Author's Note: Hey guys, I am SO SORRY that I haven't poasted for so long, I've been feeling really stressed and everything and sorry if my last chapter wasn't as good. I was just too excited to post it :D Well I hope this chapter is good enough for you guys 3 Disclaimer on the characters as well. (ok, sorry for blabbing :P keep going)

I was sitting on the couch, watching TV as Rory has his arms wrapped around me. Ok, yeah, maybe me and Rory do have a bit more of a connection than we should be having but hey, we're pre-teens. Well anyways, our movie time gets flipped as Katniss slams the door open, me jumping out of Rory's arms just in time. I was about to get mad but then saw her terrible state and let her sit down. Rory decides to leave, to give Katniss and me some privacy but I think it's also in case if Katniss asks any questions why he's here, or if Gale might get home early.
"What's the matter Katniss? What happened? Who do I need to beat up?" I say gently, stroking her hair, pulling her decorative braid out as it falls along with her waves of brown hair. Katniss didn't reply instead she continues to cry into my comfort. I never have seen her cry so much. So I just brew some tea for her while she continues to sniff, her eyes were red and puffy once she finished her tea. I help her with her pajamas and tucked her in bed. She finally seems to manage to mutter out words. "Peeta… dancing… doesn't know… love…" She continued the say words broken into pieces as her eyes close. I sigh, stroking my sister's hair, flowing beside her while the pieces are soon put together in my mind and I could only think of a reason with the help of Katniss's unplanned mutters. When I was sure she was asleep, I move quietly out of her room, closing the door and make my way towards my bedroom but there a knock on the door. I wonder who that can be. I walk downstairs and open the door, seeing Peeta. I decide to play the innocent card. My smile widen slightly.

"Hey Peeta!"

I think I cannot get as confused as I was now. Well, after I finished comforting the girl, well it's more that she had to go since the bus arrived, she didn't look my way so I couldn't even have a glance at her face as she steps in and I saw a hint of grey eyes, bringing me back to the mysterious girl and me dancing again. As soon as that memory slipped out of my mind, Katniss came into my mind and I instantly feel guilty. But I went home anyways. I crawled into bed, ideas bouncing in my head, keeping me awake. Before I could scream at the ceiling for my brain to shut up, I got myself dressed, seeing it was almost midnight I walked out of the house as quietly as I could, since I have very loud footsteps, before walking towards Katniss's house.

And that is why I am here at the doorsteps of the Everdeen's house. I see Prim's tired but enthusiastic blue eyes greet me as I smile. "Hey Prim, sorry for waking you up but I was just wondering if Katniss is awake?" Her smile fades a bit and shakes her head. "No, sorry. She finally went to sleep." Finally? What's that supposed to me? I guess Prim can read my worried and quite distressed expression before she moved a bit, a sign for me to enter so I do, this time as quiet as I can, not wanting to wake Katniss by any chance. Prim closes the door behind me before leading me into the kitchen where there laid two cups of tea. She pours them out and leaves them in the sink. "You want something to drink?" She asks as she grabs two glasses. "Just water. Thanks." I reply, giving her a smile. She throws a smile back at me as she fills the cups with water before passing one to me. I examine her. She looks so tired as if she was the big sister or the mum. Poor girl, she's only thirteen. I give her another warm smile before taking a few sips of the water, relaxing my tighten throat. We both stay like that in comfortable silence before Prim starts speaking. "Katniss came home crying." Not looking at me staring at her with wide eyes as she picks up her glass. "I don't know what's gotten into her." Before taking a gulp. "She was quite happy when she left but now…" She sighs a bit, taking another sip before placing the glass down. "I don't know. I know she wanted to meet him, but it's basically impossible for him to ever let her cry. No, it is impossible. He's not that kind of guy." She sighs, shrugging before taking another sip. Meanwhile my head was jammed. A guy? Who? Did the guy hurt her feelings? Where did she go? At the same time when my protective feelings come in, a wave of heartbreak brings me back to reality. "Go on." I say, watching her. Her blue eyes look back up at me before sighing, running through her blonde hair and take another sip. "Well, she went to the dance thing you guys had tonight." Instantly the mysterious girl in my arms was in my mind, but I quickly pushed it out of my mind. "But it seems as if she didn't have fun." I look at Prim and then thought of Katniss. If only I saw her, I wished I was there with her.


I blink a few times, thinking it was Prim calling me back to the world but her eyes were glued to another person behind me. I turn around, a part of me actually scared but I did it anyways. Grey eyes collide with my blue eyes and my breath was taken away. Her hair was down in waves behind her, wearing forest green cotton pajamas and a big shirt. Her broken grey eyes instantly harden at the sight of me and I can feel my heart fall. She seem to see my downcast expression and I can see in her eyes that she soften but as soon as I blink, it's gone again. She crosses her arms; her eyes continue to stare at me. "What are you doing here?" I gulp; unsure what to say as I slowly get up. "I- uh well I um I…" Prim saves me as she stands in front of me. "He was just asking about the cupcake I wanted from him." Katniss narrows her eyes slightly at Prim as Prim stares back. There was a few moments of tensed silence before Katniss breaks it, not moving her gaze away from Prim. "I think you should get to bed." She then looks back at me. "And you better get back home." This is my queue. I nod and grabbed my jacket hung at the back of the chair before starting to move away. Our arms brush past and I'm not sure but I think I heard her gasp slightly. I give her one more look at Prim and give her an apologetic smile. "I'll get on it soon Prim. See ya." Before walking out of the door and into the chilly night, the stars being the light for my pathway.