Pulling Back: Part I of the Festival

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Halt inwardly sighed and went to see what Will was up to so early in the morning. He pulled his Ranger cloak around his body and pulled up his hood, Halt quietly exited out of his and Will's cabin and flittered into the shadows to watch Will. To say Halt was surprised was an understatement he was astonished, Will was sweating all the while switching between his bow and throwing his knife at the dummies. Even though Will had to go to each target and get the knife and sometimes to retrieve the arrows he would do it with a kind of grace that Halt had never seen before. Finally after the third round Will stopped and patted himself on the back, that motion just tore Halt's heart in half, he knew he should have been there trying to help Will.

"Good job Will; let's have a 5 minute break." He heard Will say to himself and watched the bow just throw down his bow, Halt frowned at the action and continued to watch Will as he walked over to the dummies and violently pulled out the arrows and his one throwing knife. Halt winced and was about to go out into the open to congratulate Will until he saw the boy go on full alert, his eyes scanning the area. Multiple times Will's eyes had met Halt's, Halt thought that Will hadn't noticed him as Will had just continued on, oh but he was dead wrong, the next thing Halt knew was that his Ranger cloak was pinned to the tree with Will's throwing knife and in a flash Will ran over more like glided over to his bow and notched the arrow, taking aim at another part of the Ranger's cloak and fired arrow after arrow until Halt couldn't move. "What do you think Halt? Am I ready to do solo missions yet?" Will asked as he looked at the defeated Ranger.

"Yes, also you have improved drastically I'm please." Halt said as he started to take the knife and arrows out of his cloak, Halt sighed as he looked at his holey cloak that needed mending and took it off.

Will felt a warmth in his chest that he hadn't felt since Morgarath had praised him, it was wonderful. Part. "What about the festival? Will I be able to go?" Will asked innocently, trying to play the good guy.

"You'll be able to go, but there is something I wanted to say and ask you. Come with me, let's take a walk." Halt said and motioned for the boy to come closer. Will hesitantly walked over to his mentor, or was it his ex-mentor now. Will looked at Halt and Halt looked back at Will, he knew that Will had wanted to say something but kept it to himself. Halt furrowed his brows in frustration, "What?" Halt couldn't take trying to read the boy anymore.

"What?" Will asked back confused.

"You were going to say something and I what to know what it is!" Halt exclaimed.

"What? I thought you were going to say something so I was waiting for you to say something first." Will replied back, aggravated by his ex-mentor.

"What do you mean? You were going to say something first and so I asked you 'what' first!" Halt bit back. Now both guys were confused.

"Never mind, what did you want to say though?" Will asked, hoping for the 'what' questions to be dropped.

"What?" Halt asked with a grin on his face.

"Jerk!" Will retorted and walked ahead of Halt who now started to walk faster to catch up to his apprentice. "What?" Will asked inwardly cursing himself for asking 'what'

"I wanted to know why you got up so early this morning and what happened yesterday." Halt asked looking around his surroundings.

"Why do you want to know?" Will asked raising an eyebrow.

Halt frowned, this was very un-Will like and he knew it and he was going to get to the bottom of why he was acting like this. "I want to know because you are not acting like yourself, so something must have happened in order to make to make you so late for coming back home."

"Home?" Will echoed with a flinch, Halt stopped as he saw the flinch in the boy's movements.

"Why did you just flinch?" Halt asked, his voice showing signs of anger.

"Sorry I just don't really consider that place as my home. I can't really think of it as my home, it's just a place that I temporarily live in until I become a full-fledged Ranger." Will responded quietly, avoiding the other question.

"Why is that Will?" Halt asked and he continued, he knew that Will just avoided his first question.

"What do you mean?" he asked, taken back,

"Why do you not consider my-our home also part of your home?"

"Simple I just don't, I grew up in the castle, which is home to me." Will responded and looked up to the lightening sky. The blue now not so dark, birds had already starting singing there wake up call. "Halt, I was wondering if in three days I can go back to the castle just to stay the night." Will asked as he looked down and shuffled his feet, trying to act like his usual self.

"It depends on what the Baron says, but-I honestly don't see the harm in it." Halt replied thoughtfully, he wanted to know what was going through his apprentice's mind; it was infuriating him to no end!

"REALLY!?" Will exclaimed taking Halt by surprise, Halt semi-smiled in a yes and the two started to head back for Halt's cabin. Will and Halt walked in totally silence, both practicing there stealth and speed. Will had stuck to the outside while Halt had stuck to the path, weaving in and out of the shadows. Will had spotted the cabin and started towards it, only to be intercepted by a blur which he knew was Halt.

"You did pretty well," Halt said, Will felt that warm feeling again at the complement, but this was no were at the ability he wanted to be at. "Why don't you go get cleaned up and-where is your bow?" Halt stopped, just rembereing that Will didn't have his bow the whole time.

"It's outside still I guess, I'll go get it." Will said and started back for the place he had trained only to be stopped by Halt.

"You've done enough for today, just go get cleaned up and take it easy until the festival." Halt said and went to go get Will's bow.

Will felt something totally off from his ex-mentor, he noticed that he was getting praised for reasons beyond him and it was making him feel very uneasy, it was like a calm before a storm. Not wanting to find out the real reason his ex-mentor was like that he decided to go get cleaned up and to take a long nap till it was time to go to the festival.

*Time Skip*

Halt woke up from his brief nap, it was time to wake Will up so that they could go to the festival. Halt got up and quickly got dressed into his 'casual' clothing, consisting of brown baggy pants and a faded green shirt. After he finished getting ready he headed to Will's room and found that the boy was already up and was getting ready.

"Halt does it matter what I wear?" Will asked as he sensed his ex-mentor at the door, Halt blinked trying to wrap his head over the fact that Will had already sensed him, he knew it took his apprentice a bit of time before he knew that he was there.

"No it doesn't, since you are ready lets go." Halt said and turned to leave. Will grinned at his victory, he had practiced sensing people and now he could sense if Halt was near, for that matter if anyone was near him. Will raced through the cabin and greeted Halt at the horses.

Will smiled slightly at Tug before approaching his horse; Tug picked his head up at Will and sniffed the air. Tug could smell some evil scent on Will and whinnied, instinctively he moved away trying to get away from Will. Halt stared and looked at his own horse Abelard who had started to whinny softly and also shying away from Will. "Tug it's just me, what's wrong?" Will asked, Halt looked at his own horse and frowned at Abelard's actions which was almost similar to Tug's. Halt shook his head and indicated for Will to go to him.

"You'll ride with me for today." Halt said and mounted onto Abelard and helped his apprentice up to the much protest of Abelard. "It's okay boy, he won't be on for to long." Halt whispered and started to head towards the Castle.

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