The Start of the Plan

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Will had been a Ranger's apprentice for a few months now and he couldn't get any kind of praise from his mentor; Halt. Sometimes Will would think to himself sometimes saying in Halt's voice 'Well done Will, you have impressed me' but none of that ever came. So he kept practicing with his bow, shooting arrow after arrow, improving his speed and the rate at which he notched his arrow onto the bowstring. Will sighed with a heavy heart and he lowered his bow to see where his arrows had struck. He inspected the dummies and they all almost had bull's-eyes so he was pretty proud of himself and he let a grin slip on his face, solemnly he patted his back telling himself to keep up the good work and Will went over to fetch the arrows and return back to the cabin that he had to share with Halt.

Will wasn't too surprised when he saw Halt sitting on the porch with his coffee in had not really acknowledging the boy's arrival. Will coughed; Halt looked up raising a questioning eyebrow. "I-I'm done Halt." Will said while cursing himself for stuttering.

"I can see that, what exactly do you want me to do about that?" Halt asked, now putting down his coffee and looking Will in his eyes, making the boy flinch back but not noticeably to regular people.

Will opened his mouth to speak but no words came out, Halt looked at him and waited, "I was wondering if I could go out for a walk around." Will knew what he was going to do, he had one thing in mind and nothing was going to get him to change his mind.

"I don't see why not, just be back before nightfall." Halt said and stared at his coffee that he had picked up once again, and without a sound Will left.

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