This is my take on New Moon, from Jacob's pov. I'm going to try and stay as close to the book/movie as possible, but I may vere off in a different direction here and there, enjoy and as always, please review! :3

Chapter 1. Bandaid

"I can't just show up and make everything better Charlie, you know I wish it possible." I sighed, this was the 5th time he had called me in the last two days. he was falling apart. As much as I wanted to drive over to his house, scoop Bella up into my arms and make all her pain and suffering dissapear, I knew that was going never happen. Things were bad, and nothing Charlie had done has made anything any better.

"Try. Do anything I can't do this anymore Jake. I mentioned sending her Jackonville and she threw a fit like a 5 year old. I will admit, it was nice to see her react, to have emotion again." his voice was heavy with concern and sadness, I achned for Charlie, my own father could barely stand to be in his presence, it was so depressing.

"Sure sure, I'll do my best." I murmured as the line went dead. It was the same answer I'd given him over and over, I knew, he knew deep down that this wasn't something that was going to just go away.

The next morning the sound of an engine coming to a stop outside my window was enough to jolt me up from my bed, a vistitor at this hour? I was about to scold the mystery guest when a voice soft as a whisper came from outside.

"This is stupid." I knew that voice. It had been months since I had heard it, but I knew that voice. I pulled on a pair of jeans and grabbed the first shirt my hands touched, hmm hope it wasn't dirty. When I open the door, there stood Bella, her hand at my face, about to knock.

"Well hey there stranger!"

"Hey, I'm sorry I didn't call, this was just an out of the blue kinda thing." she shrugged, looking away from me. Her face was so sullen, so heartbreakingly sad. This cloud of dispair hung all around her, I could almost feel it touching me.

"Nah don't worry about it, I was actually gonna stop by later today." she looking back to meet my stare and a slight smile touched her lips, but it was forced, I wasn't that dense.

"I, uh, brought something for you." she smiled shyly motioning towards her truck. The bed was covered by a tarp, hmm, intriuging. I grabbed my boots and shoved them on my feet follwing her outside. She lifted the gray cover back exposing two dirt bikes, covered in gunk and rust.

"Scrap metal, and it's not even my birthday, you shouldn't have!"

"I know they'll probably cost more to fix, then what they're actually worth but I thought it would be fun." her voice was so unsure, unsteady. Was she expecting me to say no?

"They're not in that bad of shape. A little rust, easily taken care of, and we can always go to the junk yard, for some of the parts anyways. The rest, well, yeah, they won't be cheap." I laughed, touching my hand to throttle. I looked up, surprised to see her smiling. A real smile. Of course behind the smile I could see the pain, but it was nice to know I was helping her numb it a bit. As she went around to open the bed of the truck I really looked at her for the first time. She was so tiny! Bella had always been a slender girl, but now her clothes hung on her in odd places, her cheek bones were more pronouced, and her frail looking shoulder were hunched over. I wanted to comfort her, to tell her everything was going to be ok in the end, but my better judgment was to just give her space. Distract her from her pain and make her happy.

"I don't mind paying for the parts, I mean, I know crap all about mechanics, so you'd be doing most of the work, so I think it's only fair I cough up the green for whatever parts we need. And I wouldn't have even thought about asking you, but you mentioned that you were fixing a car and I don't really have anything other friends to as-"

"Bella, Bella, take a chill pill, it's all good, I'd be more than happy to help. Besides, after we fix'em we get to paint them, gear up and ride them!" I chuckled, her face was so red, she was flustered. Did she think I was going to send her away? I wanted her here. Her smile made her whole face light up, it was a beautiful site. I felt a twinge in my stomach, it was a flutterly feeling, I ignored it, I was probably just hungry as usual.

"Well, lets start then." she said waving her arms toward my shed. I laughed and started to unload the bikes. The red one was missing a tire, and the gas tank was dented but nothing too horrible. The black one, the one I wanted for myself if Bella would let me, was much worse. The throttle was hanging on by a thread, the frame was rusted and had a few dings, and it was for sure need a new seat and handle bars. But we could find more of the parts at the scrap yard.

I hadn't noticed the time, apparently neither did Bella. She sprang up from the hood of my fixer upper, gawking at her watch.

"Oh god it's almost 9, I didn't even tell Charlie where I was, he's probably about ready to send the entire town out looking for me." she rushed out, fumbling with her keys. I grabbed them before they could hit the ground and placed them in her hands. A strange look ran across as her face. First bewilderment, sadness and then came the pain. She shook her head and squeezed her arms around her torso. What an odd thing to do. Did I do something wrong?

"I wouldn't worry about it. I'm sure the first person he called would be my dad, and he knows your here.." I assured her, she gave me a small smirk, but the pain still lingered on her soft features.

"It is okay if I come back tomorrow, I mean after I'm off work?" she sighed, defeat in her voice. She was so confusing, she always asked a question, looking as if she already knew the answer would be no. What would make her think I would hurt her that way?

"Of course, you're more than welcome here, anytime you want Bells."

"Well that's good to know. You'll get sick of me soon enough." she laughed, worry thick in tone. I sighed, she was so thick headed, I could never get tired of her company.

"Have a good night Bella, and I'll see you tomorrow, you know where to find me." I grinned as she opened the truck. I was about to walk back to the shed to lock up when her arms wound around me, it send a jolt of eletricity through me, making me stumble back. She buried her face into my chest, constricing her frail little arms around my waist. I hugged her back, shocked. I rested my chin on her head, feeling that weird flutter in my stomach again.

"Good night Jake, thanks for everything." the smile still on her lips as she hopped into the truck and pulled away. The stange flutter was still there as I watched her drive away from me. I could still feel her warmth against my chest, her lovely scent in my nose. I stood there staring at the fading tailgate lights like an idiot. What was happening to me?