Jyuushiro and Toshiro hadn't been dating for even a week and already word had gotten out about it. People treated them differently, calling Hitsugaya confused and Ukitake a pedophile who was just using the boy for his own wants.

The two tried not to let it get them down, but it was hard when they were shunned almost everywhere they went. The Captain of the Tenth Squad, Isshin Shiba, seemed fine about it, happy to know his Third Seat was finally doing more in his life than just paperwork. Yamamoto didn't mind their relationship, having found out about the experiment between his two students and now was just happy to know the white-haired male was moving on. The only other person who seemed accepting of it was Toshiro's best friend, Momo Hinamori, and his Lieutenant, Rangiku Matsumoto, both girls looking at the boy like her little brother.

The Captain and Third-seat were sitting at Ugendo, eating lunch together. Toshiro was quiet, still trying to get over the latest batch of insults his squad members had thrown at him. They weren't happy about one of their highest ranking officers being a "little faggot" and, until Isshin had intervened, telling them to get back to their own posts.

"Are you okay, Shiro-chan?" Jyuushiro reached out and grabbed the boy's empty cup, refilling it with tea before he shoved another plate of sweets towards the younger. "Did someone say something again?"

Toshiro just shrugged, shaking his head at the candy he had been offered; he didn't like sweet things, but the older male didn't seem to ever remember this fact, no matter how many times he said it. "Doesn't matter if they did or not..."

"Of course it matters." Ukitake's arms outstretched as he pulled the boy into his lap. He held Toshiro tight, resting his face in shaggy white hair. "I don't want to see you feeling miserable."

Toshiro shrugged again before he pushed the older Shinigami away. "I have to get back to my own Division. I have to help with training the recruits. I'll see you later."

Jyuushiro smiled sadly, his eyes drooping a little as he nodded, knowing he couldn't keep his boyfriend in his arms all the time as much as he wanted to. "I'll be here all day, Shiro-chan."

Hitsugaya nodded, leaving the older male behind. It wasn't that he didn't want to be there – he truly did! – but truth be told, it was making him uncomfortable spending all his time with the white-haired man. He felt safe with the other, but the way everyone was treating them...

While Toshiro walked, he thought about what he was doing. He wondered if it was right to be with the Captain in the manner he was; everyone else carried on as if it were an abomination. He had always wanted to enforce rules and regulations, just do his work and be a good squad member.

So why did it feel like now he was going against everything he believed in? Was it right what he was doing? Or was it wrong like everyone else told him it was?


Toshiro blinked and looked up at his name. He stopped walking, looking into the face of an annoyed Kyōraku. He stepped back, putting a respectful distance between them before he nodded politely.

"Captain Kyōraku." Toshiro sighed, not wanting to talk to the brunet; he knew what the other had been doing to Jyuushiro, and he hated it. "Can I help you?"

Grey eyes narrowed in what Toshiro could only describe as jealousy. "What are you doing hanging around Jyuu." It wasn't a question.

Toshiro frowned; this was exactly what he had been trying to avoid. "What does it matter to you? You never wanted him."

Shunsui stepped closer, his lips curling into a menacing snarl. "You stay away from Jyuu. He doesn't deserve you."

"Like you deserve him." Toshiro couldn't stop himself from spitting his words out; he knew how much Ukitake loved and wanted to be with his best friend, but said friend had done nothing but push Jyuushiro away and treat him like a disease. "He loved you more than life itself, and you did nothing but make him feel like he was dirty for having such feelings. Now that someone is finally giving him what he's wanted after all these years, who are you to try and stop it? You denied him those feelings for long enough. Let him be happy."

Shunsui reached out and shoved at the small boy, a loud growl escaping his lips. "You can't have him."

"I can and I do." With that said, Toshiro turned his back to the irate Captain, storming off in the direction of the Tenth Division barracks. His mind was full of thoughts about Ukitake and Kyōraku, anger directed towards the brunet who had broken his best friend's heart countless times.

What had Ukitake seen in someone like that? The man cared nothing for love; the only thing he truly cared about was his precious sake and naps on the roof. Someone like that could never be a good partner. They'd neglect the other's needs and care only for themselves! And Jyuushiro was fragile, no matter how much he hid it! He'd need someone who didn't mind looking after him when the illness became too much, or was willing to lend an ear when he needed to talk.

Kyōraku would never deserve someone as loving and sweet as Ukitake. Ever.

With that in mind, Toshiro swore he would never lose Ukitake to someone who was merely jealous, no matter what.