Birthday Massacre

Melody 1: "Remember Me"

"In the End, we will not remember the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends."

-Martin Luther King, Jr.

The wind was very beautiful at night.

Gentaro felt the gentle breeze caress his face as he walked across the town. No one was there to hurt him, and even if they tried to, they wouldn't be able to for a couple of reasons. First off, he was a capable fighter with enough strength to knock them down out for the count. The second, was that if regular fisticuffs didn't work, he could transform into Kamen Rider Fourze and frighten the thugs to next Sunday.

The third reason was that he was already dead, plain and simple. He could absorb the pain he had to take and dish out enough to send a man flying into a brick wall. He could jump higher and carry at least three to four times his weight without a limiter in his brain telling him when he's pushed his limit. And if those abilities didn't work, he could always use his array of star-based spells to dish out some justice of his own.

He past by an abandoned building, noticing his reflection in the large glass window. He stopped and placed a hand on his cheek. His skin was the color of alabaster, and his eyes were the color of polished obsidian. His dark hair went down to his sunken cheeks, giving him the look of a zombie (which he technically was at this point, but he didn't call himself that). Draping his body was a long black biker jacket covered with golden buttons, along with a red shirt and black pants. He placed a hand against the glass, feeling its cool touch.

"This is me," he said. "This is what I have become."

"It's not you," said a voice, souding similar to his own. "This is not you!"

Gentaro narrowed his eyes as he tried to find who was speaking to him. "Where are you? Show yourself this instant!"

"I'm right in front of you, idiot! In the glass!"

Gentaro turned his gaze toward his reflection, seeing his reflection staring back at him. The reflection looked just like him, except there was a tattoo of a red poppy flower on his right cheek. The reflection placed a hand on the glass, as if trying to be set free, narrowing his eyes.

"I must be going insane," Gentaro stated sarcastically. "I'm talking to myself."

"I'm not like you at all!" Gentaro's reflection barked back. "My name is Anamnesis, the one who knows everything about your past."

"Then you already know why I'm in this state, don't you? I don't need to hear your pathetic voice pounding in my head at this time of night. It's like hearing a high-powered buzzsaw cutting through human flesh and I'm getting very tired."

"You don't feel tired at all! Besides, no one can hear us right now."

"Are you certain?" Gentaro raised an eyebrow and lifted his left hand into the air. Amusingly, he noticed that Anamnesis just crossed his arms against his chest. "I can call Master Ophiuchus so he can be a witness to all of the lies that you're going to spew at me."

"That serpent is pure evil! He's only using you in order to get what he wants! He's nothing more than a heartless monster!"

"So are we, but you don't see me complain about it. Besides, I like being a heartless monster. It gives me certain liberties that my human side would never allow."

"You have to remember who you really are!" Anamnesis exclaimed, pounding at the glass. "Let me in, Gentaro! You need to recall the promise to your friends! The Kamen Rider Club needs you! "

"No they don't!" Gentaro screamed, curling his hands into fists. "If they needed me so much, they wouldn't have let me die by Sakuta's hands! They would've defended me just like they did back with the Lynx Zodiarts. 'We won't back down to you. We're the Kamen Rider Club'. That was what Miu said to Meteor, but it was all just talk! They just stood there and left me talking about how glad I was to die for Ryusei!" Gentaro felt tears water in his eyes. "I can never forgive them. I will never forgive them!"

"What were they supposed to do?" Anamnesis inquired. "Meteor Storm was too fast, and he came out of the blue! No one was expecting him to switch sides after what he did for us! What happened to you wasn't their fault! So stop blaming all of your problems on them!"

"Stop lying to me! You saw Shun in the Power Dizer. He could've kicked Meteor Storm away and let me obliterate Yamada into a thousand pieces! Hell, any of them could've just run inbetween the two of us and prevented Meteor from killing me!"

"You accepted your death with dignity and honor, remember?" Anamnesis's hand passed through the glass and rested on Gentaro's forehead. "Gentaro, please remember..."

Gentaro winced as he felt the memory being plucked from his head. The scenery faded away into darkness before it transformed into that abandoned warehouse. He saw himself on his back, his body bruised and his clothes ripped and tattered. The memory of Gentaro had a smile on his face as he began to draw his last breaths before finally closing his eyes, succumbing to his own injuries.

"No..." said the real Gentaro, recalling how he spent his last moments as his old self. "Stop making me remember that! I don't want to remember that horrible day! Stop it! Stop it, now!"

Gentaro fell onto his knees as he ran his hands up and down his arms. How could he go out like that? How could he willingly die for a murderer? Tears fell from his eyes as a dark aura wrapped around his body. He lowered his hands as a long silver staff appeared in front of him, a black snake wrapped around it.

"No," said Anamnesis, eyes widening in fear. "Gentaro, you need to break out of Ophiuchus's spell this instant! Do you know what you just summoned? That's the Scepter of..."

"Shut up!" Gentaro snarled, standing up. He took the scepter into his hands and pointed it at Anamnesis. The eyes of the serpent began to glow red. "Shut up and go away forever! I don't need my past at all! I have my future to decide! I will use that future to walk forward and destroy all who would stand in my way!"

"By destroying me, you're destroying yourself!" Anamnesis closed his eyes and lowered his hand, the scene fading back to the abandoned building and the glass window. "I hold your ties to the past—the past before you even became Gentaro Kisaragi! It's vital that you know that before you become tossed aside by Ophiuchus!"

"...Who cares?" Gentaro grasped onto the scepter with both hands and brought it back, as if he was up to swing the bat. "I will obey and follow my Master's will until he no longer needs me. It is the least I could do for the one who brought me back to life." Gentaro smirked. "Good-bye, 'Me'. I hope that we see each other in another place and time."

"Wait, what are you-"

Gentaro swung the scepter across the glass, hearing it shatter from impact. His reflection looked in horror, clutching his chest in pain. Anamnesis just watched as Gentaro continued to destroy both the mirror and himself, unable to do much else.

"G-Gentaro," Anamnesis sputtered, feeling blood escaping his mouth. "You must know who you are before it's too are..."

"I am the Serpent-bearer to Master Ophiuchus," Gentaro interrupted, punching the glass. Anamnesis stepped back, placing a hand on his jaw. "I am the one who was given Life-after-Death!" Gentaro kicked the glass, seeing small shards drop into the barren floor. "And I am the one who decides my fate! You are nothing to me!"

Gentaro brought the scepter back and pierced it through Anamnesis's chest. The window shattered, sending fragments of glass everywhere and slicing Gentaro's face. He ignored the glass as he saw Anamnesis vanish, tears falling down his voice. As Anamnesis began to fade away, Gentaro could hear his voice whispering something in the empty wind.

"We are the Dead, short days ago. We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow..."

Gentaro stayed silent until he can no longer hear the pest. The scepter in his hand vanished as he began to walk off, feeling the wind place gentle kisses all over his face. He then heard a hiss and turned to his side, seeing Ophiuchus, the ancient serpent residing in his body, materialize from thin air.

"Am I interrupting something of great importance?" asked the serpent. "It seemed as if you were in the middle of a deep conversation with yourself."

"I technically was, Master," Gentaro answered, staring at the scepter in hand. "But he is gone, never to return. Also, do you happen to know what this is?"

"That, my dear Serpent-bearer, is the Scepter of Asclepius. It was used by Asclepius himself when he made his rounds to heal others, but it was mostly there to channel the healing energy he carried within."

"I see. I can also tell it's good to beat people up with," Gentaro chuckled, running a hand up and down the staff. "I hear it call out to me. It needs Cosmic Energy to stay strong."

"I know a great place to find some energy," Ophiuchus replied in a whisper. "Shall we head off?"

"Yes, let's. The night is so young after all," Gentaro began to walk away from the abandoned building, scepter in hand. "The world is open up for me to take it, and no one will be able to stand in my way to obtain what I want: revenge."

Ophiuchus chuckled before fading away, leaving Gentaro all by himself once more. As he walked, he did not notice the lone poppies growing on the cracks of the sidewalk, swaying in the empty wind. Instead, he placed a hand in his mouth and began to sing.

"In Flanders fields, the poppies blow," Gentaro sang softly to himself. "Between the crosses, row on row..."

He continued to sing as he walked across the empty road all by his lonesome self.

Next time: Gentaro finds himself observing people confessing love to one another and recalls the person he poured his heart and soul to. Will the power of love be enough to free him from Ophiuchus's control? Or will it be destroyed and left to be forgotten?

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