Authors Note: I do not own the Hunger Games or the characters. Hope you guys like it! (it's my first time :))


I wake up from the same dream of when dad died as I sit up straight, gasping as I suddenly remember Prim still sleeping soundly beside me. I clench my fist from actual crying as I look at her beside me. She looks so sweet, so innocent. She doesn't deserve this. I sigh as I get up quietly, thanks to hunting in the woods I can do that perfectly well. I go towards our small bathroom and clean myself as I then put on the same old leather jacket and braid my hair in its usual as I walk back out. I don't live too far from the woods, which are near our house. But there's a fence which was one placed there is now broken and easy to pass through. I give a soft kiss on the forehead on Prim before sneaking out of the room.

I walk down, the stairs creaking every movement I make and I grab some cheese from the table, which Prim had made the day before and jog down towards the fence and under the fence and into the woods. I look around before going to a specific tree and pull out my bow and walk, not too far away from where I was and take out my arrows before looking behind me, just in case. Then disappearing away from the world, allowing nature to over take me.

I wake up, hearing the birds tweeting outside my bedroom. I groan slightly, running through my hair and rub my eyes lazily and yawn, stretching my arms before moving myself and get up and walk towards the bathroom and wash myself up. I sigh as I hear my mother scream my name. I walk down and into the kitchen where the smell of fresh bread hits me. I slightly smile as my father comes and welcomes me with a hug. I love my dad so much, he's so kind. I grab my apron as I headed towards the bread area. I grab the right ingredients and start to knead it.

From the corner of my eye I see a few of the merchant girls who walk by and giggle and gossip about me. I have to admit but I have no idea why. A lot of the girls at school seem to say I'm 'hot' I mean, I'm just an average looking guy. Right? Besides I'm also short and compared to Gale, I'm just a little schoolboy. I look up and see them standing there, which kind of distracted me so I look up and catch their eye's and smile and wave at them. They wave and smile back, all giggling with each other and all that other sort of girl stuff.
I sigh looking back down again and start to knead. I hear shouting when I look back up I se my mum angrily shouting at the girls, who now looked scared, to get away and they all scurry away before I can hear the door slam and her angry stomps back into the bakery. I sigh, making sure that I have to apologize to them about it and make up some sort of excuse while I put the bread into the oven. I hear my fathers footsteps come behind me as he lays his hand on my shoulder.
"Go have some fun son, I'll finish up here." I turn around and look up at me.
"You sure?" He smiles and nods. I copy his smile as I give him a hug before rushing towards the clothes rack and take off my apron before grabbing a jumper and walk outside. I see Delly walk by and I smile and call out her name. She looks back towards me and her blue eyes sparkle as she waves and joyfully skips towards me. "Hey Peeta, taking a break?" I nod and smile.
"Wanna hang out?"
"Sure" She answers, smiling at me as I copy her smile before we both walk away from the smell of bread.