Authors Note: I do not own the Hunger Games, it's all thanks to Suzanne :) Hope you like it!

I remember when I saw her. Two beautiful brown braids trailing down her back. Wearing a perfect shade of a red dress, making her startling grey eyes stand out. Beautiful and talented was what she showed me on the first day. Her voice, it was so amazing even the birds stopped to listen. That was the day she took my heart.

Oh. Right. I'm Peeta. Peeta Mellark.

I live in a small coal village called District 12. Me and my family owns and runs a bakery store and I am also the team basketball star in my school. Well now I'm 16, one of the popular guys is what everyone says. Yes, enough about me.

Anyways, this girl who I was talking about is amazing, even her name is so delicate yet beautiful. Katniss. Katniss Everdeen. I fell in love with her at 5 years old and still am madly in love but she barely notices me cause she always hang out with her best friend Gale, who is like two years older than us. But I do enjoy seeing her little sister, Prim. A sweet thing she is.

Oh wait, I guess only one time we actually made some sort of connection. It was that one night, soon after her father, who also had an amazing voice, died. She looked so sad, so hungry. I had to, well I didn't have to but I wanted to. Obviously I threw some to her and certainly got slapped by the yardstick later on. I had such a bad black eye the next day. Good thing I have two older brothers huh? It covers most of my reasons of why I usually have a bruise on my face or a black eye or whatever.

Ok, back to the present. Well we're having this school dance next week, a masquerade and I was thinking of asking Katniss. Yes, I'm shy and always run off before I can even try asking but I am determined this time. So after the class was over, I went towards Katniss's locker but saw her with Gale. I knew not to mess with the hot, chunky guy. So I sadly turned away and started to walk back home.

Oh lucky day I tell you.

A little blonde girl bumped into me. All my books dropped and I sweep down to go and pick them up. "Oh I am so sorry!" The little girl cried as she bent down and helped me. I look up and see that it was Prim. I give her a kind smile. "It's ok Prim, you better go back to your sister, she might be looking for you." We both take a moment and look up and see Katniss looking around and then spots Prim and slightly scowls. I cannot tell you how cute Katniss is.

"Prim! What did you do now?" Katniss demands, walking towards us as Prim stands up, I look down slightly as I continue to pick up my things.

"N-nothing Katniss, just bumped into someone by accident…." She mumbles. I can feel Katniss's eyes on me before I look up and say, smiling slightly. "It's fine, it was only an accident." She looks at me with her silvery eyes before nodding slightly and look at Prim. "Did you say sorry?" I smile and answer for Prim. "It's fine, don't need to apologize Prim." Prim chuckles and from the corner of my eye I can see Katniss's lips twitch upwards slightly. I know how much Prim means to Katniss and I love Prim just as much, even though I don't hang out with her a lot. I gaze at Katniss and I expect her to look away but she keeps the gaze. I quickly break it off, looking back down and grab my stuff before getting up and give her a smile. The sisters are now holding hands, about to go as I stupidly spoke up. "Hey um Katniss… ca w-?" I got interrupted as Gale walks towards us not even taking a glance at me. "Hey Catnip, we better go back home now." Katniss looks at me one last time before nodding slightly as her goodbye and starts to walk away as Prim waves at me. "Bye Peeta!" I smile and wave at her but my hands drop and my smile slightly fade as they disappear from my view. I sigh and tread towards home.