A Fight For Life


Edward leaves me in the forest I turn my life around and become a Navy Seal run in to the Cullen's after a while Edward keep's confessing his love for me but I have to die a mortal life because he don't want me to be a monster, But my true mate is married and has as they call it a chosen mate because he is king of vampires Caius.

Caius hates human's so I have stayed of their radar, until I heard the Romanians were trying to kill him and him brothers so me and my 6 killed over 1000 vampires to protect the one man who should love me but he won't because I am human and he had chosen her over 1000 years ago so he won't want to give her up and poor jasper his real mate is my mates chosen I haven't told him because both couples are married and happy, my 6 find out about vampires on a mission so I had to explain they told me they had gifts to we asked the president to buy us a house in forks to make into a compound for us to practise now I'm dying and have asked the Volturi to turn my 6 and look after them I know they will try to be tricky I just hope Aro don't make me live in Volturra I know even though I said let me die he won't he wants my shield, I'm just waiting to see how tricky my boys are going to be. My name is Isabella Swan but if my mate and I were together I would be Isabella Volturiā€¦