Chapter 12

The next week was quiet. Well as quiet as Hogwarts can get. Harry still went to the Quidditch matches and classes. But for the week he didn't use magic because he wanted to make sure he had his full magic capacity. So instead he just learned the theory.

The Marauders (Lily and Severus had become official members after Harry's incident) were always with Harry. Whether it was one person or the whole group. None of them wanted him to endanger himself again or go somewhere without their knowledge. At first Harry thought that it was constricting having a follower, but as the time went on he was used to it. He actually found it comforting. No one has ever been so protective of him before.

Mrs. Weasley isn't really protective, per say, it's more like she smothers and shields her children from all of the bad parts of the world as best as she can. The Marauders look out for Harry's well being, they don't force him to leave because they don't think he's ready to hear something.

It was a sunny day and the Marauders decided to go outside. There was still snow on the ground but they put warming charms on their clothes. The six of them were having a nice peaceful walk when all of a sudden a snowball flew through the air and hit Remus in the head. He spun around and saw James and Sirius farther from the group. James raised is hand and pointed it at Sirius accusingly. Remus narrowed his eyes at the teen then ran and tackled him into the snow. Sirius yelped while everyone else laughed.

Severus had become much more relaxed around the group after Harry's incident. He realized what it was like to have a family and friends. He enjoyed the company of Harry and everyone else, even Sirius and his childish ways. He was brought out of his musings when something wet hit the back of his neck and started to slide down his back. He shivered then narrowed his eyes at the culprit, who happened to be Harry.

"You're going to pay for that." Severus growled, whipped out his wand and cast a spell to throw snowballs quickly and accurately.

"Hey that's not fair!" Harry yelped and ran and tried to hide behind his father.

"All is fair in love and war." Severus said smirking.

"Hey, go hide behind something that doesn't mind getting cold." James yelped when one hit him in the face.

"Nah. I'm pretty happy right here." Harry said. "Besides you're my dad. Aren't you supposed to protect me from threats?"

"Yes. But I am still a teenager and right now I would either push you in front of me or get one of the other two clowns to protect me." James said nodding towards Sirius and Remus who were still wrestling in the snow.

Harry laughed at the two. He took out his wand (He hadn't used magic for the week) and cast the same spell as Severus and the two were bombarded with snowballs. Sirius and Remus stopped immediately and looked towards their godson.

"You've asked for it now." Sirius said and they both charged towards Harry.

Harry ran away laughing like a madman.

Lily was just content watching her boys play around in the snow. She saw Sirius and Remus chasing Harry while James and Severus got into a heated snowball fight. She giggled when she saw Sirius tackle Harry while Remus tripped and landed on both of them. Yes, everything was peaceful for now.

After they finished playing in the snow the six of them went into the kitchens to get some hot chocolate.

"So Harry, tell me more about these twins." Sirius said grinning as Harry lightly choked on his drink.

"You did that on purpose." Lily accused glaring at Sirius while trying to help Harry clear his windpipe.

Sirius gave an unapologetic grin. Harry glared at Sirius also.

"So? I didn't ask that just to see you choke." Sirius said.

Harry kept glaring until sighing.

"Well, they're Weasleys. They obviously have red hair. They dropped out of school at the end of their 6th year. But they opened up a joke shop that is very successful once they left." Harry said quickly noticing Lily's disapproving glare.

"So they're pranksters." James said grinning.

Harry nodded happily. "They're the ones who showed me the map. They stole it from Filch's office in their…first year I think. They idolize you guys."

Lily groaned. "Don't tell them that. They already have giant egos."

Harry just smiled.

"Anyways they got the money for the shop from the Triwizard winnings. I'm their secret backer."

James and Sirius were looking at Harry with a proud look in their eye.

"So is that where you learned all of your tricks?" Remus asked.

"Sort of. I also looked in the Dad's journal of all the pranks you've pulled and it gave me ideas."

"That's my son!" James said happily and hugged his son.

"So Harry, how come you chose both of them instead of just one?" Severus asked actually curious.

Harry blushed a little. "Well I like them both. Fred is the funny one, very protective and loyal to those close to him. George's more of the mother hen type. He's protective, caring and he's sometimes impulsive while Fred's the one who thinks things through. They're like a package deal." Harry explained.

Lily cooed at how cute he was while the others chuckled at Harry's embarrassment.

"Mum, stop."

"Sorry sweetie." Lily said not sorry at all.

"It's okay."

"So what else about these pranksters." James said.

Harry shrugged. "They're the fourth and fifth children to the Weasley's. Their mother constantly scolds the two for their pranking. There's not much else to tell you. They don't really have any huge secrets or mysterious air about them."

"That doesn't matter. They sound wonderful dear." Lily said.

Harry smiled at her.

"So what about you Sirius, Remus? Anyone catch your eye?" Harry asked mischievously. He knew in the future that they used to be lovers. Remus told him that much when they started growing closer. However they didn't realize their mutual attraction to each other until a year after they graduated. Harry hoped to speed up the process.

The two of them spluttered trying to find an answer. James was laughing, Lily was giggling and Severus was smirking.

"That bad boys?" Lily asked.

"Um…no" Sirius said.

"Then spill." James insisted.

"I'd…rather not." Remus said with a light blush on his cheeks.

"Fine we'll guess." Severus said enjoying their discomfort.

"Guy or Girl? You both have to answer these questions by the way." Harry said smirking.

"Guy." The two of them said blushing and refusing to look at anyone.

"Gryffindor?" Severus asked.

"Yes." They both mumbled.

"Sixth year?" James asked.


"Our year." James asked again.

"Yes." They both said looking anywhere but each other.

"It can't be me, or Harry, or Wormtail for that matter." James said mumbling to himself.

"You like each other." Lily said like it was the most obvious thing in the world. The two giant blushes on their faces gave it all away.

Harry was grinning smugly at them.

"You-you knew!" Sirius accused pointing a finger at Harry.

"Of course I knew. Moony told me one night. I just wanted to speed up this process a bit." Harry said grinning.

"You really are Prong's son." Remus grumbled.

The two Potters smiled proudly.

"Oh don't be mad at me. It was bound to happen eventually." Harry said.

"Come on guys, I know you're happy. How stop sulking and kiss each other." Lily said sternly but she was trying not to laugh.

Sirius and Remus looked at each other slightly blushing. They looked at each other and leaned in for a 2 second kiss. It was kind of awkward but Harry knew they would be doing so much more in the future. Lily was clapping in delight, James was wolf whistling while Severus was, of course, smirking.

"Maybe we'll get a few weeks of peace." Harry thought while smiling at his Uncles. He didn't realize how wrong he was.

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