Whispering Fireworks

Chapter 4

Three dead bodies were found hidden under gravel in Yokohama, Kanagawa. Police reports says there may be more hidden bodies, yet no more were found during the time period. The bodies were described as burnt and mutilated. The faces were heavily damaged, and no identifications were on the bodies. All three were unidentified. No fingerprints were found . . .

"Damn," Kagami whistled as he turned off the T.V. "Good thing we didn't go to Yokohama yesterday."

"Hai." Kuroko was right. Something had happened last night. How did he know? "Kagami-kun, are you going to cook breakfast?"

"Looks like I have to, since all you can do is boil eggs," Kagami grumbled. "And that doesn't even count as cooking."

The teal-head argued back, "It does count. My boiled eggs are much better than yours."

Kagami ignored the comment and entered his kitchen to cook something quickly. "How long do you plan on staying here anyway? I don't really mind, but seriously, what's the deal?"

"Just two more days, Kagami-kun," Kuroko answered. "There was a bee's nest outside my house. They are taking care of it now. I'm sorry for any inconvenience I am putting on you." The lie was easy to catch, as it didn't take three days to get rid of a wasp's nest. However, knowing that Kagami was dense, Kuroko didn't worry about it.

The ace of Seirin snorted. "Whatever. There's a practice match with one of the bigger schools coming up. Just thinking about it makes me excited."

"Riko-san would get angry if you injure your body before the game," Kuroko reminded him. "Don't get too excited, Kagami-kun."

"Yeah, I know," he grunted. "You shouldn't be the one telling me that, though. How'd you get your leg scratched?"

"I ran into a thorny bush."

He grunted. "Here. I made an American breakfast." Kagami brought the hot pan through the space that connected the dining room and kitchen and slid the sunny side-up egg onto Kuroko's plate. He also added two sausages, and did the same for his plate.

Kuroko stared at Kagami's portion. "Kagami-kun, you aren't going to eat more?" Usually, the red-head would eat at least three bowls each meal.

"Look at the time, idiot. We don't have time to each much; we'll be late."

School had completely slipped Kuroko's mind, which was rare since he usually had a good memory. He ate only half of his breakfast, feeling full already, before going into the bathroom to change into his school uniform. He had an extra pair at Kagami's house. The team always had parties at the red-head's house when they wanted to celebrate something, so Kuroko found it convenient to just stash his uniform there.

Kagami finished eating, and the two were running (Kagami was running. Kuroko got tired halfway because of his low stamina and his leg so he stopped) to school. During their run, however, Kuroko was clueless of the tall, tanned blue-head whom was tracking their moves.

Aomine sighed and got into his car. "Can't believe Akashi is making me do this. Well, it's better than actually going to school." He started to head to Seirin.

"You get injured?" Riko demanded. "How? When? Where? Why?"

Kuroko calmly drank his water. "I ran into a thorny bush."

Their coach twitched her eye, a feeling of wanting to strangle the smaller boy washing over her. The second-years felt this intent and immediately went over to distract her so they wouldn't have to attend their passer's funeral. "Just sit on the bench and watch us, Kuroko," Hyuuga said as he pushed his coach over to the court. "You can play at the practice match, right?"

"Hai, I'll be healed by then." He took a seat on the bench and watched the players did their warm-up stretches. Since Kuroko was usually partnered with Kagami, Riko had to help Kagami stretch. It looked like the red-head would die any minute from the excessive force their couch was putting on him.

Aomine discreetly sat near the threshold of the gym's doors, only opening them a crack to spy on the teal-head. Basketball team, huh? He doesn't look like the type.

"Hey, Kuroko, Kagami told us you were staying at his house," one of the members of Seirin called. Aomine raised his brows at the news. Which one was Kagami? That red-head that he saw Kuroko run with?

"Hai. There's a bee's nest at my house."

Bee's nest his ass. There was high chance Hanabi had something to do with it. Aomine stood, information absorbed, and jogged over to his car. His next destination: the kid's house. Akashi had somehow managed to retrieve Kuroko's home address (Aomine didn't ask). So, with the address memorized, Aomine pulled out of the school's parking lot and zoomed toward the house. He always drove fast. Speed was his thing, and not once had he gotten a ticket.

"1-0-5, 1-0-5," Aomine muttered as he started to pass apartments and complexes. When he saw the number, he stopped and parked hazardly near the sidewalk. He whistled low at the lonesome house. "So he lives in an actual house and not in a unit, huh?" In Tokyo, most people resided in complexes and units. "There's no bee's nest."

Getting out of the car, the tanned teenager started to walk toward the house, but stopped when he felt something. The hairs on the back of his neck prickled. He stood still. Three? No . . . five in all. Loaded guns, too. His dark, blue eyes flickered to the right, where a row of bushes separated the property. Two men 'hidden', their guns pointed at him. He discreetly glanced at the house. Three men hidden beside the house, covered by the shadows.

A small smirk appeared on Aomine's face. So the kid's smart. He figured there would be people waiting for him. The question is if they're from Hanabi.

"Come out from where you're hiding," Aomine demanded. The five jumped in surprise, causing rustling in the bushes and the crunching of leaves by the house. "I know where you are. No point in hiding anymore."

The attackers hesitated for a minute. How had this man figure them out so quickly? But when one of them gave the signal, they slowly came out, one by one. Aomine folded his arms and forced himself not to tense as he waited for them to surround him. Soon they formed a circle around Aomine, each holding rifles toward the teen.

He chuckled. "Yo," he waved casually at the person in front of him. "Scary gun you got there. Where are you from?"

"Who are you?" the attacker demanded. "What is your relation with Kuroko Tetsuya?"

"So you are after the kid." Aomine raised one eyebrow. "What's your relation with him? Why are you at his house?"

"I will ask the questions here!" The stranger growled and poked Aomine's chest with his gun to enforce it. "Answer me; what is your relation with Kuroko Tetsuya?"

Aomine stared at the gun and relaxed his position. They were too easy. "Just a simple visitor. You all from Hanabi?"

"What if we were?"

The ganguro's smirk widened.

"Careful. Judging from his appearance, he's Aomine Daiki. He's a member of the group Boss warned us about," another said warily. "He's said to be fast."

"Well, if you know that I'm fast . . ." Suddenly, Aomine disappeared. The attackers gasped and stumbled back at the disappearance, but they didn't have time to react. The tanned teen appeared again behind their speaker and put his large hands on the side of his enemy's head. "Why try to attack me?" Easily, the neck snapped with a simple twist, and the loud one was dead before he hit the floor.

The remaining four shouted and started firing at blue-head. Aomine disappeaed once again before reappearing behind the closest one to him. He too fell to the floor dead before the others could react. The same happened for the third and fourth. The fifth, predicting his speed, twirled around just as Aomine vanished and shot. It clipped Aomine's shoulder.

"It-ai," he complained. His hand moved up to his injured shoulder. Blood seeped through his fingers. "Bastard, at least shoot the leg! This was my favorite shirt!" The attacker blinked. Aomine took advantage of this, and let go of his shoulder to punch the shirt-ruiner right on the nose.

The victim cried and fell back on his butt. His gun skidded away. Aomine had heard a satisfying crunch when the punch connected, which meant the nose was sure to be broken. "Listen, bastard," he knelt down, ignoring the burning pain in his shoulder, and grabbed the collar of the other's shirt. "You Hanabi people are starting to get on my nerves. You decide to start a mini little war in Yokohama all for the sake of this Kuroko kid. I'm going to kill you anyway, so you might as well tell me what's so important about the kid."

The enemy stayed loyal to his boss and spat in Aomine's face. An angry mark appeared on the ganguro. He seized the guy's throat and slammed him against the pavement. His victim's eyes bulged. "What's the point of staying loyal to your so-called boss when you're going to be dead anyways? It's a simple question; what's so important about Kuroko Tetsuya?"

"I—I—don't know," he choked and gasped. "B-boss says—needs him to—destroy Gen—Gener . . ." The attacker passed out before he could finish what he was saying.

Aomine scowled. "Tch." He snapped the small neck.

He was trying to say Generation of Miracles, he thought as he stood up and stretched his arms. The burn on his right shoulder reminded him of his wound. The bullet had imbedded into him good, and his body was already trying to close the tissue around it. "Damn, that's going to hurt when Midorima pulls it out," he grunted.

How could a small-fry destroy us?

"Well," Aomine sighed, snapping on some gloves he had in his pockets. "Time to clean up. Thank God the kid lives practically alone with no neighbors." He started to hide the bodies. With his speed, he ran three miles in each direction to hide the bodies separately. He had wrapped his shoulder with his shirt, leaving him bare-chested. By the time he was done, the shirt was soaked with blood. "That bastard; can't believe he actually got me."

Aomine got into his car and started his drive home.

"It-eh!" Aomine grumbled. Midorima easily removed the embedded bullet with tweezers and placed it on the metal table. "Could you be more gentle?"

"It's your fault for being reckless and getting hit," Midorima said. "Now hold still." He wiped off the incoming blood before quickly placing a hand on top of the wound. Aomine hissed. There was a soft, glow of green light in the room. Midorima removed his hand; the wound was now healed and closed. "I am done. Put on a new shirt. The other one is in the laundry, although I think it's permanently stained. Akashi is waiting in his room." The green-head snapped off his gloves and threw them in the trash. "Kise and Murasakibara are sleeping, and Akashi would get angry if they were to be awake. Don't wake them up."

"Yeah, yeah, what are you, my mother?" Aomine slipped on a fresh T-shirt. "Wait, no, that's Akashi's job." He snorted. "You're probably the father then."

"You say that again, I will never treat your wounds again, and Akashi would probably put you on kitchen duty for a year." Midorima's cold voice retreated far back to the room where he organized his medical tools.

Aomine muttered something about PMSing and left the room grumpily.

"Did you receive information?" . . . was the first thing Akashi asked him when he entered the room.

Aomine closed the door behind him. "A bit. Not very helpful, but it's interesting."

"Interesting?" Akashi hadn't even turned around to acknowledge him. He was sitting on the chair that faced his window, a shogi board in front of him. Skillfully, he placed the pawn into its rightful place. Akashi had always preferred to play by himself in shogi. Nobody could beat him, so he found no need to challenge other people. During desperate war times, Akashi also played shogi to plan his strategies. Aomine didn't get it, since he sucked at chess-like games, but it worked.

"Well, it seems like the kid is living with This Kagami guy right now. He didn't return to his house that night."

Clack. Another piece was moved. "Oh? What of his parents?"

"They weren't home, that's for sure," he responded gruffly. "Five men attacked me right outside his home. Since no one came out with all that noise, it's safe to say nobody was home."

"Five? From Hanabi?" Clack.

"Seems like it," Aomine shrugged. "They were right outside his house waiting. Wanted the Kuroko kid."

The clacking stopped. Akashi finally turned to greet his subordinate with a calculating expression. "Kuroko? Again? What did they want with him?"

"The last guy didn't tell me much. Only thing he said was that their boss needed the kid to destroy us." Aomine scowled and leaned against the wall. "They're obviously underestimating us, thinking that some random teenager could kill the Generation of Miracles."

"I am curious as to what Kuroko Tetsuya holds," Akashi stated. "His mere presence caused a battle in Yokohama. He is important. It is essential we take him in."

"Are you serious?"

"When am I not, Daiki?"

Aomine sighed. "So, do I still follow the kid or what? He's on the basketball team."

"Is he? Will your team play against his?" Every member in the Generation of Miracles were on the basketball team. Since it would be weird if none of them joined a club, Akashi had made them join the basketball club, just because it was flexible and easy.

"Who cares? I probably won't be at the game anyway." He stretched and yawned. "Can I go now? Last night was tiring; I still need my sleep."

"You may. Thank you, Daiki."

"Ahn," he gave a half-hearted wave before leaving the room, leaving Akashi alone with his shogi game.

~Setting Skip~

"Hey, the teacher told me to meet him after practice to talk to me about something. You go on ahead. You know where my place is, right?"

Kuroko nodded to Kagami. "Hai."

"Here's the key. I'll catch up to you!" The key flew through the air, and Kuroko clumsily caught it. Kagami was gone before he could say good-bye.

Practice had ended late, so it was already starting to get dark. Kuroko walked briskly on the sidewalk, knowing that Kagami's place was very close, but still not feeling comfortable enough to walk alone. After the attack, the teal-head was cautious. The bright street lamps guided his way toward his destination.

A few more minutes, he reminded himself. Kagami-kun's home is close.

He stopped when he heard rustling. Turning around, he saw a shadow quickly disappear. Now more wary, Kuroko started to walk faster. The rustling continued faster. He turned a corner. Soft footsteps could be heard behind him.

Someone was following Kuroko.


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