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Sarkany Secrets

Chapter Ten; Potions and Other People

"Another summer has passed and here we are, ringing in a new school year and new students!"

Dumbledore's voice echoed over the students facing him. To McGonagall, the Hall seemed much too full after a summer spent with only thirty-some students and a single House table.

Her eyes roved over the tables, noting slight confusion in some students' eyes at the lack of their friends. The Slytherins seemed entirely nonplussed, which was to be expected—most Slytherin families kept very good track of who was to be what in the coming years.

Arguably the most subdued were Mr. Weasley and Ms. Granger. Honestly, she was looking forward to the few months where Mr. Potter was separated from them—there would be less havoc reigned on the school at large, at least for a while. While Mr. Finnigan and Mr. Potter caused quite a bit of trouble themselves, the so-called Golden Trio's brand of trouble often lead to death and destruction—through no fault of their own, of course, trouble seemed to find them.

As Dumbledore spoke his welcome speech (which she studiously ignored each year), she noted which students were now Dominants that she would need to watch out for.

Though the guards had the hard part—keeping the Omegas out of reach—she had a quite difficult part as well. Keeping the Dominants from finding the Omegas.

Mr. Malfoy had been most assuredly set to become a Veela, and he had. Zabini and Nott were on either side of him, also looking newly-Inherited. Mr. Longbottom with the Gryffindors, a few Ravenclaws and several Hufflepuffs all joined last year's crew of Dominants.

"And now Professor McGonagall, our home-region Appointed Omega Lead, will brief you on the goings on of our Creature friends this year!"

Mm, how she would so like to spite Dumbledore sometimes. Hex him, maybe, or call him out on his shenanigans. She knew full-well he was a manipulative twat, had meddled in Potter's life much more than he had needed to.

She had told him that Potter shouldn't go to the Dursleys. Severus mentioned something about blood this year after they'd escorted him to the train. He'd also been stopping letters—for the first several years of his life that was probably a good thing, the poor boy wouldn't have known what was going on, but it was still continuing. He assured her it was from only people wishing him harm, but she wasn't convinced.

Several letters had come from the Atlantis Circles (a place which she had not set foot in over forty years), perhaps well-meaning Dominants wishing to Court him, or friends of the Potter family. Nobody in the Atlantis Circles would mean to harm a submissive in the way Dumbledore thought.

Of course the man wasn't exactly a Creature, so he didn't know that, but he should understand.

Sighing, McGonagall stood and approached the dais, frowning out at the crowd at large. "Welcome back to Hogwarts, students, and for those who have only just begun their schooling—welcome to Hogwarts! As I'm sure many of you know, many Submissives came into their Inheritances this past summer. They'll be safely hidden away, working on their schoolwork in private, until they've found mates—however, if you are to come across them for any reason, immediately cease moving and drop any weapons you may be carrying. This includes wands, potions knives, prank items, etc. A Guard—" here she nodded to where Eames was standing silently in the back of the room, then waited for the students' attention to be back on her. "—should be with them at all times, however, again, this is just in case. There are quite a few of them this year; thirty-two to be exact. We ask that, if for some reason you are privy to knowing where they are while they are out and about, you keep this information to yourselves and stay away."


Theo Nott sat back in his seat and frowned curiously. He'd known there were a lot of Submissives this year, but thirty-two seemed excessive—and to know that there were even more in the other schools was downright insane. His mother taught at Beauxbatons (which was probably why most of his younger siblings had chosen to attend there), and as such he knew there were about eighty there. Still, he couldn't quite believe it.

He could hardly wait until he met one. He just knew that this was his year—though both of his fathers and even his mum had warned him not to get too hyped up, that most Inheriting Dominants aren't chosen, Theo just knew it was his year.

Baby Dom or not, he felt sure that he would be picked.

It would be quite embarrassing for one of his younger siblings to be mated before he was. Nathaniel was probably going to be Submissive, and Submissives usually mated at their first Meeting. The boy was set to Inherit in June, that gave Theo just under a year to find a mate.

It wouldn't be too difficult, he hoped.

Despite McGonagall warning them not to, Theo wanted to get a glimpse at these Submissives. As she stepped down and left the room, Professor Snape following, he looked to Draco.

That boy was the brains behind everything. He could plan an entire attack in ten seconds if he wanted to.

Sure enough, his eyes were glinting with a certain steely curiosity as he stared down the Gryffindor table. Theo turned his head, cocking it to the side.

The Gryffindors from their year were sorely lacking already, as two girls had never showed up in '91. Now though, only four remained: Longbottom, Weasley, Granger and Brown. Longbottom on his own was tolerable, but the other three were the bad side of Gryffindor: brash and temperamental, quick to fight and jump to conclusions. But sweet little Potter, mischievous Finnigan, artistic Thomas and brainy Patil had all Inherited Submissive...

"I should have seen it earlier," Theo snorted.

"What?" Blaise demanded, turning his head in the same direction as Theo's. "What?"

"The four who Inherited Submissives were the more tolerable Gryffindors," he laughed. "So what's your plan Draco?"

Draco, for his part, just turned and glared. "I'm not getting up to any trouble this year, Nott. I, unlike you, am going to find a good Submissive and not worry about—anything. If that means sitting on my heels and waiting for December, so be it."

"Come on," Theo sighed, turning so that both of his friends were in his sight. "This is going to be a good year, I can feel it. Let's just get up to a little mischief? We don't even have to do anything illegal. Let's just pester the guards."

"Fine," Draco snapped, lips twitching upward. "But if we get into trouble, you're taking fault."

"Oh, believe me, I will."

The thought of Potter all wide-eyed and innocent, cheeks flushed and lips parted, made the blood pump hotter through Theo's veins. He wasn't sure where the thought had come from, but he prayed more like it came.

(And he thought it might be worth it to do something illegal, if he actually got to see that.)

He'd always had a little bit of a crush on Potter, but hadn't pursued it. Nobody had thought that Potter would be Inheriting, as he'd said nothing about it to anybody, and the Potters hadn't made any announcements before passing away. Not that it was normal for Sarkany to announce their children's species, but it might have been helpful for Potter in the long run. Idly, he wondered if Potter had Inherited Sarkany like his father or Neko like his grandmother.

Now that he knew Potter was Submissive (species be damned), Theo was most certainly going to try his hardest to win the boy. Even if it meant waiting more than a year. He'd live up the embarrassment if it meant he could have Potter.


Upstairs, unbeknownst to the students eating their Welcoming Feast in the Great Hall, there was another celebration going on. The "We'll Actually Have Something To Do Now" Celebration, as named by Harry and Seamus.

It was finally, finally September first. He didn't think it was ever going to come—but he was thankful it had. Stretching happily from his position in the middle of the hallway, he wondered if there was anymore treacle tart in the room McGonagall had set aside for their feast.

"Shayy," he whined, prodding the sleepy boy with his foot. Seamus blinked and glared at him. "Get me some treacle tart?"

"Get it yourself, lazy," Shay grumbled, slumping back over onto Lexi.

"Shaaaay," Harry protested, pouting.

"Stop bothering me," Seamus whinged.

"But Shay...I need some treacle tart. It's imperative!"

"Will you die?" Seamus asked, feigning worry. He was sat back up again, eyes on Harry, who shuffled around a bit shamefully.


"Then get it yourself," the boy gave a self-satisfied grin and stood, stretching until his joints popped. "I'm going to bed. Can barely keep me eyes open. Oi, ugly."

His toes prodded Dean, who was also using Lexi as a pillow. He batted at Seamus' foot, still half-asleep.

"Dean, wake up. It's time to go to sleep!"

Harry covered his mouth and giggled. "Yeah Dean, you should wake up to go to sleep!"

As Dean rose and followed Seamus down to their rooms, Harry eyed them speculatively, wondering if it was time for him to go to bed, too. Lexi sighed and stood, offering him a hand.

"Guess that's our cue, huh?"

"We could stay up if you want," he said, patting his full belly. He was honestly surprised he was still awake.

"Nah, looks like you're gonna fall asleep right now!" Lexi chirped, pulling him to his feet. They said goodnights to the various Submissives littering the halls, turning to go to their rooms.

He was halfway in his door when McGonagall and Snape arrived.

"Go on to bed, you two, we're just making our rounds," McGonagall encouraged, smiling. There was something strained in her smile though, and when Lexi shot him a confused look, he knew she'd seen it too. They both rushed into his room and shut the door all but a crack.

Unfortunately from their vantage point they couldn't hear the words that were said, but they watched as Snape, McGonagall, and Eames huddled into a group. The looks on all of their faces were worried—Harry had never seen Snape worried before, and somehow, between the three of them, his was the look that scared Harry most.

"Don't think it's like '76 again, do you?" Eames was asking as the group passed. "I dunno if we could take another blow like that."

They stopped in front of Lexi's door, Eames pale and Snape trembling a bit. McGonagall was refusing to look at him and Harry wondered if he'd had something to do with whatever happened in '76.

Don't be an idiot, he'd only have been what, 16? thought the rational part of Harry's brain. The other part was thinking, Death Eater initiation?

"By the Gods, Eames, I hope not," McGonagall sighed. "We lost too many that year, both to death and to—well, I don't suppose you remember it? You were only young then. I promised myself I'd not let it happen again, and now...I just don't know, Eames."

"Any casualties yet?" Eames muttered when they began moving away again.

"Two, both of the Inheriting Submissives France lost. It could be coincidence, but..."

"There's no such thing as coincidence!" Eames insisted. Finally, they were too far out of earshot for Harry to hear.

When they were out of sight as well, he opened the door and let Lexi escape. "What do you think that was about?"

She shrugged, not meeting his eyes. "Well, I'd imagine that two Submissives managed to get out of their safe-zone in France, and someone attacked them and killed them. I don't see what it has to do with '76 though. I think that was the year the Hall of Gathering was attacked."

"It couldn't be the same people, could it?" Harry wondered—did his books cover the attack on the Hall of Gathering? He'd never heard of it before.

"I think it was Death Eaters last time. My parents weren't there for it, thank god, so many people died."

Harry nodded slowly and bade her goodnight, finally going into his bedroom. As he fell asleep, he couldn't help but make the connection—that was the year his father would have Inherited. He hadn't taken a mate, but he could have been there, during the attack.


Harry hopped happily about his room, dressing himself. It was the first time in years that he wasn't wearing a uniform on September 2nd, and he certainly was not going to complain.

He had all but his shoes on when he rushed out the door, smack into Seamus's fist.

"Seamus!" he protested, rubbing his smarting forehead. "Why'd you punch me?"

"It was an accident," Seamus promised, but looked amused. "I swear! Now c'mon, it's time to get our schedules!"

They joined Lexi and Dean in the throng of people lining up in the hallways.

Since they were no longer allowed in the rotunda—which wasn't warded—things had been quite a bit more cramped. It was a little tiring, being stuck up here all the time. They couldn't even sneak out to the lake anymore, or preen in the rotunda, or eat in the Great Hall. Not for the first time, Harry cursed Dominants.

It kind of felt like the Submissives were being punished for—well, for being Submissive. Locked away, guarded day and night, not allowed to so much as step foot outside their "safe-zone."

Harry was distracted from his thoughts as he caught sight of Daphne's new mate, Septimus Vaisey. He hid a snicker behind his hand and elbowed the others to catch their attention.

"Look at Vaisey," he whispered.

Early last night, Vaisey had fallen asleep in the corridor and (with the reluctant permission of Daphne) he and Seamus had spent quite a while braiding his hair in cornrows.

The Dominant Fae did not look happy, and the cornrows did not look very good on him. He saw McGonagall clear her throat when she saw him and pointedly ignored his hair.

Finally, the line dwindled and Harry got his schedule. Staring at it confusedly, he glanced up at McGonagall.

"Um, Professor? Where's my Atlantis schedule?"

Several of the others around him tittered confusedly. So none of them had gotten schedules for the Atlantis School?

McGonagall put on a tired smile. Was she still worried about whatever had killed those two Inheriting Submissives? "There are so many Submissives this year that the Atlantis School has had to split into two semesters. Hogwarts will attend in the second term, beginning in February, after the Egyptian Meeting."

There were quite a few disappointed murmurings. Harry himself was quite unhappy with the situation—he'd been looking forward to going to Atlantis since he heard about it, and now he wouldn't be able to attend until February!

Bummed out and a bit irritated, he peeked down at his schedule. Mondays they had Potions and Defense, Tuesdays were Transfigurations, Wednesdays were Herbology and Astronomy, Thursdays were Charms and History of Magic. On Fridays they had a slot in the Library.

"During each class you'll get your schoolwork for the next week. Today you will get your Potions work and Defense Against the Dark Arts work—it is expected to be finished this time next week," McGonagall murmured, smiling at them all. "Should you need help with any of your classwork, we will be around during the week to consult. I'm sure several of the guards and other Dominants here should be able to help you as well."

With that said, she smiled at them all a second time and departed.

Breakfast was served in one of the empty rooms, which was being used as a sort of common area for them all. Harry ate quickly, because he certainly did not want to be late for his first class of the year.

Potions started ten minutes later than it would have been for the rest of the school, so that there was no interference from the students. They were warned that other students had been in the school and as such it would smell "threatening" to them, and Harry followed the guard down giddily.

He was anxious to get over this unwanted fear of wizards. He didn't like it a single bit, because logically he knew that he wasn't afraid, only his (also unwanted) Creature was. The Creature was only a tiny part of him and he loathed that it was able to control him so entirely.

"Ooohh," Lexi cooed, looking around at the school. Her nose was plugged so her voice was a bit nasally. "It's so nice to see other people in here!" she stated, arching her neck to peek into the classroom they were passing.

"I hate Potions," Seamus was grousing miserably, dragging his feet. "I just know I'm going to botch the first one of the year. At least I can't get detention!"

Dean and Harry were silent.

As they were ushered into the classroom, he noticed that Snape had nothing biting to say to them as he usually did. This was probably because he'd spent all summer with them, sticking up for them in front of nutty Officials and worrying over disappearing Submissives. To be a sarcastic git now would not be very effective.

Caught up in his thoughts though he was, Harry found himself the last Submissive standing. Looking around, he groaned mentally.

The only seat left was with Seamus.

Gods he loved that boy, but you did not want to be sitting with Seamus during Potions.

He sank into the seat rather reluctantly, staring straight ahead as Seamus set up their cauldron.

"As this is a rather...unusual occurrence," Snake said, voice silky and somewhat threatening. The man swaggered through the classroom and turned to stare at them all. "We will only be brewing once a week, as I cannot trust some of you," his eyes landed on Seamus, "to brew without supervision. As such, I expect your schoolwork to be complete, legible, and—most importantly—correct. Anyone with less than an Acceptable at the end of the year will not make it into NEWT Potions."

Snapping his attention to the board, Snape flicked his wand. Chalk began writing immediately.

Pg 12: Anti-Nausea Draught

Snape mostly left them to themselves. It wasn't a difficult potion by far, though several of the stages were rather volatile. One in particular was so volatile that the difference between half a stir and three-quarters of a stir could mean an explosion.

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately for the other students) Harry and Seamus were sat in the back of the room, and Snape didn't reach them in time to tell them that. Seamus and Harry were following the directions in the book, bent over it and arguing over the next instruction.

Step Ten: When the potion is a shade of blue with a silver sheen, give it half a stir with an iron rod.

"Clockwise, then?" Seamus wondered, already lifting the correct stirring rod. Harry peeked at their potion, which—somehow—was the right shade for once.

"I dunno mate, we did clockwise in step six, maybe we should do anticlockwise?"

"I think we should stick with the same direction, just in case," Seamus protested, stirring rod in the potion now.

"What are the pros and cons of anti-verses-clockwise?" Harry wondered, flipping through to the glossary. "Anticlockwise: used mainly in medical potions," he murmured, smirking. "I win."

"No mate, look," Shay rolled his eyes and pointed: "however, unless specifically stated, the direction in which you stir a potion does not matter."

"I still say anti," Harry shrugged, even as Seamus gave the potion a swish with the stirring rod. "There. Now we just let it simmer till it turns grass green, add the raspberry seeds, and let them dissolve! This is the first time I've actually had a good potion!" he cheered.

"Uh, Harry," Shay's voice was kind of a whimper. "I don't think you should get too happy just yet. Is it supposed to be bubbling?"

Harry rose from his seat and peaked into the cauldron. Not only was it bubbling, but the bubbles were turning a violent shade of orange, seeping into the rest of the potion. Somehow, they'd done something wrong.

"I told you we should have stirred it anticlockwise!" Harry shouted, leaping to turn the heat down. "Maybe we've burnt it?"

"Maybe I should stir it anticlockwise?" Seamus yelped. "Ouch, god, it's really hot."

"Just half a turn!" Harry shouted, drawing attention to them. The potion was beginning to boil over. "Professor!"

Snape looked up from where he'd been berating Daphne's partner, Anya, for dropping all of the raspberry seeds in at once. He was at the front of the room.

"Do not touch that—" he began, voice raising as he started toward them, but Seamus had already gave it a stir.

Immediately, Harry drew his wand to cast a containment ward.

It was a bad idea: as the potion exploded, covering them in thick orangey-green goop, so did his magic. Luckily it was a small burst, flipping their table and several surrounding tables over but not actually hurting anything. His containment charm seemed to have mostly done its job on the other potions—none of them had spilled, though the cauldrons were all upside down and askew.

"POTTER!" snarled Snape. He came to a stop before them and just stared in horror. "Someone get Madame Pomfrey! NOW!"

One of the mated Fae jumped to her feet, eyes huge, and ran out of the room.

That's when Harry registered that Seamus was unconscious and the potion was not just covering them but sizzling, and as it rolled down his neck, he felt a burning itch that he could not ignore.

Before Snape could stop him, he reached up and scratched—gently of course—but it was a mistake. The skin was being eaten through, weak and paperlike, and his hand was bloody when it came away.

"Potter!" Snape repeated, hands out before him like he was going to preform a spell but didn't know which to do.

"It hurts," Harry said, watching with horrified fascination as his dragonhide gloves were eaten through. Then he shouted as the potion touched his fingers, shaking his hand hysterically in order to rid himself of the goop, but only succeeding in spreading it around more. "Professor!" he yelled again.

He didn't exactly know how it happened, but when he woke next, he was in the infirmary.


"Bollocks," Draco grumbled. He rubbed his head, where he was now sprouting two rabbit's ears. Of course, that was what was supposed to happen—they were learning Human-Animal Transfiguration right now. But what was not supposed to happen was them being "semi-permanent" and needing to be removed by "a proper Healer and not just a Transfigurations mistress".

"Nah, I'd say they're ears honestly," Theo responded cheekily. He was also sporting some spiffy rabbit's ears. They were ushered out of the classroom by McGonagall with a note to Pomfrey.

"This is your fault, if you'd have just waited your turn you impatient prat," Draco grumbled, patting the ears on his head. "This is so undignified!"

"To be fair I thought we were practicing the permanence spell she taught us," Theo shrugged. "To be honest I quite like the ears, but they'd be more fetching on a Submissive. Hey—what's with the group of people?"

There were several guards, dressed in the same silvery armor as the first one yesterday, grouped outside of the infirmary. With them was Professor Snape and two harried-looking Submissives.

"Plug your nose you idiot," Draco snapped quietly. They both plugged their nose and approached slower.

The Submissives noticed them first—not surprising. One was a small blond girl Theo had never seen, and she had her arm linked through Dean Thomas'. They looked angry.

"Hey!" the girl shouted, pointing. Draco winced and fished the note out of his pocket.

"McGonagall sent us!" he shouted, stopping a good distance away. He hated how nasally his voice sounded.

"You'll have to wait," Snape said icily, pushing the Submissives behind him. "There's been an accident. Miss Bouchard, Mr. Thomas," he held his arm out as if to make them leave.

"I'm not leaving till I see them!" the girl, Bouchard, shouted.

"Me either!" Thomas agreed. He shot a look at Theo and Draco. "Two unmated Dominants aren't gonna scare me off!"

"Be that as it may," Snape snapped, baring his teeth slightly. "Pomfrey will not allow you inside and I cannot allow you to stay here much longer, being that there will be several Dominants out and about soon."

"We'll be good, Professor," Theo offered, still several yards away. "What happened?"

"None of your business," Thomas snorted. Bouchard elbowed him hard in the side. "Lexi!" he whinged.

"We're not supposed to talk to them," Bouchard—Lexi—hissed. Theo's lips tugged up.

"Yes, Mr. Thomas, though you and your friends seem to enjoy breaking school rules, it would do well not to break actual laws," Snape muttered. "Now you'll take your leave. Guards," he added, eying them.

Two guards broke out of the group, leading Lexi and Dean Thomas away. Theo watched them go—they seemed to be good friends, elbowing each other and whispering quietly. When they were a sufficient distance away, Draco started forward and Theo hurried to catch up, letting go of his nose.

The two guards still left immediately stood to attention, shoulders straightening out as they barred access to the infirmary. Snape eyed Draco and Theo warningly.

"Is your condition life-threatening?" he wondered.

"No, McGonagall just wants us to get these ears removed," Theo grinned. "I thought we were practicing permanent transfiguration, Malfoy thought were were practicing Human-Animal transfiguration, and our spells collided."

"You're almost as bad as the Submissives," snorted one of the guards, before closing his mouth at Snape's glare.

"Yes, well, I suppose Madame Pomfrey can take a look at you when she's done with the two idiots inside. Just wait here."

Before he could move to enter the hospital wing, someone else came out—the guard they'd seen yesterday. With him came the swirling aroma of antiseptic, healing potions, and burn salve—but more importantly, a crisp, clean scent that made Theo's mouth water. He straightened his shoulders, fighting back the wings that were trying so desperately to break free of his clothing, and swallowed thickly.

"They'll live," the big guard grumbled fondly. He eyed the two Inheriting Dominants wearily. "Harry's awake, Seamus is still unconscious, I think he took the brunt of the potion."

Harry? As in Potter? Theo wondered, snapping his eyes to the large guard. Potter's hurt? The thought of the small black-haired boy injured bothered him much more than it should, given he'd never had an actual conversation with the boy.

"Finnigan was the one leaning over the cauldron at the time, yes," Snape nodded, scowling. "I'm more concerned with the magical backlash."

"Bruises, nothing more," the guard actually laughed. "He's got good control, I'll give him that. None of the other potions even spilled."

"Is Pomfrey ready for new patients?" Snape wondered, motioning to the two Dominants. "I'm sure we can keep them out of trouble while they're getting their...extra appendages removed."

"Yeah, let me just warn them real quick."

Theo watched him disappear into the infirmary and then, a moment later, come back. He beckoned them in with a nod.

The smell was much more concentrated in here. He tried to avoid looking for the person who caused it, not wanting to seem insubordinate to the two older Dominants leading them in, but his eyes sought out the cordoned-off section immediately. He could see silhouettes but nothing else.

"What seems to be the problem? Why couldn't McGonagall remove them?" Pomfrey demanded, hustling out from behind the curtains. He arched and for a moment he could see a burn salve-covered limb before the curtain was closed again.

"This idiot—er, Nott used a permanence spell," Draco muttered unhappily.

Pomfrey nodded, eyes narrowing. "Well, luckily, permanence spells aren't actually permanent, they're just quite difficult to remove. Let me get a few potions."

Theo sat on the bed she'd forced him onto, eyes burning holes into the curtain hiding his fantasy from sight. As if beckoned, the curtain twitched and a small face peered out.

It was Potter. His glasses slipped down his nose as he peered at them, an peach-colored potion slathered on his face and neck. He looked tired, but his eyes brightened when he saw them.

Theo turned—the guard and Snape were talking quietly and hadn't noticed Potter yet. He turned back to Potter and winked a little.

The boy's drew in a little breath (through his lips, Theo noted with a bit of disappointment—he wanted the Submissive to smell him), then he laughed a little and waved.

"Harry, knock it off," the guard grunted. Harry jumped and pouted.

"But Eames!"

"No buts."

"I wasn't doing anything wrong!" Harry protested, even as the curtain slipped from his fingers. Eames, the guard, slipped behind it and began quietly berating him.

It was worth it, Theo thought—even if Potter had been covered in a weird healing goo.

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