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Naruto smiled as he flew the night air. The Dark/Ice type enjoyed the refreshing breeze. That's right, Naruto was a Dark and Ice type.

The group of three figured that out when Rachel convinced Naruto to come with her back to a professor's lab. Naruto was very untrusting of the blonde, especially after what had happened to wasn't very trusting of Meloetta, or Rosa, as her name was. It worked out in the end, because Naruto finally understood more about what he was now. He was basically a male version of Rosa's species, though why he was a Dark/Ice/ type and not a Normal/Psychic was mind boggling for everyone, bar him. That just made him unique, and he openly said it too. The only problem after the discovery was that the professor wanted to run some tests on him. Let it be known that Naruto wouldn't be in a Poke-Center without someone to keep him in place if he were ever to be injured and he was near one. It was only three months later that the Tune Pokemon eventually trusted the group of three.

The last six months was spent either training himself in what he knew before he came into this world, playing new kinds of music, learning more about his weaknesses and strength, helping the professor by getting more information on himself since he was technically a new species, or relaxing with Rosa and Rachel, the latter whom asked them if they would like to be her partners when she began her journey in the year to come. Rosa agreed, but Naruto asked if he could have some time to think about. She agreed respecting his choice.

Naruto sighed. He still hadn't figured out if wanted to become someone's Pokemon, even if he trusted her enough. And tomorrow would be his last chance to choose, since Rosa would begin her Pokemon journey through the Aurora region. Especially with some kid named Rukasu (1). He sighed again as he landed on the slightly wet grass of Poke Forest, a forest full of Pokemon of all kinds. Naruto sweatdropped at the unoriginal name, but then shrugged. He looked up at the night sky, his ocarina tied to his back by a sash that he had made from his orange belt. His goggles were still on his forehead, not that they could be taken off though. The professor, Professor Oro, suggested that it might be a part of his species, to which everyone agreed. He touched them briefly as he remembered his time with the old man. A small tear came to his face as well as a small smile. He finally made a decision and fell asleep on the forest floor, awaiting the next day.

The Next day:

Naruto woke up to the sounds of the forest dwellers waking up. Naruto groggily woke up, before he remembered what was happening that day. He made sure he had his ocarina on him, which the professor had made as a hold item only accessible in the Aurora region. He then flew up and towards the Pokemon lab, cursing himself as he saw that it was nearly noon. He arrived at the lab and entered it. He saw nobody there however and cursed himself some more. He shot out of the lab and searched around town, but couldn't find them. He was glad he was using his cloak ability that all legendaries and mythical creatures possessed. Yup, he was classified as a mythical Pokemon. Naruto flew off towards Poke Forest, in the hopes of catching up to them.

Poke Forest:

Naruto burst through the treeline as he rushed in at high speeds. He didn't see anyone in the main path, so he figures that they were somewhere in the forest, the professor teaching them how to battle and capture Pokemon, even though she didn't have to do that. Naruto searched around. He was starting to become desperate at this point, as well as worried. Maybe they were already halfway through the forest now. It wasn't to big nor to small considering the fact that Prominence Town was next to Destiny Village, Rachel's home. He idly wandered about, disappointed in himself for missing the chance of going with his friends. That was until his ninja senses warned him and dodged in time for a flamethrower to miss him him by mere inches. He turned towards the direction of the attack, only to see helicopter with a giant U painted in purple on it. Naruto glared at them, but gasped when he saw that Rachel, Rosa, Professor Oro, and another kid along with an Aron in glass cage underneath the vehicle. Naruto looked in the copter and his cerulean eyes narrowed at the smirks etched on the people inside of the copter.

"Tunetzu," a female said from within the copter. "We have your friends, and unless you want them to be hurt, we of Team Uni suggest that you willingly come with us. No harm shall become of your friends, except for the Meloetta as we shall take her as well." Naruto glared at the copter with so much hate, that he unconsciously releasing KI (Killing Intent) as well as the fact that his eyes turned a crimson color. The female smirked. "Very well then. Let's go Golbat!" A blue bat with a very large mouth and purple wings came out. "Use Air Cutter!" The bat nodded before it flapped its wings and fired of air buzzsaws at Naruto.

He frowned before retaliating. "ICE BEAM," he shouted as the Ice attack formed in his hands, before he fired it at the incoming attack, freezing it and Golbat when it hit the Flying/Poison type. That was another thing he worked on. If a move had an additional effect that was positive, whether it was a status condition, or a stat increase of himself or decrease of his opponent, he worked on it until he made sure the effect would work 99% of the time. Stat reducing moves for himself did pretty much nothing to him at that point. The members of Team Uni gasped when they saw this. Naruto prepared another move. He started to glow purple before he was at the glass cage. "NIGHT SLASH," Naruto shouted as he cut a hole in the cage big enough for the captured to jump. The copter was near a big tree and the group took the chance to jump (or float for Rosa) out of the cage. Naruto glared at the copter once more before he grabbed his ocarina and played. "SERENITY!"

(Play Oracion (bear with me since it is possible))

Naruto suddenly began changing. His clothes changed to a red color with the band being a black color. His hair became smoother and was shaped like a crown. His jewel changed to a scarlet red and his eyes became orange with horizontal bars for pupils. Markings appeared on his face and his very instrument turned into an eight note. It was colored gold and seemed to radiate power off of it. Naruto had formed changed, much like his other half. He looked at the copter once more and saw that only the female grunt was awake. That was another effect of Serenity: It would make others around him fall asleep, giving him a perfect chance to strike them down. And he did just that, especially with his new move. He held out his weapon as it began charging up greenish purple flames. They condensed into a ball at the end of the circular part of the weapon. Naruto grinned. "DRAGON FLARE!" The ball burst, a torrent of greenish purple flames flying towards the copter, turning into a dragon's body on its way towards the vehicle.


The resulting explosion sounded around the forest. The copter had blown to pieces and the grunts were flying away, having awakened when the explosion occurred. They said something, but Naruto tuned them out (irony). He looked at everyone else and scratched the back of his mareepishly.

"I might have over did it, hehe, whoops," the Tune Pokemon said, causing the group to sweat drop. He guided them down with Rosa helping along, the group explaining what had happened. Apparently, they had just gotten into the forest when those Team Uni grunts captured them. Naruto nodded to himself as the group got to the forest floor, before he remembered why he had searched for them. So with a burst of psychic energy, he had pushed Rachel to the ground while taking a Pokeball. Everyone was worried and were wondering why he did that when he gave off one of his fox-like grins, expanding the Pokeball and tapping himself with it. He didn't even put up a fight and ball 'pinged' signifying a successful capture. Rachel and Rosa were shocked for a moment, before they both grinned million watt smiles. Rachel picked up the ball and tried to call him out, only for the ball to not open. A message appeared on her Pokedex, which was a silvery white color.

"Pokemon within has fallen asleep due to lack of energy, please wait till Pokemon has seen a Pokemon Center," The Pokedex informed. The group nodded to themselves. The boy, who was no doubt Rukasu, came up to Rachel, his partnered Aron following.

"I hope to see you along my journey, Rachel," Rukasu said, before he shouldered his bag and walked off. He was about 5'6 with silver hair and amber eyes. He had on a brown t-shirt and black cargo pants. He also had on a hat, which seemed to be the official league hats that come every once in a while. Rachel smiled as she adjusted her yellow shirt and blue skirt.

Rachel looked at Professor Oro. She was about 5'7 with mahogany hair and rusted red eyes. Her attire was a white shirt, the usual professor lab coat, and some jeans. "Thank you for this opportunity Professor, and I promise to not let you down," Rachel said as she walked towards Prominence Town, Rosa following behind, having been quiet the entire time.

"Why did I feel that way towards Naruto," the Melody Pokemon thought to herself as she followed her trainer.

What will be in store for our (obviously)heroines, hero and their friends? What was Rosa thinking about? And, what or who is Team Uni? Find out in the chapters to come!

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