worn out as well, from all the gravel and dirt I ran into. Heheh, Rarity would have to muster up a lot of courage if she's going to search for gems here. I spotted a different ore, glistening ever so slightly in the dark cave. It was beyond my reach, so made a run for it.

After placing down some torches, I inspected the new ore. It looked like diamond ore, but was in much smaller fragments, and was green in color. I saw the reflection of something behind me, but I couldn't make out it's shape. Looking behind me, it was another Celestia damned skeleton. I noticed that the closer I was to a skeleton, the faster it would shoot arrows. Once, I found a skeleton dungeon, and it was so hard to get rid of all the skeletons. I was down to one heart of health! I gladly had enough time and food to recover, but I could still see the scars from it. Another thing I noticed about this place; food recovers your health so quickly, that you can practically see you open wounds close in seconds after eating. It's good thing, since taking damage sphere is mostly caused by things that want to basically want to kill you, even if it's a suicide trip. Anyway, I mined the green ore, and a gemstone came out of it. I picked it up, in which the information said that it was an emerald. Hm, emeralds must be extremely rare here if I have only found one.

The perfectly cut emerald reflected in the torchlight. I noticed something was behind me, due to the emeralds reflectiness. Just as I turned around, a green giraffe thingy (yes, that is what I call them, shut up) hissed, before exploding in my face.

Rainbow_Dash was blown up by Creeper