Author's Note: Hey guys! I am soooo sorry for not posting for a long while, I've been quite sick and I'm also writing my own personal book :P so if it's short I will do my best to make the next chapter longer :) I'm also now going to have a pattern of balancing my other story, which I'm writing so it'll be one chapter for this then another chapter for the other. I also would like to thank you guys so much for encouraging me, I really appreciate it :) Oh yeah, disclaimer on all the characters, created by Suzanne Collins (sorry for blabbing so much, keep going :)


I heard them. Maybe not fully, maybe everything on which I heard was wrong but I did hear some of their conversation. I know it's wrong of me but even I, as a boy, was curious what the love of my life would say. I was sitting there; absorbed into their talking but what broke my trance was Prim bouncing in. She didn't look too happy. "What's the matter Prim?" She sighs, shaking her head slightly. "My sister is just being reaaaally frustrating." I chuckle. "Why?"
"Cause she just doesn't realize…" She hesitates. I give her a small look of curiosity. We stay silent for a while until I understand, knowing this is something, which I have to leave it alone. "It's fine, you better go now Prim. Go find your friends." She gives me a smile and then walks towards me and gives me a small hug, whispering in my ear. "She really does love you, just give her time." She releases me, giving me a knowing look as I look at her in almost surprise. "Good luck" She mouths the words to me before walking away and out of the door. I watch her in surprise as I can hear faint sobs. It's Katniss. I try to get up, maybe able to comfort her but instead I wince, my head making me dizzy with pain. I decide to just stay there. I layback down, closing my eyes as my breathe evens out.

After what I thought was a long time, I heard footsteps that woke me up from my sleep. Oh. I must've fallen asleep. I keep my eyes closed as I can hear her voice, seeming to be talking to me.
"Oh Peeta… why are you so confusing? Why did it have to be you who saved me, who saved my sister? Why are you a merchant? Why does your mother beat you when you have such a kind heart? Why are you so kind? So loveable? So charming? So handsome?" She sighs again. "Oh Peeta, so many questions yet I can not ask." I feel her warm hand brush the hair out of my face again before she slips it back to her side. I decide to continue to keep sleeping.
"Oh why Peeta? Oh gosh." I can feel her knee bump against my arm. "Oh why?" Why what? I don't understand what she's saying to me. I don't get it. I feel her move and her hand on my arm. I guessed I moved too much for her liking of that I'm asleep. So then I decide to finally 'wake up'. I blink my eyes a bit before rubbing then a bit and then my blue ones meet beautiful, silver grey one. She slightly smiles at me, before realizing that she was really close to me. She blushes as she moves a bit backwards, to give me some sort of space. I try to get up. My head was a bit better but I'm still a bit dopey. "What day is it today?" I ask Katniss.

She thinks a bit before saying. "I think Saturday." My eyes pop open as I instantly try to stand up way too quickly as I stumble, Katniss helping me up. "Basketball training, oh gosh, I hope coach won't kill me. Oh gosh, dang it. Basketball training." I mutter to myself as I use the walls to support me. I hobble out of her house as she stands beside me, supporting me.

"Sorry Katniss… training is important… district 4 basketball team is coming… need to beat them…" I say, out of breath as she just smiles slightly, nodding as we both make our way towards school.


I enter school with him as he looks just as dizzy and sick as ever, I wanted to stop him but when he was talking about his basketball, I didn't want to disturb his routine so I just stand there, in case he needs supporting. He stumbles towards the sports hall, where some of the guys were already there, they look at us as the door opens up. I feel uncomfortable but I stand there firmly, my arms crossed. "Guys... sorry… been feeling sick…" Peeta says as he walks towards them, stumbling at times. The boys come and help him, leaving me no reason to stay here anymore. I turn around and walk out but I heard someone call my name, I turn around again and see Peeta looking back at me.

His blue eyes wide and his blonde hair matted as they droop over his eye as he flicks it off. The way his fingers twitch and his body muscles tense up, watching me leave. He looks at me as I do the same.

And that, the first time, I realized I was in love.

I was in love the way his blonde hair shines in the light, the way he gives me that charming smile, the way his blue eyes sparkle brightly at me and only me. When he looks and listens to me and only me, like I was the only thing in his world that mattered. The day when his blue eyes look at me when he threw the bread at me. That day when I picked up the dandelion, that day when he gave me hope.

I was in love a long time ago.

And I'm scared.