Whispering Fireworks

Chapter 19

"Agh!" Kagami jerked away from the tweezers.

"Stay still!"

"I am staying still!"

"The hell you're staying still!"

"Please stop arguing." Kuroko tried to mediate between the two.

Kagami scoffed but winced when the tweezers once again dug into his wound. Midorima shook his head, thinking that even Kuroko had a higher pain tolerance than Kagami. The giant idiot that had a personality annoyingly similar to Aomine's screamed and groaned in his ear the past half hour he was being treated. Even when he was wrapping up the his abdomen, the idiot wouldn't shut up.

Midorima extracted the second bullet from his shoulder. "This should not hurt. If you happen to scream one more time in my ear, I will induce you into a long, painful sleep." He knew he was acting unusually cranky, but he had been woken up from the only time he could actually sleep without disruption. On top of that, he couldn't use his abilities to heal Kagami quickly because he did not know if he should risk exposing the secret yet. "It's strange you're alive, though. Akashi would have killed you on the spot, considering your heritage. What did you say to him, Kuroko?"

Kuroko recalled the events an hour ago with a grim frown. "Mm . . ."

"Akashi? Is that the red-haired kid? He's fucking crazy," Kagami muttered.

Midorima chose to stay silent, spotting the 'crazy, red-haired kid' at the door.


"Akashi-kun." Kuroko shifted his body partially in front of Kagami. "What are you talking about? Why is Akashi-kun here?"

Akashi took a menacing step their way. He had that lazy, cold, dangerous expression; the mask he wore when he felt unmerciful in battle. Alarming bells rang in Kuroko's head, warning him that he would not be able to stop Akashi if he decided to kill Kagami. Tread lightly: talk softly.

"Step aside, Tetsuya." The blade in his hand gleamed from an unknown light. Kuroko's muscles tightened. "He could be a spy, a traitor that has been sent from America."

He shook his head, continuing to press his scarf against Kagami's wounds. His teammate was too out of it now to think and speak clearly. "Akashi-kun, please, Kagami-kun is injured. We must heal him."

"There is no need. I will kill him now." Gusty, howling winds blew over the three, but Akashi was not affected. The dim light from above highlighted his sharp cheekbones, and lit the fire deep into his eyes. "Move, Tetsuya. You already had the audacity to lie to me; will you also disobey me?"

Blood gushed fluidly from Kagami. By now, Kagami's face was pale, unlike his tan skin. Kuroko was now edging toward being desperate. "I know Akashi-kun can't use his ability in the snow. You will have to resort in close combat. I will not allow Akashi-kun to kill my teammate." He knew he would not stand a chance against Akashi. There was no way he would be able to last a second without someone's help. With Akashi's eye, he wouldn't even be able to escape using his low presence. The only bet he had was if Akashi was willing to against him: if Kagami was worth it.

"I said, step aside." Akashi's blade reached him before his voice. Kuroko, driven by instincts, had time to barely pull Kagami out of the way. It neatly sliced Kagami's cheek.

"What the hell?" Kagami slurred and blinked rapidly, eyes widening when he saw a sharp blade once more coming his way. "Shit, what—!" The blade sliced between his hair. Kuroko and Kagami had scarcely ducked under Akashi's attack.

Akashi retracted his blade. "Wow," he chuckled. "Your reaction times are fast."

He is avoiding me, Kuroko thought. As long as I am in the way, he won't be able to kill Kagami-kun.

Determined, he moved his entire body so that it was in front of Kagami. Akashi's eyes pierced his. "Please stop, Akashi-kun." His attempt to sound firm failed. "Kagami-kun is my teammate. He is severely injured. I don't know why he was attacked, but Kagami-kun is innocent. We need to help him."

"He's part of the secret government of America. He is someone that may be a danger to Japan. Move, Tetsuya."

"No, Akashi-kun!" Kuroko stood his ground, aware his lips were turning blue and Kagami's pulse was weakening. He bowed abruptly, teeth gritted but chattering as the snow fell heavier. "Help him, please. I will not forgive Akashi-kun if you were to kill Kagami-kun or let him die."


Kagami winced. Midorima wrapped his shoulder tightly with bandages. "It was like he was really trying to kill me."

"I did have intent to kill you." The room temperature dropped. Only Midorima showed no sign of tension when Akashi stepped into the room. The latter had an irritated aura emitting from him. A pair of red scissors spun lazily upon his index finger. "You should be grateful to Tetsuya."

Kuroko kept his face blank. He would never forget the brief flash of betrayal Akashi revealed in the snow, nor the cold words he spoke afterwards. It wasn't something he had expected of Akashi.

Kagami visibly scooted away from Akashi. "Why would you—"

"It's because you're from America, idiot," Aomine interrupted, pushing his way through to the medical room. "And the son of Kagami Takeshi."

"So you're going to kill every American foreigner?" Kagami sneered back. "That's my dad's name. What the hell does that have to do with anything?"

A painful crash appeared at the door. Murasakibara ducked under, rubbing his forehead. "Itai," he mumbled. "Arara, it's true. Kagami is here."

"Did you get the files, Atsushi?"

"Mm. One of the workers from the government faxed it over." A thick, yellow file was handed over to Akashi. "Nn, Jingo-san sent a note, too."

With a raised eyebrow, Akashi leafed through the papers and pulled out the note. It was typed short and sweet:

Kill him.


Akiyama Jingo

The paper crumbled underneath Akashi's hand. Jingo must think he still took orders from him. Looking over to Kuroko, his eyes narrowed, calculating. Kuroko Tetsuya—the only person was able to defy him and live. His gaze shifted over to the injured one. Kagami Taiga—the son of Kagami Takeshi from America. They obviously could not do any real harm to him without Kuroko interfering.

"Would someone explain what is going on? And if this is your house, Kuroko, aren't you missing a blond one? Kise, right?"

The atmosphere became strained. Aomine's grip on his soda can tightened so that the aluminum folded and wrinkled. Kagami raised his eccentric eyebrows, wondering what he said that caused such a tense response.

Akashi wisely ignored the question. "Shintarou, his wounds?"

"They are nothing serious," Midoria said, disposing his gloves to the trash. "Hanabi definitely attacked him."

"And Tetsuya?"

Kuroko blinked. "I am not injured—"

"You were out in the snow with less than proper clothing," the leader interrupted severely. Kuroko opened his mouth to reply, thought better of it, and closed it.

Midorima stood up. "He's not in danger of hypothermia. It did not, however, help with his fragile state at the moment." He threw Kuroko a dark look.

"Would someone answer my freaking question?" Kagami snapped. He turned to Kuroko. "I texted you because you were missing, and I thought you had something to do with the people following me. I didn't want some crazy kid chasing after me with a knife!"

Scissors flew through the air and stabbed itself into the wall behind Kuroko. Kagami froze, unsure to what had just happened, until he saw the scissors. His eyes widened, and he swiveled his head from Akashi, back to the scissors, and then to Akashi.

Midorima sighed. He, along with Murasakibara and Aomine, were used to Akashi's airborne scissors. Of course, that didn't make it any less frightening. "Akashi . . ."

"My fingers slipped," was his own reply before retrieving another pair of scissors out of his pocket. "It is odd how the more irritated I am, the more slippery my fingers are. Is that odd, Kagami Taiga?"

Kagami swallowed at the subtle throat. "N—no."

"It's best if he rests for tonight." The greenhead grabbed the blood-stained sheets to throw in the laundry. "He has lost a tremendous amount of blood."

"Rest? Hell no!" Kagami protested. "What the hell is going on here, Kuroko?"

"You're not in any condition to think straight," Aomine snapped. "I don't even think you can think straight, injured or not."

"Hah? What was that, you bastard?"

Akashi grabbed a chair and settled himself onto it with ease. The file hit his lap. "This is fine. We can discuss everything here."

"Eh? Here, Aka-chin?"

"He could lead us to Hanabi's whereabouts. It would give us a start to track them."

With that explanation, Aomine nor Murasakibara had any complaints. Only Kuroko had his eyebrows furrowed, but he said nothing. Tossing the blankets to Kagami, Midorima settled into his own, spare chair. The others sat down on the floor. Kuroko stayed standing.

Kagami looked around, grew furious and confused by the second, and opened his mouth to probably snap out a comment that would have Akashi's scissors grow wings. Midorima interrupted him before that could happen. "Akashi, I hope you have answers to our questions as well. Kagami's claims are true. He is from America, and his father may be Kagami Takeshi, but his relationship to the government may be nothing more than being a citizen."

"I was also born here, too, you know." Kagami winced, shifting his body into a more relaxed position on the bed. "I'm not a freaking terrorist." He suddenly yelped and grabbed the offending hand that just jabbed him in the ribs. "Iteh—Kuroko!"

"Please be quiet, Kagami-kun."

"America, as well as other countries including Japan, was raising and creating a set of children that would be able to protect the four life lines." Akashi flipped through the many papers to pull out the classified, America 'Power Five' operation. He skimmed through it with calm eyes. "America was the second to successfully create them, and they too had a name for them: The Power Five."

Aomine snorted. "Power Five? That's all they could come up with?"

Akashi ignored him. "Kagami Takeshi, the one that foresaw and started the operation."

"Hold on, my old man was an—agh!" Kuroko once again jabbed Kagami.

"Wouldn't Kagami remember being trained as one of them?" Murasakibara asked through his cracker stick. "Why is he in Japan?"

"The old man got a change of heart?" Aomine guessed. "It's pretty sick to have sex just to get a son for testing."

Midorima pushed up his glasses. "Stop being crude, Aomine."

"Oi! Am I just going to have to listen to this? You're not making any sense!"

"Kagami-kun," Kuroko said quietly. "Please be patient."

"It is more like the mother had a change of heart," Akashi said. "Convinced Kagami Takeshi to withdraw his son from the program. That is the reason why Japan was able to claim the life lines before America."

Angry, Kagami flattened himself against the bed with a huff. Who the hell did they think they were? The red-head kid looked no more than a middle school student, and that freaking giant over there was half-asleep. He had just been shot at and stabbed, yet they didn't offer any explanation? Even Kuroko didn't try to explain, and he looked like he was actually understanding the conversation. There's no point in asking anymore. These bastards won't give me answers any time soon.

"So?" Midorima prompted. "His ability?"

"From the papers Jingo stole from America," papers were shuffled, "unknown. He has not activated it yet."

"Wha, he's a Tetsu!"

"You're chatty tonight, Aomine," Midorima said with a sniff. "What did you say to him, Kuroko?"

Kuroko blinked, realized he was being called on. "I said nothing, Midorima-kun. And Aomine-kun, I take offence in that."

"Why is Hanabi chasing him, Aka-chin?"

"They must have discovered him. An American asset to Haizaki's army, and one with an ability at that—he might as well be as valuable as Tetsuya."

Aomine yawned. "Oi, Akashi. You want me to call Satsuki? She might have more information."

"It's late, and there is a snow storm. She can't come over now, even if she desired to." Akashi closed the file, pinched the bridge of his nose, and closed his eyes. "Well, Taiga? Questions?"

Kagami stirred. "Hah? So I can finally get an answer to all this crap?"

Amused, Akashi leaned back in his chair and crossed his legs. "We will answer your many questions. And explain everything."

~Setting Skip~


"Now what? I told you not to bother me."

"It's an emergency, Sir."


"W-well, you—you see . . ."

"Are you going to fucking tell me or not?"

"We lost Kagami Taiga."

Haizaki slammed his palms against his desk and stood up abruptly. "What?" he roared.

The guard flinched, taking several steps back for his own safety. "The Miracles got to him first. It seemed like he was a close friend to Kuroko Tetsuya."

"You're telling me you had weeks to track down Kagami Taiga, but the Miracles caught him in one day?"

"W-well, like I said, Sir, h-he was close friends—" The guard dropped. Blood pooled from his neck, eyes vacant.

Haizaki went to retrieve the knife he had thrown in the wall, disgusted. Dirty, black boots stepped on the deceased body. "They're all a bunch of idiots," he swore savagely. "I guess I'll have to rely on you from now on." His gaze trailed to a monitor.

It was taping Kise. The blonde, now in a much worse condition, laid so still on the icy, concrete, one would predict him as dead. Clothes in tatters and with no blanket, the occasional shiver was the only sign he was alive. His face was beyond recognizeable; bruises painted his body black and blue, with an occasional dash of red that dripped steadily to the floor. Kise Ryouta was on the breaking point of breaking.

"Treat me kindly," Haizaki smirked. "Ryouta."

~Setting Skip~

Kuroko tossed and turned, straining and willing his body to sleep—to no avail. The night did not want him to sleep. The windows were open, and his blankets were off, but Kuroko found himself sweating profusely. Flashes of earlier events raced through his mind every second he tried to find sleep.

It was, for a fact, passed midnight. The Generation of Miracles retired late to their bedrooms after Kagami finally passed out. Seirin's ace had not taken too well with the information. Even when Akashi talked alarmingly soft, explaining the situation in even simpler terms than with Kuroko, Kagami did not believe them. Kuroko understood, remembering when he had been prepared to walk out, but the others did not. Aomine snapped at Kagami, Midorima told him to accept reality, and Murasakibara called him names Kuroko would rather not repeat.

After more exasperated questions, Kagami started to try to leave. Given his injuries, he was not successful, and Aomine pushed him roughly back into bed. When the ace started shouting, Midorima put him to sleep.

Finally having enough, Kuroko swung his legs around the bed and hurriedly put on his coat. Then, quietly, he snuck down the hall, into the living room, and opened the patio door. Welcoming, cool air kissed his cheeks. The snow storm had long ended, leaving Kyoto citizens with fresh snow and a cold night. Stepping out, barefoot, he tightened the coat around him and stared out above the patio wall.

An empty driveway. Tall trees. Cloudy, black skies. Dim lights. Snow. Flies. There was nothing beautiful to see.

"You seem to be having troubles with sleep lately, Tetsuya." A soft voice startled him, until he realized it was a voice he was familiar with.

Turning around, Kuroko locked eye contact with Akashi. "Akashi-kun." He regarded the startling white yukata Akashi wore, along with the dragon pattern on its right. "I am not the only one who is having troubles."

"Perhaps." The two stared at each other uncomfortably, their tension still high from the previous days. Akashi stepped out into the patio and stood beside Kuroko, also looking over the wall to observe the night—or morning. They were close enough that their shoulders brushed ever so slightly. "This Kagami Taiga, your teammate, do you think he will be a helpful asset to take back Ryouta?"

Kuroko exhaled through his mouth and watched the hot air appear in the cold. "Kagami-kun may not be willing to help. On top of that, his ability is unknown."

"Is that so?"

Silence stretched over them again. Kuroko warmed his hands in his coat pockets. The two watched as the tree silhouettes swayed back and forth to the gentle wind. Loose, leftover snow flew by and landed on a car's windshield. Faint rustling lost in the woods: the many animals that fought to survive in the harsh winters. A distant call of a crow accompanied by soothing whispers of the night. Calmed breathing of two ordinary yet extraordinary human beings; Akashi's steady, relaxed breaths; Kuroko's strong, peaceful ones. An oncoming breeze blew Akashi's scent over to Kuroko, who relaxed as the atmosphere transformed into something comfortable.

"I'm sorry, Akashi-kun." His voice was quiet. Cautious.

Akashi didn't show if he heard the apology or not. He stayed still with the same, confident and calculating expression he wore. Kuroko waited, waited until the mask wore away into something that represented annoyance and weariness. "There is nothing to apologize for."

Kuroko processed the words, but went on without responding to it. "I am not sorry for my words . . . I apologize for striking you."

"I see."

"It wasn't right of me to hurt you, but what I said was the truth."

And it was. Above everyone, Aomine and Akashi burdened the capture of Kise. Both of them had different ways to channel their anger and failure. Akashi's way was more drastic, and Kuroko would not allow him to be driven by such feelings. Whoever this Jingo man was also to blame. Kuroko remembered the controlled swirl of emotions when Akashi came back from meeting with the government.

Akashi rested his forearms on top of the patio and leaned forward, gazing at a wild cat whose bright eyes lit a soft glow in the darkness. "Tell me, Tetsuya, what do you think of victory?"

Kuroko blinked. "Victory? I . . . I think of victory as something that requires hard work to achieve it."

"That is not how I was raised or taught to think," Akashi replied. "Victory comes as natural as breathing. As long as the situation gives both sides the same advantage, I will always win."

"If Akashi-kun keeps thinking like that, it will turn to arrogance."

The leader let out a short chuckle. "No, I am not trying to become arrogant or conceited, or even brag for that matter. Is doing something as natural as breathing something to brag about? It has become the truth, and it is only that." He flicked his eyes toward an unmoving Kuroko before returning his gaze back to the cat. "I have always known victory, until now. Haizaki has successfully made us retreat; Haizaki has successfully killed a commander of my troops; Haizaki has successfully captured Ryouta." Akashi covered his face with one hand and gripped his front red locks tightly. "They were all failures."

"Akashi-kun, that's—"

"Even so," Akashi interrupted. "Even so, you had the audacity to tell me I was acting out; to so willingly tell me Ryouta's capture affected me most of all." Quickly, so fast Kuroko didn't see it, Akashi had a hand against Kuroko's cold cheek. The next few words came out soft, "Thank you. Victory will always be the same to me, but there will be times where all of us are consumed by the need of it. When that comes, you will be the only one to act." He leaned close, their noses almost touching. "Of course, there will be hell waiting for you as punishment for striking me."

Somehow, the words didn't bother him. Kuroko was more wary of their short distance between each other. "Akashi-kun . . ."

"Stay still, Tetsuya." Akashi closed the distance slowly. Two lips touched; two bodies pressed against each other; two pair of arms wrapped around a body; two minds interlinked together. Akashi's free arm circled around Kuroko's wait. Kuroko tentatively gripped Akashi's breath, unconciously and out of shock.

It was a chaste kiss. Innocent, even. Akashi pulled away first. Kuroko looked dazed, blinking rapidly, causing a short chuckle escape the redhead.

"Let's go, Tetsuya. The park in Kyoto is beautifully lit at night."

~Setting Skip~

"Akashi-kun, who is Jingo . . . –san?"

Akashi looked unsurprised by the question. He swung gently on the swing. "The prime minister of Japan's secret government."

Kuroko didn't look satisfied. He stopped his swing and tilted his head. The black sky now had a hint of color in the early morning. Dressed heavily by Akashi's orders, they walked all the way over to the park from the house. Snow covered the park, but they managed to save the swings by brushing it off and drying it.

"Who is Jingo-san to you?"

"My personal trainer," Akashi answered indifferently. "We were raised by the government, as you know. Jingo, on top of my regular exercises, took time to personally train me from the age of four."

Kuroko didn't miss the light wry tone. "Do you detest him?"

Stiffening, Akashi wrapped his hands around the chains of the swing tightly. "He is not a person I would want you to meet."

"Please tell me."

"Tell you?" Akashi leaned over from his swing, towards Kuroko. "I did not ask you for the first time; may I?"

Kuroko tilted his head, slightly unsure of what he was asking, but nodded. He had a feeling whatever Akashi wanted the redhead would get, anyway. Lips touched his, slightly longer than the last time, but just as chaste and with just as much restraint. Kuroko stayed still. He did not dare to allow a blush come across his face.

Satisfied, Akashi returned his full body to his swing. "Very well."


Age nine

"Aka-chin!" An abnormally tall child ran through the halls and burst into a large room. It was their bedroom, with colorful bunk-beds, weapons, and bean bags. "Jingo-san wants you."

A short, red-head, contrasing greatly to the tall child, looked up from his book. Annoyed at being interrupted but knowing he could not ignore the call, he closed his book and set it aside. "I told you to knock before entering, Atsushi."

"E-eh? But this is my bedroom too, Aka-chin!"

"Oi, Kise, have you seen my—oh, Akashi." Aomine greeted his teammate as he passed him by. Bruises and cuts colored his neck and arms, but the tanned child showed no pain, nor any indication that it bothered him.

Kise jumped down from his top bunk and staggered a little on the floor. In his hands held a box. "You mean this, Aominecchi?"

"Yeah—wha, hey! Why do you have my cicada box? Give it back!"

"Shut the fuck up! You're all freaking noisy!" Haizaki yelled from across the room.

Midorima sniffed and pushed up his glasses. A rabbit plush sat next to him. "Jingo-san said that isn't elegant language."

Akashi ignored the ruckus and slid out of the room. Knowing where he was to go, he walked leisurely down the hall, narrowing his eyes at the gruff-looking guards. Those heterochromatic eyes, far too intelligent for a nine-year-old, and far too cruel for a child. As he walked, he started to unwrap his right hand from the bandages. It had been severely burned the last time he experimented with his ability.

He came to a door that he became all-too-familiar with. Closing his eyes, he knocked twice.

"Come in." It was a smooth, sly voice.

The room was dark, lit by only one overhead light. Someone tall stood in the middle of the room, expecting him. Akashi fearlessly entered the room and stood promptly in front of the tall man. His heterochromatic eyes were dull, but scheming.

"Ah, Seijuro, your hand has healed?"

Akashi studied his right hand. It obviously wasn't. "No, J—" a rough side kick connected to his ribs. Unexpected pain erupted on his body, and he flew sideways. He crashed onto the ground, rolled, and faced Jingo with fury. Cracked ribs howled at his actions. He lifted his hand, as if to attack to Jingo with his flames, but shocks of agony spread from his wrists and ankles. His body collapsed, harsh pants already emitting from him. Akashi gritted his teeth. Allowing Jingo the pleasure of his screams was forbidden.

Jingo clicked his tongue. "Disappointing. You not only let your guard down, but I can still control you with this." In the tall man's hand, a white remote controller shone in the light. Akashi clenched his fists, detesting the existence of that controller. A boot flew towards his eyes and smashed his skull to the ground.

Ah, the pain. When would he be used to his pain? The boot lifted, then fell again. The pain wasn't dull yet. When would it become dull? Again, the boot smashed his nose. The pain burned hot and cold. When would it become warm? One, last time, it fell on his cheek.

When would he be able to kill this man?

Flashback end

~Setting Skip~

Aomine nervously shuffled outside the door of Akashi's room. Murasakibara stood beside him, yawning. "Murasakibara, you open it."

"Mm? Why can't Mine-chin do it?" The giant rubbed his eyes. "Why can't we let Aka-chin sleep?"

"Aren't you curious?" Aomine hissed. "We've never seen him sleep before! This is the first time we woke up before him."

Murasakibara blinked. "Ah. Really?"

The door suddenly opened. With an manly yelp, Aomine jumped back and covered his face. When no flames or scissors came at him, he peeked from behind his arms. To his shock, Kuroko stood there, head messy. Their newest member was yawning and touching his bed hair, until he noticed the two people in front of him.

"Murasakibara-kun. Aomine-kun. Good morning." As if it were normal to emerge from Akashi's bedroom, Kuroko shuffled back to his room, giving another yawn on the way.

After, Akashi came out, fully dressed. He, too, had slightly messy hair. "Daiki, Atsushi. Why are you standing outside my bedroom?"

"Wh—Wha—why—Rather, why did Tetsu just come out of yours?" Aomine gaped, turning his head from Kuroko's back to Akashi.

Murasakibara yawned. "That Kagami guy, he isn't here. It looks like he left."

"I know."

"Did Tetsu sleep in your room? Did you guys do anything? What the hell—what do you mean you know?"

"I advised him in the night to leave if he still did not believe us." Akashi looked down to the empty medical room and shook his head. "That is his answer."

"He's injured, and he idiotically thinks it's best he leave?" Aomine grumbled. "So what, we're just going to let Haizaki have him?"

"No." Akashi's gaze strayed toward a frozen, Kuroko's back. "Now, we wait."



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