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Paige's POV

Here I am in the hospital. I hate hospitals. They always want to stick you with something or steal your blood or something like that. Not to mention they always ask impossible questions or, at least, they were impossible questions.

"So, Paige," the female doctor, who I swear must be in her 70's, looked at me, "How did you hurt your shoulder?"

See? Just like that. How am I supposed to answer that? Well, now, I guess I can answer with the truth. In the past, however, my parents would hurt me if I told how they abused me. "Well," I started, "The last time I saw my father, about two or three weeks ago, he pushed me under the water of the bathtub." I was looking around. I couldn't keep my eyes still. It was like I was being cornered by questions. Andy, that cop-boyfriend Prue mentioned, along with the doctor, has been asking me different questions. It was a lot to handle. I don't want to go back to my father and mother, but I don't want them to hurt me either!

Someone just touched my hand. I look down and see that it's Phoebe. She sighs, petting my back, "It's alright, sweetie," she says. I sigh and nod my head. I just realized that my breathing increased. I don't like hospitals; why do I have to be here?

The doctor smiles, looking at me, while finishing setting my cast, "The X-Ray showed that your right arm is broken in four places so, honestly, it will take some time to heal." I nod my head, but don't speak. She keeps smile, "Don't worry, Paige, everything will be okay; alright?" I nod my head, "Alright," I whisper. She finishes up then leaves the room. Prue looks over to me, "How you doing, sweetheart?" She asks. I shrug, "Alright," I begin to say. She just looks at me with that don't lie to me look. Man, I've only known them a day and they can already tell when I'm lying? So not fair!

I groan, rubbing my hair with my left hand, "I'm scared, alright? I don't want to go back but I'm scared I'll have to." Prue looks to Andy, as do I. Andy nods and stands up, "Paige," he sighs here, "I want to help you; every police officer you have met has wanted to help you. In the past, you've refused to tell on your parents. I know you're scared; I get that," he says looking into my eyes, "but we want to help you. Please," he begs, "don't shut us out." I nod, "Alright," I say.

Suddenly, I hear someone shouting. A man, oh god, I think. I think…no, please…no! Suddenly the door swings open, "What's going on here? Why do you have my daughter?" The man shouts. I slowly turn my head, immediately clenching up, and I stare at him. My father. He's here…in the hospital; I knew this was a bad idea! They set me up! They want to send me back! I begin breathing fast. I can't slow it down. Why is he here? What does he want? Is he going to hurt me?

Suddenly, Prue is standing between my father and I. His hands are raised and he's shouting. I can't hear him anymore. I'm breathing too fast. He steps around her and looks at me, "Let's go," he says. I look to Prue, who is looking at me with those eyes full of love. I look back at my father and his eyes only display contempt and…oh god, he's going to hurt me later. I can't go back with him! I won't!

I shake my head, looking to Andy, who is now closer to me, "No," I hear myself saying. Next thing I know I'm on my feet and staring my father in the face, "I hate you!" I scream, "You've hurt me every day since I've lived with you! You've tried to suffocate me, forcing me under the water, and laughing about it!" He stares at me, "Paige," he whispers, "We'll about this when we get home," I shake my head at him.

"I'm not going back!" I scream again. Suddenly, and without warning, he's slapped me. I'm in full panic mode now. I can't breathe and then the world goes dark. It comes back a few minutes later and Andy has grabbed my father and looks to be struggling with him but something is wrong. They look frozen. Okay, I'm freaking out now! I'm backing up until I hit the table, "What's going on?" I scream. I look around and see that Prue, Phoebe, and Piper aren't frozen. Piper has her hands up.

Prue is looking at me, stunned. Phoebe is the first to speak, "Sweetie," she says putting her hand out, "Can you relax for me? I don't want you to get hurt," she is talking to me quietly. It helps. I nod and begin quieting down, "What happened?" I repeat. I'm looking between my father and Phoebe, "Why are they frozen?" I'm scared. Next thing I know Phoebe is hugging me, "Shh," she says, wiping my back, "We'll explain at home, okay? We're taking you back with us." I nod my head, still a little confused but not scared anymore.

I notice out of my peripherals that Piper has touched Andy. He moves, "He attacked me," Andy says, with a sigh, "Thanks Piper." He then notices I'm not frozen, "Is she?" He doesn't finish the sentence, because Prue interrupts him, "We'll talk about it later," he nods, getting whatever hidden message they shared. He then handcuffs my frozen father. I can't help but wonder though; what am I? Why didn't I freeze? In fact, what are they? My protectors, I think silently. Phoebe is still holding me. I'm safe, I think.

Phoebe pulls back slightly, looking into my eyes, "Piper needs to unfreeze him, honey," she says, "but we're right here; okay? You're safe," she says, still watching me. I nod, "Alright," but I notice I'm moving closer to her. I don't want to be alone. Please don't leave me alone.

Piper's hands move, I can see that out of my peripherals as well. Andy is the only one holding him, when my father unfreezes. To say he is shocked is an understatement. Next thing I know, security is running through the door. Andy flashes his badge, "Police," he says calmly, "This man is under arrests; abusing his daughter, along with attacking her, and fighting a police officer," he then says to one of the guards, "Do me a favor and call the precinct, I need a squad car here." One of them nods his head and heads off. The other two walk with Andy, "We can wait in the security office, if you want," one suggests.

I'm now alone in the hospital room, with the sisters. I'm still holding onto Phoebe. The doctor enters the room, looking around, "Is she alright?" Prue speaks up, "Physically," she says. The doctor nods, "She's free to go back with you three," she says, "Inspector Trudeau said that you'll be watching her for now?" Prue speaks up again, "Yeah, do we need any medications?" The doctor sighs, "I'm going to prescribe some, but I'm going to need to speak with you privately." I hesitate. She knows, I think. Prue nods, "Alright," she says as she follows the doctor out.

Phoebe is still holding me but I realize she's now leading me out of the door. I also realize that Prue is back. Her eyes look heavier. I'm beginning to breathe too fast again. Phoebe doesn't let go, "Shh, baby," she says. I begin to cry. I don't really know why. So what if they know I'm a freak? So what if they know I'm drinking and doing drugs? So what? What if they hate me?

"Phoebe, take Paige back to the manor, okay? Piper and I are going to take her car." Phoebe nods, "Alright." Prue then looks to Piper, "I think we'll need Leo too," she whispers. Who's Leo? Oh well, not going to ask right now.

Phoebe and I have been back at the manor for a half hour now. She fixed me some soup and some juice. I managed to eat a little of the soup, but I can't finish it. The juice is good though, "Can I have some more?" I ask. Phoebe nods, "Try and finish the soup, okay?" I nod, taking another sip then grimacing, "It's good," I say quickly, "I'm just not very hungry." She nods. Once Phoebe returns with the juice, I take another sip then set it down, "Phoebe," I begin, as she sits down next to me, "Can I, uh," I hesitate.

She looks at me, smiling, "Go on, sweetie," she says. I sigh, looking to the floor, "Can I live here?" She smiles, her hand gently massaging my hair, "I'll talk to Prue and Piper, but I think they'll agree." I nod, "I don't have anywhere else, really, and you're the only ones who have ever," I sigh, tears falling again, "loved me," I choke out. "Shh, sweetie, it's alright," she says. I'm getting sleepy. My eyes feel like they weigh a lot. "Phoebe," I whisper, resting on her shoulder, "I'm tired." She smiles, "Get some rest then," she says, "You can sleep on my shoulder, if you want," I nod, yawning, "Alright," I say as I close my eyes.

As my eyes flutter open, I notice I am lying on Phoebe's lap. She is lightly stroking my hair and talking with someone. I quickly close them. I don't think they noticed. I hear Phoebe's voice, "What do you think, Prue?"

I hear Prue sigh, and a chair being sat in, "We need to ask her." A male voice now, "The Elders have never heard of her." Who are the Elders? Phoebe speaks again, "Well, she did orb." Orb? Piper speaks up, "She's awful young." Prue now, "Could she have been born a whitelighter?" What's a whitelighter? There's another noise of someone sitting down.

"I don't know; it's possible," the male voice speaks again, "but it's forbidden. I mean, you've seen how much Piper and I have had to fight for our relationship." I wonder if that's Leo? It's not Andy.

Phoebe speaks up again, "Oh, Prue, Piper; Paige did ask me something." Prue speaks, "What did she ask?" A pause. "Well," Phoebe says, "She asked if she could move in." Another pause, then Prue speaks again, "I'd actually prefer that, to be honest. Andy called while Piper and I were at the pharmacy and said that her father confessed to abusing her. He also said that whoever wanted Paige could have her," I can then hear Piper gasp and she sounds like she's crying.

Phoebe stops rubbing my hair for a second and I groan. Woops, didn't mean to do that. She continues. "I think someone's awake," Prue says. I moan, "No, still asleep," I quip with a smirk. I keep my eyes shut. Prue chuckles, "Were you listening to our conversation, young lady?" She doesn't sound mad, despite the 'young lady' comment. "Yes," I admit, "I was." I slowly open my eyes, looking around. The man I heard is blonde with green eyes. Nice eyes. I smile at him. He's cute. Too bad he's taken though; I did hear that part, unfortunately.

I slowly sit up. I groan again, as I stretch my muscles, "Ow," I complain. Phoebe helps me up, "You alright?" I nod, "Just stiff and," I look to the man. Piper speaks up, her voice hoarse from tears, "This is Leo, my boyfriend. You can trust him." I smile, nodding my head, "Alright," I say. I smile at him. He smiles back. "Well," I say while looking back to Phoebe, "The welts and bruises on my back make it hard to sleep." She nods, tears in her eyes, "I see." She wants to say more, but I think she's afraid of crying as badly as Piper.

"So," I begin by looking at Leo, "What's a whitelighter?" Leo chuckles, "Heard that part, then?" I nod my head, "You think?" I say with a lightful smirk. He laughs, shaking his head, "Healthy sense of humor I see; that good, you'll need it." I wonder what he means?

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