After the Candy Wears Off

Author: Nitrowugs

Rating: G

Pairings: None

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Written: 03/11/2013

Summary: Principal Snyder admits that he made a mistake? Happens the day after the "Band Candy" episode in BtVS season 3

Spoilers: None

Buffy came running into school trying to beat the late bell for her first class and she ran into Principal Snyder, literally. She tried to apologize, but found him in his usual bad mood when he said, "Buffy Summers, come into my office."

"But Principal Snyder, I'll be late for homeroom and we're having SAT's today."

"Then you should've gotten to school earlier. Into my office, now."

She followed him into his office and found the usual bustle of activity; the assistant principal, the secretary and the student office assistant were scurrying around trying to look busy as Snyder came in. Buffy followed him into his inner office and he ordered, "Close the door behind you and sit down."

She did.

For long moments Snyder did not speak. When at last he spoke, it was the last thing Buffy expected to hear from him.

"I have come to a conclusion about myself and about you. I have concluded that I may have misjudged you. I watched you last night. I saw how you responded when you found out people were in trouble, when adults weren't behaving as they should, when demons had stolen babies from the hospital. You took charge and you gave orders that were followed, but you also knew when to ask for help from grown-ups.

"You were not the one causing trouble, you were the one trying to stop it and save the babies; so yes, I have misjudged you and for that I apologize."

He wrote something on a piece of paper, folded it and handed it to Buffy.

"Give this note to your homeroom teacher."

He turned his attention to something on his desk effectively dismissing her.

Buffy rose and was headed for the door when she heard, "I'm still keeping my eye on you, Summers."

She gave him a little nod and closed the door behind her missing the near-smile on Principal Snyder's face.