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Am I a really bad sister if I somehow made Peeta come over for lunch today without Katniss knowing? Ok. I take that back, it is mean of me. But hey, since the prom, I knew something was wrong. Katniss doesn't laugh nor smile as much anymore, just like when Dad died as for Peeta, he seems more frustrated and… upset. I don't know what but I do hope that I can help him later on. Hopefully.

A knock comes from the door, making me jump slightly. I stand up, smoothing my dress, fiddling with the tip of one of the two braids that hangs down behind my back before opening the door. Instantly my strange cautiousness evaporates, smiling widely and enter into the arms of the older blonde hair teen.

"Hello Prim, how are ya?" His gentle, brotherly voice asks me, letting go of me, looking into my blue eyes as I smile widely at him, nodding enthusiastically. "Yeah, I'm good. Thanks for coming again." He smiles gently at me, patting my head slightly. "It's all alright, thank you for inviting me." I can feel my smile drop slightly. Oh dang. What about Katniss? Peeta frowns slightly at me, making my smile brighter than before. "So, we can go to the kitchen, I made simple things if that's ok with you. Sorry that our home isn't real-"

"What's going on Prim…?" Both of us turns around, seeing a very confused pair of grey eyes stare back at two pairs of blue eyes. I can physically feel Peeta tense next to me. Uh oh.

It was a normal day at the bakery when Prim came in and invited me over for lunch. Obviously I couldn't say no to her. So I went, hoping, both good and bad, that I'll see Katniss.

I mean I really do want to but her basically drifting off me, makes me feel used. I don't like that feeling. So nowadays I even have mini temper traumas. It's infuriating and there is a way out of my unusual behavior, but obviously Katniss wouldn't care. Who would?

I inwardly groan, torn between storming out of the house or go and kiss the grey-eyed girl standing in front of Prim and I. I choose none of the above. My muscles tense, blue eyes harden at the sight of her, yet my heart still melts at the mere look of her. Katniss's gaze moves from Prim then to me, making my heart stop. I hate it when she does it, but I love it all the same. Our gazes are locked together, that is until Prim clears her throat awkwardly. "So um… shall we?" Katniss pulls her gaze away, looking at her little sister, confusion back in her eyes. "What do you mean?" I clench my fist. I can guess what she did. "Prim… you di-"
"Look, I'm sorry alright? I didn't think about it. I'm sorry, please stay?" Her blue eyes go wide and puppy like, pouting. Dang her and her cuteness. I sigh. "Fine." I look away from the taller girl, who was staring at me again and smile slightly down at the guilty and nervous Prim. I pat her lightly, hoping it would soothe her. It did as I felt her body relax against my pat. "Common, I'm starving." Prim broke out a smile, taking my hand and pulls me away from Katniss, but I can't dwell on that now. Prim doesn't need to know.

I follow the little blonde girl through the small house and into the kitchen. It was small but it was cozy, in my opinion at least. Prim instructs me to sit down before turning around and grabs plates and cutlery. Before placing a plate full of food. It smelt good. I send Prim a grateful smile before taking a bite. Wow. It tastes really good. "Yeah. Katniss managed to buy me a cookbook on my birthday." Prim smiles proudly. "So I went and learn. Obviously with Katniss's permission," her blue gaze moves to her behind me, giving her a teasing smile. "Right sis?" Katniss merely smiles, walking towards her sister and pats her head, pressing a kiss on her forehead. "Yes little duck." Before taking a chair and sits down with us. I gulp, feeling myself nervous all over again, just like usual.

Why do I love you so much?

Maybe he thought the girl wasn't me, that night at the dance? Maybe he still hates me? He might still love me? Oh, I don't know. It's all so confusing. I knew that I should've never fell in love with him. But I did anyways. And to make things worse, Prim seem to have invited him for lunch. So now I'm stuck with him.

So this is why, I am here, sitting at the exact same table with Peeta Mellark.

However, this is a chance for me to find out what's really going on, maybe to even stop the tension between us.

There was silence at the table as I grabbed my own plate, sitting down next to my sister and shoves a forkful of food in my mouth. "So, you ready for the basketball match?" I ask, not really looking at him as I swallow all my food. "Um… yeah. I heard that the team from District 4 is already here, so we'll see them on Monday." I nod slightly, my grey eyes move away again. We stay like that for a while longer. Silent.