Whispering Fireworks

Chapter 10

"Who the hell are these people?" Hanabi's guards cried, pushing against Kanagawa's men. "Where did they come from?"

"No time for that," another one answered gruffly, slamming his blade against his opponent. With the knife stuck inside the abdomen, the Hanabi guard took out his gun and pulled the trigger. Another man went down. "Call reinforcements!"

"I—I am!" The guard fumbled with his communicator, dropping his guard for a second. A Kanagawa man took advantage of it and quickly stabbed the guard. "Agh!" He went down.

The last, remaining guard cursed and backed up against the wall. Knocking out an opponent, he quickly grabbed out his device, yelling: "Code red! Intruder attack on ground floor. Repeat; intruder attack on ground—" Multiple bullets ran through him. He collapsed against the wall.

Akashi watched from afar, shadowed by the towering trees. Kise was hidden a few yards away, expertly keeping his three hundred men spread so that the enemy would not detect them. His silly facade gone, a serious, determined leader replaced Kise. His honey-colored eyes were strict and narrowed. He barked orders to his men, readying for the second wave attack.

Aomine was ordering his own one-hundred men, giving out specific instructions and plans. He had one, leather glove on his right hand, enabling him to wield weapons with a better grip. With a scowl on his dark face, he led the Tokyo men harshly.

Midorima himself was on the battlefield. Any man that was seriously injured, yet still alive, the greenhead found himself busy healing their bloody wounds. Already, sweat poured from the tall healer, and his gloves were stained with red. "Hold on," he said fiercely to a bleeding man. "There's internal bleeding in your kidney. I can't heal it, but I can—"

"Save the others, sir," the man croaked. "I'm long gone." Midorima gritted his teeth.

Kuroko and Murasakibara watched the madness with tense muscles. Reinforcements would come soon. Akashi, with his trained eye, scanned for any movements in the windows of the building. "Go, Ryouta," he said to his ear piece.

Kise was already on his way. "Section one, take the right flank. Two—left! The rest, with me!"

The three-hundred men split, and Kise went straight toward the main entrance. One hundred soldiers behind him, he charged forward. Just as he reached the entrance, Hanabi men came straight at them. "Don't show mercy!" Kise demanded. "Kill anyone that gets in your way!" Using Aomine's speed, Kise took down five men at a time. No one touched him. He made his way to the stairs.

Akashi watched Kise's army fight the leaking reinforcements. As he thought, Hanabi's numbers were large. "Your turn, Daiki."

"Wipe off anybody who gets passed Kise's army!" Aomine ordered, leading the charge. "No mercy!"

Another one-hundred joined the two-hundred. Blood slowly seeped into the ground. Midorima was everywhere, healing with difficulty. Even then, more men escaped out, toward the trees.



"Is the air pressure well today?"

"It's perfect, Aka-chin."

Akashi's eyes glimmered. He watched as more of Hanabi's men ran out into the open field. "Tetsuya. Are you ready?"


"Then . . ." Akashi threw off his jacket. A malicious smirk appeared. "Let's go."

The three ran to the field. Akashi created a line of fire, blocking the path to escape from Hanabi. It burned hot and furious, mirroring the redhead's feelings. Murasakibara pushed back several men with a high, whipping wind. For once, there were no snacks in his hands or mouth.

Kuroko waited. Hanabi still hadn't noticed the invisible fighter. The fire had thrown them into a frenzy, which distracted them from the real target. They huddled into a crowd on Kuroko's side, and tried to find a way to escape the fire. Kuroko made his move.

Soon, the huddled men cried as they found themselves thrown in the air by a mysterious force. Many men landed in the fire, and their screams pierced the air as they burned alive. Kuroko stood in the middle of the once-crowded circle. He had snuck into the center of the huddle. He panted. Using his ability for a large crowd took a lot out of him. Akashi had only taught him to improve his control a few hours ago.

"What was that?" Hanabi's fighter cried.

"A force suddenly had me flying."

"This—this must be the kid's ability! The kid Boss has been wanting!"

"But where is he?"

"Who cares?" one of them yelled, getting up from his fallen position. "We gotta call Boss about this! Kuroko Tetsuya is here!" He snatched out his phone, about to hit the speed-dial button, but froze. His eyes bulged. Kuroko was standing right in front of him, his pale hand gripping the phone.

"I'm sorry," he said blankly. "I can't let you do that." Kuroko spun, snapping the phone, and stabbed the man right in the chest with his blade. He gurgled, blood spewing from his chest. The enemy reached weakly for Kuroko's throat. Kuroko quickly grabbed a handful of the man's shirt, twisted it, and felt a tightening in his gut. The guy went flying back into the fire.

Blood dripped from his fingers and blade. Kuroko watched as it slid down his arms and dropped onto the blood-soaked ground. This was human blood. This was blood that was drawn by him. Something flickered on his face. He went off to his next victim.

Akashi watched in approval, all the while killing off his own enemies. With his eye, he could see every movement before the opponent even followed through with the action. He killed several men at a time. Flames rose every time a man went down and effectively finished the kill and destroyed any evidence the body left behind. Four, quivering men faced Akashi with guns in hand. Akashi waited with a smile that taunted them to shoot.

They did. The bullets shot straight at him. With the use of his eye, Akashi set fire to the bullets. The lead and copper melted instantly under the intensity of the heat. Hanabi dropped their guns in horror. "M-monster," one of them yelled.

"Monster? Interesting, but," Akashi snapped his fingers. They enveloped in his flames. "Am I truly the monster here?"

Murasakibara's wind was ruthless. It was sharp enough to cut skin and cloth. His enemies found themselves unable to move under the push of the wind. They could feel the winds' cuts, like a blade against their skin. The giant stared lazily at his opponents. Bullets that were aimed toward him simply changed directions and hit the men that shot them.

Kise slammed a young man against the wall. "Where is your leader?" he demanded.

He stared back, defiant. "I won't ever tell—" Kise snapped his neck and went on to the next. He could hear his men destroying all the technology they could get their hands on. They were supposedly in the computer room, and since Akashi's orders were to destroy any machinery he could get his hands on, the room was completely being destroyed.

Due to his overuse of his ability, he felt his speed wearing off. He had to find the leader, if he was in the building, quickly. "Continue up the floors!" he yelled.

"Damn you!" One survivor of Hanabi said from the floor in pain. Using the last of his strength, the enemy threw a strange object that landed near Kise's feet. The blond stared at it, confused, but paled when it activated.

"A gas bomb! Everybody out!" he shouted suddenly. The men stopped what they were doing and started to scatter around frantically. Kise kicked open the nearest window. It shattered easily. "It's poisonous! Don't inhale any of it." He led his men out the window and watched as they jumped from the third floor. Most of them would survive. Hopefully, Midorima was there to heal any serious bone injuries.

When the last man was out, the gas had already filled up the room. Kise, his lips a little blue from holding his breath so long, jumped out. The drop was fast, but he landed on his feet easily with a little stumble.

"Agh," his men moaned. Some legs were twisted the wrong way.

"Midorimacchi!" Kise called out to the battlefield, forgetting his ear piece was on.

"No need to yell, Kise!" Midorima's voice blared in his ear. "What is it?" He was in the middle of closing up a large gash in a man's stomach.

"We're outside the building again. Can you come now? Most of my men can't walk or move."

"Damn it." Midorima rarely cursed, but he was only one person. He was getting to the point of exhaustion, and the battle wasn't even nearly over. He couldn't call for regular medical help, because it'd be useless if the men couldn't fight again immediately. He was the only one who could heal their artificial wounds on the spot. "I'll be there. Hang on."

Kise carefully helped the men into a safe spot without moving any of their injured limbs. "Stay here. Midorimacchi is going to come. Shoot anyone who attacks you."

The blond didn't wait for an answer before he ran off to the main battle, most likely to help Aomine.

Kuroko huffed in steady, long breaths. He was surrounded by the enemy. Red smeared across his shirt, face, and hands. His body was staggering to keep upright, and he tried not to look at the heavy amount of blood around him.

"Give it up, kid," Hanabi shouted. "Boss doesn't want to kill—hey! Where'd he go?" Kuroko appeared behind the man and kicked him right in the back of the neck. The man fell. Before the men could retaliate, he disappeared once more.

He had to kill all of his enemies. His enemies, whom were most likely being brainwashed by their leader, probably had families, maybe loved ones, or friends. Their lives would end today. Would someone miss them? Would someone loathe him because he killed these people? He had to kill them. Kill them all: more blood had to be drawn. It was the only proof he killed them.

Kuroko slashed a chest and elbowed him hard in the throat. He had to see more blood. Kill more—


The order was loud, so loud and startling, Kuroko found himself in a mid-kick. His leg frozen, his opponent saw him and grabbed it. Kuroko was thrown cruelly to the ground.

Akashi finished off his victim and looked up to where the voice had been heard. When he did, his gritted his teeth, and the flames around him grew stronger and hotter.

Aomine elbowed an incoming man and squinted up to the top of the building. He saw a teenager, the same age as him. His hair was in corn rows, and Aomine could see a trace of a cruel, merciless smile on him. Recognizing him, Aomine growled and punched a wall.

Murasakibara felt his wind die down as the air pressure rose considerably. He looked up at the once cloudy sky and saw them drifting apart, letting in the sun. He frowned, unhappy. High air pressure meant his wind was useless.

"Ha! Ha, ha!" the teen laughed mockingly on the roof. He was holding a megaphone, which explained why everybody could hear him from one word. "Seijuro, ha! I—haah—seriously didn't know you had the balls to attack me now!" He laughed as if it were the funniest thing in the world.

"Haizaki," Akashi murmured with hatred in his tone. "So you were here all along."

"B-Boss!" A Hanabi fighter yelled. "The kid is here! The one you wanted!"

"Ha!" Haizaki smirked. He put his megaphone to his lips. "Well done, men! Now step back. Don't attack them anymore."

Obediently, like puppies, the remaining opponents backed away from the Generation of Miracles.

"Haizaki!" Aomine shouted. "You—" he proceeded to call Haizaki every curse word known to man.

Said teen snorted. "You haven't changed at all, Daiki. What a fucking dirty mouth." He scanned the crowd and depicted Kise. "Ryouta! So you're the one that replaced me for good, right? You're still looking pretty." A dark look overcame his face. "Makes me want to crush it."

Kuroko slowly stood up and inched toward Akashi. Something told him this 'Haizaki' guy was dangerous, even more so than the redhead. Haizaki snapped his head toward the movement, and his face turned to glee once again.

"Kuroko Tetsuya!" He bellowed into the megaphone. "Tetsuya, right? The new member of the Generation of Miracles. Tell me, are they treating you like shit?" Kuroko didn't know how to answer that. Should he even answer? "Nevermind. Of course they are. Because they are shit."

"That's enough, Haizaki," Akashi said, tone constrained to a civilized manner. He was loud enough to be heard from the roof.

"Seijuro-san has given me an order," Haizaki mocked. "I'm not afraid of you, Seijuro. Not from up here. Your ability is weak from a far away distance, isn't that right? Even the Mighty Seijuro has a weakness." The teen spat, and it landed somewhere in the land before him. "I swear, every one of you is shit. I can barely stand looking at you. Your little struggles are sickening. Seeing all that determination and fighting-for-good makes me want to crush every hope you have."

"A person who has such an opinion on this Earth should not even exist," Akashi replied calmly. He was contemplating if he could burn the building from the base. But that would take too long, and not only would Haizaki escape, but all the information they could get from the building would be to waste.

"It is not an opinion when it will become a reality." Haizaki crouched down with his knees bent. He looked down on Akashi with a smile. "You want to know what I've been doing the past few months, Seijuro? The months where I've been missing . . . destroying . . . "

"Do I care to know?"

Haizaki ignored his question. "I've been experimenting, testing—creating something perfect. Something to be a match for you, Seijuro." He clapped his hands loudly, but fumbled with the megaphone when it almost dropped. "I've finally did it! I've made something that would be able to kill the Generation of Miracles easily. Using live humans, I've managed to achieve the ultimate fighters!" He pressed a button in his pocket.

The garage door started to open. All heads snapped toward the side entrance, watching as the door slowly opened upward. Gradually, the door revealed many human beings, lined up in four rows. Murasakibara took a step back, feeling uneasy at the supposedly normal humans. Akashi stared, speechless at the power he could see with his eye. The waves of strength the humans were showing was impossible . . . it was not human.

Each row was organized by eye color. The eyes were so distinctive, it was the first thing Kuroko noticed. The first row had bright red, blank eyes that stared emotionlessly off in the distance. It was the same with the second row, only with brown. And the third and fourth with blue and silver. It wasn't the colors—it was the way it looked. Kuroko felt like he had to squint when he looked into their eyes, and he didn't know why. Their eyes held no soul; it was devoid of emotion.

"You think you're the only one who can control an element at will, Seijuro?" Haizaki called. "Not anymore! These fighters of mine are invincible, and they were created to destroy the Generation of Miracles. I don't even need Kuroko Tetsuya, anymore." Before Akashi could reply, Haizaki ordered, "Pets of mine! This is your first order! Destroy the Generation of Miracles."

Automatically, like robots, the humans in the garage turned to the victimized group. They started to walk toward them with slow, menacing steps.

"Regroup," Akashi said quietly. Instantly, the rest of his members started to back away to Akashi. They stood in a circle, back to back, muscles tense for the attack. This was an unknown enemy; no reckless charges could be afforded. Kuroko looked at the advancing blue group. There was something off . . .

"Do we attack them?" Aomine asked.

"Haizaki said they were humans," Kise said.

"If they were humans," Akashi flicked his wrist, and a line of fire enveloped the red group. No matter how much heat Akashi willed into it, the members kept advancing, unaffected. "They would have perished by now."

"Ha, ha! Seijuro, you know better than that!" Haizaki said from his spot. "You simply can't attack with fire on a fire elemental."

"What?" Kise cried.

Hell broke loose. Flames surrounded the Generation of Miracles, and they weren't in Akashi's control. The fire waved wildly in the air, radiating an intense heat that Kise immediately started to sweat. Pools of water swirled toward Kuroko, and he barely ducked in time. Wind whipped wildly, despite the high air pressure, and cut their skin. They felt the ground rumble from underneath, and begin to crack.

Aomine grabbed onto Murasakibara when he felt the earth shake. "What the hell? Akashi!"

"I am working on it," Akashi said with tight control. He touched the ground gently with his hands and willed his own control of his element. His own fire engulfed the enemies' flames. "Hurry through. Now."

Without hesitating, Aomine and Murasakibara ran through the fire, relieved that the heat was to the point it was cool. Kuroko, Midorima, and Kise were next, and then Akashi. Instantly, another ring of fire tried to surround them, but they scattered just in time.

"Don't attack recklessly. Observe their weak points," Akashi said. "I take it you know who controls which element."

"Yeah." Aomine ducked a boulder and looked at the Earth beings. They were using the ground to create large, heavy rocks. "Kise, need a reload?"

"For a quick second." Kise tapped Aomine briefly before running off with his full speed. He appeared behind the first person he could find and imbedded his blade deep within its chest. The blade pulled out quickly, and the blond jumped back. Expecting a dead body, his eyebrows shot up when he saw the wound heal before his eyes. The fire elemental turned and started attacking him, as if she hadn't been stabbed just a few seconds ago. What—what are they?

"How in the hell are you doing that?" Aomine growled. He ran full speed to his opponent, but the earth elemental ran fast enough to escape the ganguro's grasp. "Are—are they are fast as me? That's impossible!"

Midorima swung a round kick to his target's head, gritting his teeth as he felt the wind cutting against his skin deeply. He kept count how many times he was being cut, and where the locations were, to make sure no vital places were being targeted.

His victim blocked the kick and started out with a flurry of punches and kicks. Midorima ducked and blocked each one, but found it difficult escape each blow. The only reason why I'm keeping up is because I've fought Aomine before, he thought, quickly snatching a hand and sending in a sweep. These things are fast.

Kuroko was in the middle of an ambush. Water at one-hundred miles-per-hour speeds shot at him like never before. They can see me. I can't escape. He ducked another rocket of water. Expecting this, the enemy changed the course and aimed at the tealhead's face. Kuroko closed his eyes and braced himself for the oncoming pain. He felt it hit him: nothing else happened.

He opened his eyes and looked at himself. He was still in the same spot, and he was completely dry. Blinking, he looked up to his opponent. Had it missed? No, he felt something hit him, but he wasn't wet. Was the water some type of illusion?

The enemy puzzled, he sent more attacks toward Kuroko, which he experimentally took the hit. Dry. Completely dry and undamaged. So it was an illusion. But the fire's heat had seemed so real.

He snapped his head toward Kise's cry of pain. Another water elemental was attacking him. Kise was completely wet, and the force of the water had slammed him against a tree.

"We're truly outnumbered this time," Akashi said softly in his ear piece, kicking off a Wind opponent. "We have to retreat."

"What?" Aomine's voice blared. "No way! That's—that's totally—"

"Shut up, Aomine!" Midorima communicated back angrily. "This is all a wound to our pride. Just listen to Akashi."

Slowly, the Generation of Miracles backed up to the trees. The elements ganged up on them, but as Haizaki saw the group retreat, he laughed wildly. "This is an order. Stop attacking."

The colorful group took this chance and quickly ran back to where they came from. "There's a secret base just outside this city. Are there any serious injuries that would restrain you from running there?" Akashi asked as he ran with the now soft wind brushing against his red locks.

"I got a bad leg," Aomine admitted, running much slower than usual. "I might not hold out until outside the city."


"I can't heal while moving at this pace," Midorima reported. "I'm also in bad shape."

"Atsushi, carry Daiki."

Murasakibara didn't even dare to complain. "Okay, Aka-chin."

"Tetsuya, I will carry you."

Kuroko heaved, trying his best to keep up with the others. "Huh?"

"You're about to collapse."

They were finally able to make it. The secret base was on the outskirts of the city, built for emergencies such as this. It was a small house hidden neatly with the rough terrain. It was stocked up with preserved foods, running water, and a medical-aid kit. There were only two rooms (two bathrooms) with three beds and a pull-out couch. A working computer and small T.V. accompanied the cramped living room.

"Hold still," Midorima hissed, running his hand over Aomine's leg.

"Hard to when you're poking and pushing it like that!"

"I'm trying to find where you fractured it," the greenhead snapped.

"Shintarou. Daiki. Enough." Akashi leaned against the wall and closed his lids. He had taken a shower immediately after Kuroko, and now he was in fresh clothes he found in the drawers. "We are all upset."

Kise slammed his fist against the table. "Upset is an understatement! Haizaki pushed us to the point we had to retreat! That's degrading!"

"What do you know about degradation?" Aomine retorted. "You're just some model who has to rely on others to fight!"

A hurt look crossed Kise's face, but was quickly replaced by anger. "You don't have to be such an ass, Aominecchi! We're all wounded here, so why are you taking it out on me?"

"Aka-chin, are there any snacks here?" Murasakibara stood from his chair and trudged over to the kitchen.

"That's great, Murasakicchi!" Kise raised his voice. "Go feed on some snacks while everybody is worried about the new 'Its' Haizaki created! Stuff your face until you're satisfied!"

Akashi ignored both of them. He knew eating snacks was Murasakibara's way of coping with anxiety. "I believe I saw a bag of chips in the second cabinet, Atsushi."

Murasakibara nodded gratefully, mumbled a 'thanks' and went to find the bag of chips.

"One day, you're going to become a fatass that can't even run, Murasakibara," Aomine yelled. Murasakibara tried ignoring him and grasped onto the regular flavored chips in his large hands. His grip was a little too tight for the bag. "Akashi keeps telling you to eat healthy, but obviously you can't. You're the reason we had to retr—"

A loud clatter roared from the kitchen. Murasakibara threw all the pots and pans on the floor in anger. "Shut up, Mine-chin!" he shouted. Hand clenched, he punched the closest wall near him and felt the house rumble in protest. He stopped to breathe heavy, deep breaths. The giant was never one to yell, or take out his frustration on an object. The act of retreating was stressing for everybody.

"That's enough!" Akashi said fiercely. "Daiki, Ryouta, one more word of insult, and you will be the ones sleeping on the floor. Atsushi, pick up anything you threw. Shintarou, heal Daiki without a word of complaint. Tetsuya, stop hiding and come out here."

Following their leader's orders, the house went silent and tense. Kuroko slowly made his way over to an empty chair and sat next to a drained Akashi. The redhead had his head against the recliner, his eyes closed in exhaustion. Things hadn't went the way he planned, and that was a big blow to the leader. Not only that, but all of his teammates had been in serious danger of getting killed.

"Are you all right, Akashi-kun?" Kuroko asked tentatively.

"I'm fine," he replied tersely. "Did Shintarou heal your wounds?" Akashi placed a pale hand on Kuroko's head.

"He did. I won't be able to use my ability until later, though. My body took too much of a strain."

"As expected. Your stamina will build as you use it more." Akashi looked into Kuroko's eyes for a second before he took off his hand from Kuroko's head. "Has everybody settled down?"

A mumble of 'yes' went around the living room. Aomine was sitting on the couch with his legs propped up while Midorima sat on the ground in front of him, face in his hands. The greenhead was already feeling dizzy: he had overused his power. Murasakibara had returned to sit on the floor against the wall, chips in hand. Kise sat on a chair, his face not happy.

"We don't have time to take out our frustrations on each other," Akashi said. "I want reports. Now. Starting with Shintarou."

"They heal quickly," Midorima said. "A simple scratch heals in about three seconds."

Aomine went next. "They're fast. I thought they were as fast as me, but they're a fraction slower. I am able to catch them if I try hard, though."

"A large gash or stab heals in six seconds," Murasakibara said, subdued. "I did many serious wounds on one of them, but each of them healed right after another."

"I can still copy them," Kise reported. "I touched one of them experimentally, for only a second. But that was enough. Their power is so strong, my body can't take any more."

Everybody stared at Kuroko, and he shifted uncomfortably. "I wasn't able to make any particular observations on them," he said quietly. "But I did notice one thing."

Midorima pushed up his glasses. "That would be?"

"When I got hit by the water—I wasn't affected."

"What do you mean you weren't affected?" Aomine demanded.

"It didn't hurt," Kuroko said. "And I was not wet. Kise-kun was hurt from them, but it was as if they didn't attack me."

Nobody knew how to answer to that. What could they say? Haizaki's creations were a new species, and they didn't have enough information on them. Akashi pinched the bridge of his nose.

"This could be the reason why you felt so similar to Akashi the first time you met us, Kuroko," Midorima inquired. "You could have a second—"

"Let's go over their weak points," Akashi interrupted. "A strike that could kill them takes six seconds to heal."

"Which means we have six seconds to apply as many wounds as we can before their body can catch up with the injuries," Kise supplied.

"Six seconds is not a lot of time," Aomine grimaced. "We could use guns, but we have to remember they're fast. I can barely catch one of them on my own."

"Three seconds for a minor scratch," Murasakibara repeated tiredly. "So we shouldn't even bother holding back on them."

Their captain let loose a sharp breath. "I've noticed myself they have a one-and-a-half-second interval between each attack with their ability."

"So we only have a second and a half to stop them from their next attack?" The ganguro asked in disbelief.

Midorima shook his head. "Don't forget that, with their ability, they can attack from afar. We can't reach them in a second if they choose to stay far from us."

"They're practically immortal." It was the first time Kuroko had spoken in the discussion of weaknesses. He was having a hard time with their fast pace observations.

"Not immortal," Akashi corrected. "It seems impossible, but we know how to kill them."

"Can't we just snap their necks and cut off their heads? Can't heal what's not attached, right?"

"Ew, Aominecchi!" Kise protested. "Besides, who says they're going to stay still long enough to have a blade cut through their neck? It's harder than you think to cut off a head when in a battle like that. Plus, if Haizaki managed to have real humans control elements, then I doubt their bones are normal."

Kuroko cleared his throat. "Ano, I know this is late, but who is Haizaki-kun?"

"A bastard that doesn't deserve an honorific," Aomine snapped. "A traitor. The leader of Hanabi." Kuroko furrowed his eyebrows.

Akashi, having enough of the conversation, sat up and signalled Kuroko to stand too. "That's enough for today. We're all tired. We'll be returning to Kyoto by tomorrow."

The tallest stood next and stretched widely, accidentally brushing his hand against the ceiling. "How do you know they won't be waiting for us there, Aka-chin?"

"Despite what's happened, we did make a major blow on them. I doubt they will attack Kyoto so early. Daiki, Ryouta, Shintarou; you'll be sleeping in the room with two beds. Play rock-paper-scissors to decide who sleeps on the floor, or have two in one bed." Akashi looked at the pull-out couch, and then at Murasakibara. "Atsushi, can you fit on the couch?"

"Mm? Yeah, I think so."

"Tetsuya, you'll be rooming with me in the second bedroom."

Kuroko, thinking he was going to get the couch, was startled when he was pulled into the mentioned room. The door shut, and the two were left alone in the room. Akashi crossed the room and rummaged through the old drawers and didn't acknowledge Kuroko until he found what he was looking for. "I will sleep on the floor tonight." He took off his shirt and headed for the bathroom, toothbrush in hand. Kuroko tried hard not to pay attention to his well-toned body.

It was another five minutes before Akashi reappeared with his shirt on. By this time, Kuroko had already rearranged the bed to have one pillow on each side and slid under the covers. He looked small, alone in the bed.

"I said I will be sleeping on the floor tonight. You do not have to sleep on one side," Akashi said with amusement.

Kuroko ducked his head. "I feel like it would be rude to let you sleep on the floor. We can both fit on this bed easily, Akashi-kun."

"Oh?" Akashi mused. Resting his hands upon the footboard, he leaned over with a small smile that hinted mischief. "You would want to share a bed with me?"

The tealhead blinked and thought about the double-meaning of the words. Then he blushed and slid more under the covers. "You know what I mean, Akashi-kun."

"Do I?" he asked, already on the other side of the bed. He lifted the covers and easily lied down with much space in between them. When Kuroko didn't answer, he rolled closer to the new member and made Kuroko turn so that they were facing each other. At this time, Kuroko could already hide his blush.

Blue seemingly-blank eyes stared back into his heterochromatic ones. Akashi saw the change in them; the change between before and after the battle. He's finally seen the truth in our world, he regretfully thought, remembering how Kuroko had taken an hour in the shower, presumably scrubbing off all the blood, and then scrubbing more when there wasn't any left. He could see the rashes on the passer's arms.

Akashi traced a finger upon Kuroko's jawline before stopping to take a hold of his chin. "You did well, today," he whispered.

Then, without expecting an answer, Akashi turned and closed his eyes. And, for once, true, comforting darkness enveloped the leader of the Generation of Miracles.


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