A Fight For Life

I don't own Twilight Stephanie Meyer does so she's lucky I'm just using stuff from her book.

Bella & Caius

Chapter 5


What do I do my chosen is at home in the palace but my true mate is here in front of me, my chosen's mate is god of war.

Bella left it the way it was so she didn't wreck anyone's life bar her own, she know my feelings towards humans so she kept quite she knew I was married so she kept quite she knew Jasper was married and kept quite she let everyone be happy but herself and all she ask's now is for Aro to look after her team when she dies, she doesn't want to brake our lives apart and cause up heavel, but what does Bella really want?

Caius – "Bella can we talk please?"

Bella – "Yes we can Master Caius"

Caius – "You shouldn't call me that you have the right to call my own name."

Bella – "No I don't master your married and have a chosen mate, you are happy she is happy, there is no life for me, I will die and you will all have what you want just don't let certain people in Volturi near her or you will have problems, I want you happy I just cause pain that is why the Cullen's never wanted me I am too much trouble and not worth it."

"As Edward say' he loves me but not enough to love me forever I'm not good enough to be a vampire not worth you or the kings trouble just look after my 6 because if the Cullen's get away they plan to kill then and I mean dead, Alice & Edward don't want them alive because their gifts are better than there's and don't want the Volturi to have them my boys are loyal you do good to them they will do everything you want but they won't kill innocent people it's in their nature they are protectors not murders don't turn them against their nature,(I pull Caius's head to my mouth against his ear and whisper just enough for him and Aro to hear) I would have loved you so good and soo much but I want your happynes first I won't brake up the Volturi. (I speak normal voice now as Caius moves away just a bit)Jane, Alec, Dmitri & Felix when my boys are turned I told them to show the guard how we fought and trained as a Navy Seal they know over 4 different self defence and a few offence moves they will train you in weapons combat so if you do come up against a human in stead of making it look like an animal attack knock them out take them to where you know are drug dealers or gangs wait for the to wake up the shot the but with a silencer so no one human hears it a vampire will but humans won't make sure he has a unregested weapon one the human police can't trace let him shoot a few rounds with your speed you should be able to miss being hit the once he's fired a few rounds shoot him make it a clean shot through the heart or the back of the head, then the police will think it's a human thing and not something they find themselves on the end of a vampires mouth or snapped neck.(I started to cough and Carlisle ran up to me checking my body functions.)

Carlisle – "I am sorry Donny but her time is closer than I thought I would say 1 week maybe not even that."

John jumped up and pulled out his small version of a flame thrower and pointed in Carlisle's face.

Donny – "You lied to us Cullen you told us 2 months I should have realised bella shielded your head from me but I didn't pay attention but I am now she's too week to hold your shield all that's left is sound proof room but that works for me, You have done something to her what have you done to kill Bella?"

Aro looked around the room and seen all the guards faces they were shocked the Carlisle would stoop so low and do this instead of giving her a quick death, I looked at Caius he is going to dismember Carlisle but hasn't move since John pulled the weapon and aimed at Carlisle's head.

Caius – "John he will be punished but lower your weapon before more of us die please if he get's away when we turn you and you know you can control your blood lust you have free rein to kill all Cullen's Bella asked for ok?"

John – "Yes master Caius" I lower my gun but the doctor decideds to jump out the window, "Fuck you Cullen you will die and I won't stop with you eddie and you're mate die to and even though Bella don't want me to the pixie bitch dies aswell so run we will get you old man."

Aro – (standing their claping at john's speech) "well done young man I think we all will get along."

Caius – "We are turning her but I don't want Athena knowing yet I want an invitation sent to Jasper Whitlock saying he is need, Bella's request I know Jasper never ment to hurt her it was all Alice so invite the Whitlock Coven minuss Alice it's not like she likes them anyway." I look at the guard "No one tells anything to the wives you just say we got more gifts to join the Volturi, when Jasper turns up You tell me and he meets me and the brothers in my study when everyone is seated Dmitri & Felix will get Athena nothing is to be said to her she is to meet the Whitlock Coven ok."

The Guard – "Yes Master."

Waiting For The Whitlock's

Caius – While waiting for the Whitlocks we sat and talked we decided to turn everyone after this meeting.

Dmitri – "Masters here are the Whitlock coven."

Caius – "Give me 30 minutes then get Athena please, oh and go sit with bella please she asked for you to read to her while you wait 30 minutes."

Dmitri – "Yes master, if she get worse I will call for you."

Caius – "Thankyou Dmitri see you after."

Jasper – "Master Caius why is Bella here she should be at work in America."

Caius – "Carlisle never told you did he?" I look at the Whitlock Coven my eyes land on Peter and he nods at me, "Peter you gift is to know certain things right."

Peter – "Yes sir"

Caius – "Do you believe that Alice Cullen is Jasper Whitlock's true mate?"

Jasper yelled "What has my mate got to do with this."

Peter – "No master I have told him many times I don't know who his mate is but I know she is here and you know here."

Caius – "Yes you're right peter, I found out at the hospital in America, We received a letter from Bella on her death bed."

Jasper – "What do you mean death bed she is healthy nothing is wrong with her."

Donny – I step forward and Jasper see's me and stands, I cross my arms over my chest looking at him and that's when Jasper notices my pain sorrow and rage, "We started to use Carlisle as a doctor because of her slow aging do you remember our talk years ago Jasper? (Jasper nods his head) Well Carlisle tested her and injected her with stuff said it was all safe and there will be no problems But 1 month ago while on a mission she started to spew blood and human doctors can't find anything wrong with her, she asked the Cullen's to turn her they all voted no Eddie didn't want here forever just for her human life, so because the family said no Carlisle listened even though he is Coven leader so she sent a letter to Master Aro, Caius & Marcus asking them to turn her but to add more to the lottery as humans say Bella told the Volturi of our gifts and that was just to add enticement, the reason your Cullen's said no is because I am a mix of Aro and Eddie then john he is like Alice but he gets past & future then we have an empath, a medium and some other stuff, so alice & Eddie didn't want the Volturi to get their hands on us but as Bella was on her death bed she told us of a vision john had but she shielded his mind from everyone who could read minds because this news would hurt 2 married couples and we all know how selfless Bella is."

Jasper – "What was the vision John had that he told Bella about?"

Donny – "Jasper & Bella's true mates are in this palace, Your true mate is Athena Caius's wife and Bella's true mate is Caius now do you see why Bella never tried to come and get what is rightful hers I'm married your married she wanted us happy but I cannot give my true mate up but you deserved to know who your true mate is, so what are we going to do about it?"


As I sat and watched what was playing out I hoped Jasper would take his true mate because if he didn't Bella won't be turned she will die I know this now, "Jasper think about this really hard ok yes you love Alive but she is not made for you your true mate is you deserve to have the mating me and Char have, but all so think of this if you ignore it Bella will chose death because she won't want to se Athena unhappy and if they turn her like I think they are she is going to jump in the next fire she sees because she can't have what her heart wants. Look at what Eddie done he confesses his undying love but won't turn her because he doesn't want her forever he wants her blood when she was supposed to die of old age he was going to drain her and be proud of himself that he waited until her dying breath"


There was a knock at the door

Caius – "Come in" Dmitri and Athena walked in, "You can go back to the reading you were doing."

Dmitri – "Yes master"

Caius – "Athena this is the Whitlock coven peter whitlock and his mate Charlotte whitlock and there coven leader Major Jasper Whitlock God of war."

Athena – When I walked in to the room I knew my life was changing when I saw Jasper there I knew he was mine but how would Caius react.

Jasper – She's beautiful she's mine yes I loved Alice but Athena is my fate, I look at Caius and Peter and nod yes.

Caius – "Athena please take a seat near the Major please, (I can see her giving me one of her what's going on looks)Athena we have been able to find a few people in human form still who have gift's they use now, one is a seer past and future he has told me who your mate is and who mine is."

Athena – "Our true mate that's good though isn't it."

Caius – (This is going good so far) "We found out 2 days ago when I went to America to do bisness with aro and Marcus we got 6 men bigger then Dmitri who have gifts they do for a living Navy seal they work for the American government, this human girl knew about us and we granted the Cullen's a second chance to turn her but Edward Cullen didn't want her forever he hurt her called her names and put her down she thinks she's worthless on her death bed she wrote us a letter asking to be turned but when we got there she begged for us to look after her 6 man team and turn them aro asked why not turn her and she said if she was turned she would be here in Volturi and see her true mate with his wife and chosen mate, one of her 6 is the seer he seen her past and her future and when he told her who her mate was and who his chosen's mate true mate was she knew this 20 years ago she has kept close eye on us she and her 6 have killed over 1000 new borns sent from the Romanians to kill me and the other kings she has protected us from every foo out there she kept quite because she knew her mate was married and the and the womans true mate was married so she kept quite for 20 years but the seer told us because he want's her happy she won't allow us to turn her and if we do it against her will while her mate is still with his wife she is going to throw herself on to the fire, So what do we do how do we help her?"

Athena – "Tell the mates the truth and move on to their true mates."

Caius – "Even if it mean's the wife of her mates has to give up her title of Queen?"

Athena – "What do you mean who has to give up being queen my sister won't like that Caius."

Caius – "What if I said it's not your sisters."

Athena – "You mean me, I have to give up being queen and your chosen because you have your true mate, but what will I do where will I go she won't like me being here."

Caius – "She told us who your mate is Athena, Do you feel a pull to anyone in this room?"

Athena – "Yes I do the pull is to Major Whitlock, but isn't he married to the despicable pixie Cullen, Oh Jasper I fell sorry for you but if your with her I'm alone now Caius has his mate." Athena sits their dry sobbing.

Jasper – "Well now you say it your married to the old man there so how about we all ask for a divorce of sorts well I'll demand one from Alice because she will be a bitch about it. We leave here go get my stuff from the Cullen's we will have Peter & Char with us but I think Caius can get some of the guard to come and stay for 2-3 months until your settled then they can come home, and I can get of this horrible animal diet and go back to human's.

Caius – "OK, Aro can sort out what guard your taking, look after her we love each other but we feel out of love about the same time eddie snot tried to kill himself huh I wonder if I knew but on a subconcise level, All right I have to go talk my mate in being turned before she dies, Whitlocks do you want to say hello and bye now?"

They all nod their heads even Athena.