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(Sora's POV)

As I walked at a brisk pace towards the cover of the Forbidden Forest, an unsettling feeling formed in the pit of my stomach. Of course being in the middle of a place that had forbidden in its title didn't help to calm my nerves. I walked faster, the sounds of unnamed creatures making their nightly rounds quickening my pace. The sound of a twig snapping in front of me caused me to jump and almost fall over a broken tree branch in front of me. The shadows seemed to all congregate in one place like smoke rising in reverse, forming into a dark but familiar figure.

"Well, well, well, what have we here? You know it isn't very safe to be walking into the Forbidden Forest at this time of night, and by yourself no less. I wonder what your mother would say." The familiar rasp and maniacal cackle made a shiver run down my spine, but I straightened my back in defiance, in an attempt to look fearless.

"What is it you want? I have better things to do than chatting with you all night." The figure stepped out of the shadows, moving towards me, revealing long ringlets of jet black hair, a crocked smile, and dark almost black eyes that seemed as if they held no soul behind them, only madness.

"Now, now, is that any way to speak to your beloved Auntie Bella? I only came to check on your progress with the Potter boy. I hear you've been….distracted as of late." I flinched at her cruel and bitter tone. 'Fuck. I didn't think she'd find out about Hermione…'

"Oh Hermione is the little slut's name hm? How silly of you to forget that I can hear your thoughts dearie. You never were very good at Occlumency." She took a piece of my hair between her fingers and twirled it absent mindedly as she would her own hair. I flinched in disgust and took a few steps back.

"How are you even here? Aren't you supposed to be in Azkaban with the rest of the filth the Dark Lord left behind?" I smirked and folded my arms across my chest, all the while glaring daggers in her direction, daring her to speak.

A fire had sparked in her eyes, and her face became inflamed with rage. She moved so quickly that I almost didn't know she had moved until I felt her foul breath cascading down onto my face and nails digging into the skin of my throat.

"I would watch that mouth of yours niece or I might just have to sew your pretty little lips together. But, then again I'm sure your Mudblood slut could find a better use for that mouth of yours." She was crushing my windpipe now so that I couldn't breathe and I was literally gasping for air like a fish out of water as her fingers tightened around my throat. She chuckled darkly in my face and threw me to the ground.

"Now, to business, is everything set for the Potter brat to win the tournament or not?" she wiped her hand on her skirts as if she had just touched something foul and didn't want it to stain her perfect black nail polish. I stumbled to my feet, gripping my throat where she had had it in her grasp, rubbing the tender flesh.

"Yes Bella, everything is set. The port key is ready for the final challenge as am I. but, we have a ways to go before then. I'll handle the competition." I cackled much like my dear Aunt to my surprise and hers. I don't think I had ever heard a more disgusting thing come from my own throat before. It made bile rise up in my throat as she raised a neatly trimmed eyebrow at me. She stalked towards me, eyes never leaving mine and I shook with anticipation and fear.

"Good. The Dark Lord will be pleased. You've done well for a poor excuse for a pureblood. In fact you've done so well ill even let you keep your little pet. For now. Now give your favorite Auntie a kiss." She grabbed my face in her hands roughly and pulled me into her lips. I was so filled with shock and disgust that I didn't even notice her lips moving against my own in a fierce kiss. Before I could process it was over and she was gone. I let out all the breath that I had sucked in and my eyes began to tear up. Finally I just let myself crumble to the ground in defeat, arms holding myself as I sobbed uncontrollably. 'Why? Why me? Am I just cursed to be the death eater's sex slave? It's not bad enough that my own father, my own FUCKING father does it to me but now her too? Why? Why did I have to be born a pureblood and into this family?' my sobs just got louder as I laid in the fetal position, cradling myself…..


(Hermione's POV)

I woke up, not on the couch where I had fallen asleep waiting for Sora, but in my own bed with the covers drown over me. 'Sora must have come back and taken me to bed.' I lifted the covers from my aching body and got up to prepare for the day. 'Hm, I wonder where she is. She's usually up by now.' Checking my watch I realized it was almost half past seven in the morning. Frowning slightly at my own lateness, I quickly got dressed to search for Sora.

I entered the common room with the usual dirty looks thrown my way by my fellow Slyterins, but through the sea of faces I didn't see the one I was searching for. My heartbeat picked up in my worry and my pace quickened as I hurriedly left the common room.

I head straight for the library, fifty percent sure that that's where she'd be. As I turned to corner to search the restricted section, I found nothing. 'Damn….that means she's either at the lake or in the Forbidden Forest again…' I felt bad, but I had been following her on these secret meetings for months. Of course I always managed to lose her trail somehow, but I followed non-the-less, curious as to what I might find.

Sora had been distant lately, hence the reason for my sudden panic at her absence. She had started coming up with excuses not to study with me, cancel dates and sometimes not even come back to the dorms at night. I would see her the next day looking disheveled and worn, pieces of leaves in her hair, dark bags under eyes. And when she wasn't avoiding me completely she refused to touch me, mumbling to herself about "filth". In retrospect it wasn't all that different from the mood swings she usually had, but I could tell that this was different. Sora was coming apart at the seams and I felt powerless to stop it.

At this point, I was running, no, sprinting down the corridors, shoving past students on their way to the Great Hall for breakfast, even knocking down a few first and second years as I went. I rounded a corner a little too quickly and ran head first into what felt like a brick wall, an immovable force of pure will power. The force of the blow knocked me flat on my back, parchment flew in all directions as I hit the ground, my head was pounding and the ceiling seemed to be spinning above me as my slightly impaired vision slowly came back into focus. I groaned, and as soon as I could move I sat up and clutched my aching head in my hands.

"Ms. Granger. In a hurry are we? What could possibly be so important to you at this hour that you did not feel the need to watch where you are going?" The monotonous drawl of Professor Snape reached my ears, snapping me out of my stupor, despite my still pounding head and dizzy eyes.

"P-Professor! I-I didn't see you there! I am terribly sorry; I don't know what's gotten into me. I promise that it will not happen again." He eyed me suspiciously as I rose from the ground, clutching the wall with one hand for support, the other supporting my head. A passing student had picked up the parchments for Snape and handed them to him, quickly walking away without so much as thank you, not wanting to add or deter from our conversation. I didn't blame him either. I was in deep shit and I knew it.

"Be that as it may Ms. Granger there must be something done about this. Behavior like this from someone of your supposed intellect and academic prowess is completely unacceptable. Detention. You will meet me in my office directly after dinner. Do I make myself clear?" I sighed and nodded. There was no point in arguing with him at this point.

"Good. I shall see you tonight then, Ms. Granger. Oh, and you might want to bring a cloak." Before I could ask him what I'd need the cloak for he was already half way down the corridor. I sighed again and rubbed the already forming bump on the back of my head, continuing in my journey to try and find Sora.

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