Hello everyone. It is I, Kyroshiro, here for a brand new story. Another Naruto/Pokemon Crossover, and one I have been mulling over for the past few weeks. It is still being planned'out, just like Baby Pokemon. Speaking of which, I have some embarrasingly bad news. I'm gonna have to cancel the Fanfiction All Out Spree for one reason: I might have overheated my dad's old laptop, causing it to not even want to turn on... hehehe... oopsies! Not to worry though, I will be using my mothers tablet, so don't go running around like the world's gonna end (though I'm not important enough for you all to be scared that much). Anyways, enough chit-chat. Time for the prolouge of:

Naruto's New Song (Totally coincidential to NNL)

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"Naruto Uzumaki, you are being tried for the crime of hurting a fellow leaf ninja," an old voice spoke in a monotone voice that scared even Naruto. Said boy did nothing, he didn't even blink. "What do you have to say in your defense?" The blomd haired boy just stared at the council that had called for him. Then, he opened his mouth.

"I have nothing to say, because the mission stated that lethal force may be neccessary, which it was," the genin said, of course refrencing to the recently successful Sauske retrevial mission. That had been one heck of a fight, and even Kyuubi had enjoyed it. Not many knew it, but Naruto and Kyuubi had a surrogate bond with one another. They always had, ever since Naruto's 7th birthday, the day he became mute by choice. The only time when anyone heard a sound from him, was when he chose to talk, or through his talent... music.

"That does not change the fact that you injured a comrade enough that they almost died, even more so that you used the Kyuubi's power," the old man, who apparently was the judge, spoke, his voice holding no emotion. "For that, you are to be banished from Konoha with a 'Kill-On-Sight order if you are caught back in Fire Country territory." Naruto showed no emotion, though you could see the pain in his eyes when he heard that. "You are to leave by tonight... or else!" Naruto merely nodded as he was lead outside of the chambers while the council, which was suspicously all civilians, jeered at him and smirked evily when they heard the punishmment. They never liked the boy, not that Naruto cared anyways.

Naruto's Apartment:

Naruto sighed as he packed up what little he had. Some shuriken, a few kunai, a few packs of instant ramen, his frog wallet, Gama-Chan, his picture of Team Seven, and his old goggles he wore to the academy. he looked into a broken mirror and saw the state he was in

He wasn't hurt to badly in the battle with Sasuke, the worst injury he had being a broken hand and a few scratches that were all healed by Kyubbi. His orange jumpsuit was on the bed, and he know wore some different clothing. He now had a black shirt and black pants. An orange belt was tied around his waist and his goggles were now on his forehead, now that his headband was taken from him. He didn't even bother trying to get out of the mess he was in, since he knew that no one cared for him. He could see that everyone only pretended to likee him, well except the Suna Trio, Shikamaru, and Shino. They were his real friends, especially the red head, Gaara. He shook his head as he looked to his counter and grabbed his most treasure item: a white Ocarina with several designs on the instrument. They were seals he had placed on them when he learned about them from a book thatb Shikamaru had lying around. Naruto sighed as he pocketed the instrument in his pockets, before leaving the appartment. No need to stay around, not when no one would miss you.

Outside of Konoha:

Naruto was currently walkimg down the road outside of Konoha. He had a tearful good bye from another two people who actually cared for him. The 'eternal gate gaurdians', as he called them, were very close to the blond, so of course they made him promise to be careful. Naruto let out some tunes as he walked, the tune attracting some animals as the boy whistled. The song he was whistling was so calming, almost so that Naruto was nearly impaled'with several kunai. He managed to dodge them all, and when he turned around, he wasn't surprised at what he saw: the Godaime Hokage, Tsunade Senju, and the rookie nine. They must be here to bring him back.

"Naruto,'what the hell are you doing," Tsunade said as she restrained herself from screaming in fury. Naruto sighed in a way that just said 'troublesome'.

"I've been banished for my success in bringing back the traitor," Naruto said as he turned around again. "I'm merely follwoing orders." With that, he dashed away, prompting a chase to begin witht the rookie nine and him. Naruto was currently chatting with Kyubbi.

"Anyway out of this one, Aniki," Naruto asked the great fox. He could hear the demon thinking.

'Well first of all, think what you say, we don't need your 'friends' knowing your location,' the fox said,getting a sheepish grin from the boy. 'And yes, I may know of a technique that'll get us out of here. It is a world hopping technique that only we bijuu can use, though there're side effects.' Naruto waited for him to tell'him the effects. 'You''ll be turned into so,ething similar to whatever creature you appear next to. And since this technique is random, well... I think you get the picture.' Naruto nodded as Kyubbi gave him the hamdsigns. Naruto quuickly performed said handsigns and called out the name, though it was a whisper if anyone were to hear him.

"Ninja Art: Demonis Transportation Technique!" With that, Naruto disappeared in tiny particles, that flew up into the sky.


Many particles suddenly appeared in a silent forest. The forest was one that had been for about 5000 years. It was filled with Pokemon, creatures of exttaordinary strength that were all over the planet, that had been there since the forest's creation. One such Pokemon was currently sleeping in her hollow in a tree. That was, before a light and sounds of crashing woke her up from her dream. She gru'pily woke up and looked around with bleary eyes. She started to float up, and flew out of her hole, where she saw a sight that woke her up instantly. There was another Pokemon on the branch that lead to the entrance of her home. What was shocking, was that it was a Pokemon she hadn't seen before. It looked like another one of her species, but different all the same. She was a Meloetta, a huanoid Pokemon with light green hair and big pupiless red eyes. She had what humans would describe as a brown dress, half note arms and hands, and what looked like a headset on one of her ears. Her looked like a musical piece, complete with a 'cleff' at the end. What looked to be a jewel rested on her forehead.

The Pokemon, however, had several features she didn't. For one, he (she had reasons to believe it was male) had an icy blue right hand, as well as his 'hair' being a spiky blond. The male had some goggles over its eyes, which were closed, signaling that he was asleep. She noticed that he had a pack on his back and that a musical instrument was on hhis back. Being the small size they were, Meloetta wondered how the Pokemon could carry such a thing. She sighed as she pondered what to do now. She sighed as her tiredness was coming back to her. She picked him, well more like grabbed his hands, and carried (read: dragged) him to a makeshift couch, tossed him onto it, and went back to her makeshift bed. She'll do what she's always done: deal with it later, or in this case tomorrow.

So, how was it? Some things were cliched, but I really don't give a ****. I haven't seen an idea like this before, though I may have missed it. Oh well, if I''m the first, I CALL DIBS ON THE IDEA! If not, no big deal. Again, I'm sorry for the entire cancel plan, but unless my dad'lll let me use his new laptop (which I highly doubt'll happen soon), then I can't do much. Anyways, stay tuned for whatever fic. I update next. See Ya!