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I've been trying to ignore him for the past few days now. Dodging his gaze every time we pass the corridor and try my hardest to ignore the tingles that he sends me when he lightly brushes his hand against mine. I hate him. I hate him for making me love him.

Right now, I'm at the bakery, staring at it. Do I dare? I say to myself before straightening myself, walking in and pray to the heavens above that Peeta isn't here.

Praise the angels, it's not Peeta at the counter instead it was his brother, Rye and my heart stops. Oh I sure hope he doesn't know anything… I walk confidently towards him. "Hi, can I trade with you today?" I ask the older boy as he turns, giving me a small, flirtatious wink. "Course sweetie. What do you have?" I clench my fist from punching him as I dump out my kills. He nods in approval before turning around and disappears from behind. I sigh and wait, looking around the quaint bakery. Warm and friendly was the atmosphere and there was all kinds of sweets from cupcakes to cookies. There was one in particular which caught my eye but before I could go and examine, someone was calling out my name. I turn around, instead finding Peeta there. Oh gosh, is this day gonna get any worse? Peeta seems to sense my mood and his tiny flash of a smile was disappears to an emotionless expression. Wow, he can do that? I said to myself. He shoves the bag into my arms before taking the kills and walk off again. I stand there frozen, staring where he was. But what really got questions in my head was when his normally bright, happy blue eyes turn dark, almost black and I saw his hands clenched and his body tense. What happened? Why is he acting this way? Did I do something wrong? I thought for a while. Psh, it wasn't me. It was him. I nod in agreement of my answer as I grab my bag and walk out.

No soon after I bumped into Delly and Madge, who waved at me shyly. "Hey Katniss! Do you wanna go to the basketball match on Friday with us?" Delly, in her super perky voice asks me. The last thing I want to do is see Peeta again, especially since I feel some sort of tension. My face expressionless, I decide to turn around and walk away but the sound of Gale makes me turn back around, as for Delly and Madge. Madge's eyes brighten as she grins widely, rushing into his arms as they share a small kiss, stirring up an usual feeling at the pit of my push stomach but I quickly it away, smiling at him. "Hey Gale!" He smiles, putting Madge down as he envelops me in a huge hug and I gladly oblige. "Hey Catnip. You going to the basketball match?" I let out an inward groan, as my expression turns blank again. Gale frowns slightly before noticing my sudden change in front of him, he seems to get the idea. "You don't ha-"
"No. I-I'll go." I mutter, my fist clenched at my side. I am not going to make them feel like I'm weak. Gale lets out a knowing smirk as both Madge and Delly looks at teach other before at me and Gale quite curiously but said no word. Good choice girls. I speak to myself. Cause I would've punched your face.

Prince of Sea (AN: Guess who he is ;) even though it's quite obvious :D)

I sigh, my hair running through my curly hair as I blink my eyes, stretching my arms wide open. "Common bro, we're almost here!" One of my friends calls out for me. I sigh, swinging my legs off the bed and into the small bathroom which occupied my small bedroom as well in the train. I cleaned myself up and winked at my reflection. "Looking gooood." I chuckle to myself before walking out, grabbing my packed bag and into the cabin where my friends and teammates were.

The view of the ocean and sandy beaches was now gone, only to be replaced by a small little village with cobble stone pavements and a luscious colour of green batched up together. I smirk at my reflection in the window as I wink at myself again, checking myself out and a few groans and rolling eyes make me pout, my eyes never straying the window. "What? Oh common guys, you can't even look away from me." I give them another wink as they all groan, some smirking and some laughing slightly, all looking away at me to prove their point.

However soon enough the train stops as we all tumble out. The air was not warm or breezy like our town in Four instead it was quite chilly and… plain. We all get our stuff ready, slowly walking towards our hotel not too far from here. I walk into my room as I spread my limbs across the whole bed as my best friend, preparing ourselves for the match that is soon upon us.

This is really frustrating me. I groan, my wrists flick upwards, the orange ball misses the basket again, bouncing back to me. Why am I not getting this? Obviously I already knew the answer. She's in my mind. Which she? Both. The laughter of the masked girl rings in my ears however the silver grey eyes staring at me today at the bakery was still plastered in my mind.

I really need to find this girl.

I throw the ball upwards again, missing as it bounces into my hands again. How long have I been here? An hour? Two? Maybe even more. After some dribbling, I throw it into the other basket on the other side of the court, missing it again. My fist then connected with the wall beside me in frustration. "Why?" My voice, angry as it repeats after me, around the empty court. My breathing laboured and blonde hair sticking on my forehead I sigh sadly, sliding down against the wall and place my hands over my face, wanting to just forget everything. The bakery. Mum beatings. Basketball. Drawing. Even her, even Katniss.