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Jyuushiro honestly hadn't been surprised when Shunsui suggested that they should experiment with each other. They already did everything else together; why not investigate with each other, too? The pale boy honestly didn't know what orientation he was; despite having been at the Academy for several years already, he hadn't found himself attracted to anyone. He wasn't sure if he just hadn't met the right person or he was too busy in his studies, but he found it bothersome not knowing what gender he liked.

Shunsui, however, just seemed to be curious. He had already slept with probably half of the females in their year level and some from the lower levels, but he wanted to know what it would be like with a male.

Currently, the two boys were sitting in Shunsui's dorm room, having just finished their classes for the day. Shunsui was as bright as ever, sipping at the sake bottle he had pulled out from under the bed as he happily discussed their plans for the evening.

"So, I was thinking that you would be the girl and all, Jyuu," Shunsui said, shrugging nonchalantly as if there was no way Jyuushiro would disagree with this.

Jyuushiro frowned. "Why do I have to be the girl?"

"Because I'm experienced and you're not." Shunsui flicked his friend's nose. "Besides, you look like a girl already now that you're growing your hair out."

Jyuushiro mumbled in reluctant agreement before he sighed. He stood up and pulled his shirt off, not really knowing what he was doing but wanting to please his best friend.

Shunsui watched in interest as the clothes came off Jyuushiro's skinny body. He had seen his friend naked before countless times for one reason or another, but he had never scrutinised the fragile Shinigami like this before.

Jyuushiro's body was skinny, as expected of someone with such a debilitating illness like him, but it reminded Shunsui greatly of a woman's body. The brunet crossed his legs and held his arms out, inviting his friend onto his lap. His hands moved along the frail chest, rubbing against sensitive nubs with tender movements.


Shunsui sat beside his friend, feeling disgusting with what he had done. He should have stopped when he realised that boys weren't something he was interested in, but his love for his friend had kept him going, and now he just felt repulsed by the younger.

Jyuushiro didn't seem to notice the way his friend's face was drained of all colour and instead rested his head on Shunsui's thigh, so lost in euphoria that he spoke his mind.

"Shunsui, I'm in love with you," Jyuushiro breathed happily, not thinking about the negative reaction this could have on his friend. "Thank you; you helped me realise my feelings for you."

Shunsui gagged at these words. He pushed his friend away and stood up before he rushed into the bathroom and vomited into the toilet, leaving a startled Jyuushiro alone.

Jyuushiro's eyes welled up with tears as he realised that his feelings hadn't been returned. He stood up and dragged himself over to the bed in the corner of the room, tears trailing down his face. He wrapped himself in the blanket and laid down, trying not to break down; it had taken intimacy for him to realise what he truly felt and, just minutes later, he had been rejected in such a cruel manner.

Jyuushiro knew that Shunsui wasn't going to come out of the bathroom anytime soon, so he allowed himself to cry quietly, not wanting to show Shunsui just how badly he had been hurt. He eventually cried himself to sleep, the ache in his heart present even within his dreams.

~~The next morning~~

The next morning, Jyuushiro had woken up to find his best friend sleeping in an uncomfortable angle on the chair, having left the younger male alone in the bed.

Jyuushiro sighed and glanced down at his lap, trying not to cry. He had been so stupid to believe that Shunsui could love him back, so why had he realised, in the throes of passion, that Shunsui was the only one he loved?

As silently as he could manage, Ukitake slipped out of bed. He winced at the pain in his backside, but he continued on with his task of getting dressed. Once he was sure all items of his were back on his body, he glanced over at Shunsui, his heart aching as he looked at the peaceful expression the brunet wore while sleeping.

As soon as the bedroom door clicked closed, Shunsui awoke. He knew, without even opening his eyes, that Jyuushiro was gone. He knew he had handled things the wrong way last night, but he didn't know what else to do. Why had he even suggested something as stupid as experimentation in the first place? He just hoped that he would be able to talk things out with his friend and go back to the way they were before – but deep down in his heart, he knew things would never be the same between them.