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Prolouge: Birth of a New Light

Four months have passed since Malefor, The Dark Master was defeated. Happening that led for a new age of peace to rise upon the dragon lands. But just when the though of all trouble being gone filled every dragon's minds, things didn't remain peaceful for long.
For the reason of being a purple dragon, unique in his kind, Malefor had mastered four elements rather than a single one. The dragons of Warfang began to wonder: How trustworthy were dragons with unique elements really?
Fortunately, the three remaining Guardians of the Elements: Volteer, Cyril and Terrador. Were able to lift everyone's fears, due to the fact that another unique purple dragon, Spyro, along with the former Terror of the Skies, Cynder, had been the ones to save the world from destruction.

Most dragons agreed to the statement and retured to live a peaceful, normal life. There was a group, however, who did not.
A group of dragons who called themselves "The Purifiers" began to search every home in Warfang for dragons who didn't use any of the eight known elements. Many dragons were found.
Dragons whose abilities reached beyond the normal: Psychic powers, Abilities over light, nature... All these dragons were given a choice to make, for their fate. They would either work for "The Purifiers" as slaves, or die. Most of the dragons, accepted slavery as the rational option, and had their powers taken by use of the Dark Crystals.
Those who didn't accept it, were captured immediately, to be sacrificed and put to death in front of the city's eyes, as a display of The Purifiers' power.

Amidst all this chaos, two particular dragons named Faren and Yang had just laid an egg together. Their excitement for parenthood could not be put into words. Their egg, hatched several weeks later. The young dragon who emerged from the egg had pure, white scales, with a grat sealed underbelly and silver wings. Faren and Yang's disappointment could be seen when noticing how their child, was an unpure dragon. However, not craving for their child's blood to be spilled, they decided to keep him as a slave. This dragon's name, was Locke.

Who could have known back then? That a light of freedom could rise from The Purifies' "Perfect" society?
But whenever there is darkness, light shall not take long to appear to keep the balance. And amidst the dark, even the smallest of lights shines intensely to offer hope.

Back then nobody would have known, or believed it. But this young, unpure dragon, would become the key to ending The Purifiers' campaign...