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Sharingan. The origin of the name is unknown, as is the name Mangekyo Sharingan. The eyes that were awakened by Arcturus potter during the thirteenth century is considered to be a fable in the Wizarding world, like the Deathly Hallows, or Merlin Emrys.

These eyes made Arcturus Potter a wizard so exceptional that he was hailed as the second coming of Emrys himself. The fabled Sharingan is gives its possessor an ability to see magic itself, along with an ability to see through suggestions and illusory magic.

The most feared known ability of these legendary eyes, however, is its ability to comprehend and copy the flow of magic, as well as the actions of the human. It gives a powerful edge in battle with its near precognition, as well as a way to counter spells by picking apart strands of magic, an ability that requires years of study even with those eyes.

Arcturus Potter is documented to have found a tablet that describes the eyes and its attributes. Extreme feelings of loss catapult the Sharingan to its next stage of evolution, Mangekyo Sharingan, whose abilities are unique to the user. Arcturus Potter's abilities with those eyes are forgotten, but it is recorded that he was able to wipe out legions of attacking soldiers with them. Their abilities are not known, as no one who fought Arcturus when he activated those eyes lived to tell the tale.

Arcturus Potter is recorded to have gone blind with the excessive use of his Mangekyo and died eventually. The goblins of Gringotts however uncovered letters of Arcturus addressed to his friend, and later the Goblin King Ragnok the first, which hypothesized that blindness from the Mangekyo can be avoided with the transplant of another pair of Sharingan eyes to the Mangekyo user.

It is not known how Arcturus uncovered this, but it is assumed that it was known to him through the contents of the lost tablet.

The power and abilities of these new eyes are unknown, but Arcturus calls them 'Eternal'. Whatever these eyes are, their potential and powers would be frightening in the extreme. It is fact that besides its own fearsome techniques, the basic abilities of the Sharingan would be amplified many times in these eyes.

It is also extrapolated by Department researchers that the bearer of these Eternal eyes, or even Sharingan, would be able to use wandless magic effortlessly due to the high concentration of magic in their bodies. Much is unknown about the Eternal Mangekyo.

From Arcturus' life we hypothesize that the ability with the eyes grows with the skill of the wizard.

These eyes are said to be a gift of Magic itself, and the eternal eyes' strength has been debated for centuries among magical scholars and recently by Department researchers.

Arcturus documented in his secret writings, currently at the Department of Mysteries, the powers of the Mangekyo. These writings whose existence is known only within the department, and is actually read only by the Highest echelons of the Department, might provide clues to the nature of those fabled eyes.

Arcturus whose name is synonymous with extreme power-

"Harry", came Hermione's whispered voice causing Harry to close the book with a sigh. Staying with the Weasleys was better than the Dursleys or worse, the traitors.

They were in the Quidditch World Cup campsite, in a quaint tent set up by . Harry had immersed himself in the book James Potter had given him. It was useful information. Harry did not even look like Harry anymore, with black eyes, a mane of hair framing his face and descending to his shoulders. He was as tall as Ron, as lean as Percy and strong despite his appearance.

But it was the way he spoke and acted that alarmed them. It was deliberate, cold and calculating, something that was as out of place in the Weasley family as Dumbledore in a death eater cabal.

Harry had made no attempt to mask his changes. No. He would devote time to mastering his eyes and magic. There was so much to his eyes…He was making good progress through the book.

He knew what James was up to. He was dangling information in front of Harry, trying to reunite him with his 'family'. Harry wouldn't fall for it, not now. His mind was too mature and saw too deep. He would accomplish his goals by himself. No Potter would be associated with him again, except being his victims. But that day was a long time off. He needed to gather strength first.

"Harry, it's time to sleep. asked us all to go to sleep." Hermione said in a hushed voice. Of all his friends, only Hermione had remained by his side. Harry knew her to be trustworthy, he knew her to be fiercely loyal, even without the Sharingan.

Ron appeared to be hesitant to converse with this greatly changed Harry, even though he knew the truth that he had been imprisoned. Harry did not begrudge Ron his distance, he knew Ron was quite slow to adapt.

"I cannot sleep, Hermione. I cannot. Too many bad dreams…" said Harry honestly. A person could not go through life trusting no one, he knew that well. He could begin to trust Hermione, who had stayed by him always.

He would trust only her, though. Ron was too wild for his goals, too enslaved to personal whims. He was inadequate, in other words. Hermione was everything Ron was not.

"Do you want to go for a walk?", asked Hermione.

"Yes. I would like that."

The two friends got out of the tent, informing who asked them to return soon. They got out into the stunning campsite, adorned with shamrocks and thousands of tents.

Bulgaria against Ireland. Harry felt no inclination to play or see Quidditch. Power was paramount in the world.

The strong would trample the weak, play with them, torture them…it was all about the strongest. He had learned that in Azkaban.

He would become the most powerful sorcerer ever seen, more than even Myrddin Emrys or Arcturus Potter.

"There is only power and those too weak to see it", he whispered. He understood what Voldemort had tried to tell him. He understood to his bones.

Hermione had gone pale. "Harry, what was that you said?"

"Hermione…Can I trust you?" he asked, activating his Sharingan.

He was behind Hermione, examining her body's reaction to her thoughts. She was admiring the moon with her back to him, and he could see no hesitation or deception in her. He took his risk, and his eyes morphed into the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan.

"With your life, Harry." She said with resolve plain in her voice.

Harry sighed with relief. Still no deception, even with these eyes on her. His eyes went back to normal.

She was good.

"I believe you. To answer your question, I said that power is the most absolute thing in this world. It knows no bias or emotion, it is pure. It is unambiguous. Voldemort…was right in my first year…"

Hermione turned abruptly, and dragged an amused Harry through the campsite and a good distance into the surrounding woods. The chirp of the nocturnal creatures was enough to cover their conversation.

She whirled and faced him, her hands shaking.

"What did they do to you? The Dementors would never drive you to this! You have become like a cold assassin, like a warrior from what I have seen of you. You look worse than Sirius did when he returned…", she said in a distraught voice.

Harry looked at Hermione closely. If he had to trust anyone, it would be her. He could never accomplish his goals alone, however powerful he became.

"What do you know of the Cruciatus curse, Hermione?"

Hermione gasped, tears falling down her face. How could they…hadn't he suffered enough?

"They didn't…" she whispered. She couldn't think. She didn't want to.

"They did. Fifteen days of it, two hours each day. Then they beat me nearly to death for another ten days. I was fed well, though…"

Anguish and pain tore through Hermione as she heard the truth of his imprisonment. She flung herself onto Harry, sobbing her heart out.

"Harry…I am so sorry…so sorry…" she cried, cringing at the thought of what he must have undergone. Anger filled her, she wanted to kill Dumbledore and Fudge. For the first time in her life, she steadily began losing her faith in authority.

Harry patted her back, and disengaged. It seemed Hermione could see things his way, if he tried to make her.

"Hermione, do you want to reach your fullest potential? Be all you can be?"

"I…I do, Harry. But there are lines I won't cross…"

"Yes, the lines. Who drew them, Hermione? It all comes down to protecting your precious and loved ones, does it not? But what if those very people betray you?"

Hermione wiped her eyes, anger in her eyes.

"You mean Dumbledore?" she hissed.

"Not only him, but some other people too. They sacrificed my happiness to give me power, arguing that to be alive I needed that power. They were the ones who are responsible for my miseries in life…and no, I cannot tell you who. I need to accept it myself first…"

Hermione was getting too angry, he could tell.

"They were wrong. I would choose for a child to die happy than to push him into a long existence of misery and scars! They deserve to suffer! And how are you so calm?", she asked incredulously.

"I am calm because I need to be so. I need to become the strongest wizard ever, and that cannot happen with a conflicted mind. And I agree with you about those people..." said Harry.

"What was that about you agreeing with Voldemort?"

"He said there is only power and those too weak to see it, in my first year. And do not worry, I do not plan to become like him, I am too different. But I do agree with him that certain beliefs limit my potential. I plan to bring change to the Wizarding World! I will change it into a world where there is no misery or suffering, no matter the cost! I swear it by the sanctity of magic!"

Hermione stared at him, his silhouette outlined by the moonlight. It occurred to her that she might be witnessing the making of history as Harry resolved to remake the world.

She knew what Harry was going to ask her, and made her decision.

"I do not agree with you about power being everything, but I will never judge you Harry. I don't need to agree with you to help you, do I? Anyway, if the Ministry could …could cruciate you…" here tears started flowing again.

Harry smiled, snaking an arm around her waist. She laid her head on his shoulder and they watched the beautiful and silent campsite together.

He had found his first true ally.


It was Quidditch as Harry had never seen it played before. Even Hermione, who had been solemn since their conversation the other night was consumed by the sheer adrenaline of the hundred-thousand strong crowd.

The players were just blurs. Invisible to the naked eye.

"Volkov-Vulchanov-Dimitri…Oh I Say!", shouted Ludo Bagman, the procurer of tickets for the Weasley family.

The Weasleys were on the edge of their seats, Ron and the twins were practically dancing on theirs. Rooting for Bulgaria one moment and Ireland the other.

They needed omnioculars to follow the game. But Harry did not. He sat stoically, not sharing in the adulation of the crowd. The Weasleys did not even look at his oddity, drinking in the high of the game.

The game itself mattered little to Harry, who instead activated the Sharingan and registered the way the players flew. Especially Krum and Lynch. He could not believe the grace and speed with which they used the Firebolt.

So he copied their grace. He copied their moves and their styles. Krum was aggressive and relied on reflexes.

Lynch was cautious and strategic, making unexpected yet complex moves. Harry could see clearly their extreme conditioning of body.

A lesson for him. To use the Sharingan to its fullest extent in a duel, he would have to master not the eyes but the body as well.

He had to eat better, and push himself to his limits magically and physically.

It was worth coming to this thing. He had picked up ways of flying that were incredible. With considerable practice, he could be as good as Krum. He could not believe the potential of his eyes, and to think he was scratching only the barest surface!

He could feel Fudge staring at him regretfully from the front row, and he stared back coldly. The minister gasped, seeing the Sharingan activated within everyone's view.

Harry could feel the hatred rising within him like a volcano. He met Fudge's eyes with his own, willing the traitorous minister to feel pain. The pain he had felt with the Cruciatus curse, ten times over.

Fudge started screaming his lungs out, feeling pain like he had been stabbed a thousand times with white hot knives, his bones crushed to powder, his eyes being gouged out…

"Krum is diving!" roared Ludo Bagman. Harry sighed, taking his eyes off Fudge. He did not want to miss any of Krum's extraordinary flying.

Fudge gasped huge breaths, steadying himself with a counter spell. No one had noticed his screaming, caught up in the match.

Harry, his mind already off Fudge, stared up at Krum with his Sharingan, predicting his moves clearly. He could easily anticipate Krum now, after observing him for this much time.

Krum was feinting, and lynch was taking the bait.

"They are going to fall!" shouted Hermione. Ron and the twins shouted in denial. Bill, Charlie and Arthur just watched from the edge of their seats.

As Harry had expected, Krum expertly barrelled upwards inches shy of the ground but Lynch crashed.

"Wronski Feint!" shouted the crowd and Bagman. Ron was dancing in his seat as were Fred and George.

Bill shook his head with Charlie. "Idiot, Krum was feinting…"

Harry stared back at Fudge, who was clearly back to normal after that little session and looking regretful. He frowned. Clearly he needed more practice, if his illusion magic was thrown off that easily.

The journal described that the Sharingan's illusions could be thrown off with effort and skill, but it hinted that the Mangekyo Sharingan's illusory power was absolute.

Fudge was back to normal, and was staring at the game with trepidation. Suddenly Harry felt something dip into his back pocket.

He turned and saw an outline of a figure weave through the crowd. His Sharingan picked up traces of his wand with the figure. He had to follow before he lost that wand. It was not needed, but he could not reveal that he did not need wands yet.

He made to follow the figure which was trying to make its way out of the stadium with his wand held at its side.

Invisibility cloak. It had an invisibility cloak. He could see that the man possessed strong magic, but his details were shrouded even to his eyes.

They got out of the stadium after a lot of jostling, coming out into the empty campsite.

The figure made his way into the woods, and Harry followed, intrigued. He tailed some distance behind the thief, using the trees as his cover.

After twenty minutes of ambling through the woods, he suddenly heard an explosion of cheers through the stadium.

The Weasleys would be on edge, looking for him. He could not draw attention to himself yet, not in this way.

He raised his hand and pointed it at the retreating figure.


A jet of scarlet light blasted from his raised hand towards the cloaked figure. Suddenly, what appeared to be a house-elf materialized in front of the now rapidly fleeing cloaked figure.

And slapped his spell away.

"You shall not hurt master!" shouted the clearly female house-elf.

Harry was furious. That stupid elf had caused him to lose his wand!

His eyes morphed to the Eternal Mangekyo, searching this way and that for the thief. He didn't give two hoots about the elf.

"ACCURSED EYES! ACCURSED EYES!" wailed little elf with fear, disapparating with a loud crack.

Harry swore, his anger rising by the second. He did not know enough duelling spells to beat anyone, nor had he mastered the Mangekyo enough to be a threat.

"Incendio!" he roared the strongest fire spell he knew.

A huge ball of fire blasted out of his hand towards the former location of the thief, much larger than the normal effect of the spell.

The trees caught fire, spreading rapidly. The forest fire began taking form in earnest, causing Harry to smile and bolt in the other direction.

That should make it difficult for the thief to remain undetected. Add to that the officials that would come to investigate the fire…it was perfect.

The thief was done for. He calmly ran back to their tent, his smile not fading.


"HARRY!" screamed Ron. The Weasleys seemed frantic, Hermione was in hysterics.

"Where the heck were you, Harry? The match is over, Bulgaria lost! Krum caught the snitch-"

"Enough, Ron! Harry you scared the living daylights out of us! Where did you run off to?" asked Charlie angrily.

Harry looked at him.

"My wand is lost, and I tried to find it."

"Merlin! Dad, we need to register a complaint with DMLE. Who knows what they could do with the thing?" said Bill, causing Arthur to look at them seriously.

"Harry, you should have told us. No matter, we shall inform DMLE straight away. You three go directly to the tents and stay there, it's getting dark. We might be a while before we return. Don't wait up for Fred and George, though, they are with Bagman. Go."

The trio nodded and walked back in the direction of the tents, Ron and Hermione looking at Harry inquisitively.

They reached the tents and once they were in, Ron accosted him.

"What's up with you, Harry? Do you understand how worried we were when you just up and left? I know you went through some bad things, but that doesn't mean-"

Hermione who was staring open-mouthed at his last remark just shut him up with an elbow to his rib.

"Don't listen to him, Harry."

Harry just stared at Ron, who began to squirm under his gaze. Some bad things? He was tempted to use Sharingan to give him a little taste.

But he just stared more at him, and nodded to Hermione. Then he proceeded to his bed where he could actually do something useful, like learn more of his eyes.

He dimly heard Hermione and Ron go into one of their bickering rants.


Harry stood outside the tent, thinking. It was already dark, and the Weasleys were still due. He knew that the thief of his wand could be anywhere.

That wand was hardly important. He could always buy another. The campsite was empty, all the people in their tents.

Apparently, Krum had caught the snitch to finish the game early, to finish it on his own terms. He could understand what the Bulgarian seeker had tried to do.

It was a matter of control. Controlling the situation was sometimes more important than loss or win.

Hermione had gone to sleep, as had Ron. He was waiting outside for news. If the Weasleys alerted the DMLE, then Dumbledore would know as well.

He respected Dumbledore, even if he wanted to utterly destroy the man. The leader of the light was not really the benevolent man everyone thought him to be.

He was willing to go dark to save the light. He had consigned Harry to hell, thinking to give weapons…no, to turn him into a weapon.

Hatred rose in Harry like a poison, before he tamed it. Emotions were weakness.

His face turned emotionless, as he surveyed the camp for any signs of the Weasleys. He had his Eternal Mangekyo activated.


He recognized the magical signatures of four people, three wanted and one not wanted.

Dumbledore was here again.

"Harry, nice to see you again!" said Dumbledore. Harry just stared back at the man his Eternal Mangekyo blazing. Dumbledore stiffened and blocked Harry from the Weasleys' view.

"Arthur, let me tell Harry what happened. You go back to the tent."

Arthur nodded to Harry. "We'll be in the tent, Harry. Oh, and we leave at first light tomorrow. Be prepared to rise early."

Bill, Charlie and Arthur departed to the tent with a wave to Harry, who did not respond. He just kept on staring at Dumbledore, no expressions showing on his face.

Dumbledore waved his wand, and the air around them grew still. Harry registered the flow of magic and its effects.

A privacy spell.

He too raised his hand, and the air grew even more still. He had copied what Dumbledore had done, and had mimicked the spell to a certain degree.

"Well done, Harry. The Sharingan is truly marvellous. To learn spells so instantaneously is great. But you will have to master them with work, if you want to use them in all their versatility."

Harry stared at Dumbledore.

"Well, Professor. I am sure you want something from me. Why are you here?"

Dumbledore sighed. It was frightening how Harry had leashed his emotions.

"I know it is too much to ask for you to forgive me, Harry…but can you at least make amends with your parents? James did not have anything to do with your torture, it was all my idea. The hesitation you sensed when you asked him that question was simply him thinking about his role in the research for those eyes. To a parent, losing a child is worse than anything else. You can never understand."

"Alright, Dumbledore. I will forgive them…when they have experienced every single shred of the pain they caused me. They are vermin. Less than vermin." he said in a glacial hiss.

Dumbledore sighed. "I…should have expected that. I know you set fire to the forest, Harry. And that you tortured Cornelius with visions of the Cruciatus. May I ask why you did those things?"

Harry was amused.

"What…no Azkaban this time, Dumbledore? As for your question, it was because I felt like it. Fudge deserves much more…and you, you will pay in agony what no human has ever done until now. You killed the love in me, Albus. The very love you claim is the most powerful magic on earth."

Dumbledore's eyes were shining with unshed tears.

"It was…for your good, and the greater good, Harry. The magical people suffered too much in the first war, you have no idea. If I have to sacrifice my soul to keep them happy, it was still in me to do it. You cannot know how much I regret all this happening to you, Harry. But there was no other way. The eyes you have should be awakened through betrayal and pain. You don't understand…."

Harry shook his head, amusement still on his face.

"You were alarmed by that fraud's prophecy, weren't you? That was why I was thrown into Azkaban. So you could have a weapon ready for Voldemort's return? Wily, Albus. You have turned me into something like yourself. That is why I will not denounce you yet. I will first get ready for Voldemort, and then you will pay."

Dumbledore looked resigned and old. "If my death will bring you peace, then so be it. But as you say, you are not yet strong enough. I can teach you, Harry. I can teach you how to truly use magic, and with my expertise and those eyes of yours I daresay you can become stronger than me in a couple years. It is all I can do to make it up to you. Your parents and I desire you to live, Harry. We want you to live. This is all we can say for ourselves. We are ready to die by your hand if it brings you peace…but I know you will not do that."

Rage rose in Harry, more than he had ever known before. He fixed his eternal eyes upon the Headmaster's own blue ones.

Dumbledore did not look away.

"They made their own child suffer to see him live? I hate them! I hate you!"

He wanted his parents and Dumbledore to suffer. He wanted them to suffer so much that they would be in a psych ward for the rest of their lives.

He shuddered, feeling something burning in his Eternal Mangekyo. It became stronger by the second, and a word came unbidden to his mind. It was something he knew would satisfy his wish. He heard the word clearly in his mind.

The burning stopped, and his eyes felt different. He knew a little more about them.

Dumbledore was waving his wand, muttering healing spells at Harry to no avail. He stopped and stared as Harry fixed him with a maniacal grin, the eternal Mangekyo blazing.


Dumbledore found himself strapped to a cross in a red world with racing white clouds. He could still feel his magic, and he knew he was trapped in an illusion spell.

The illusion of the Eternal Mangekyo. Something rumoured to be so strong that not even the strongest wizard could break through it.

"I feel great, in control" said Harry. He stared at Dumbledore strapped on to the cross, looking helpless. He felt at home in this world, like it was his own mind creating a place of control for him.

He grinned. The old traitor's mind was his plaything in this world. He materialized a sword in his hand and appeared in front of Dumbledore.

"These eyes of mine can beat even you, Dumbledore. My magic may not be as strong as yours yet, but my eyes…"

He stabbed Dumbledore causing him to scream.

"I feel I am god in here. This is my world, and I can torture you for a long time here. CRUCIO!"

Dumbledore screamed at the top of his voice. Harry was grinning madly now, seeing Dumbledore in the throes of the same pain he had felt. He felt good.

He stabbed Dumbledore again, causing him to yell out loudly. The old man slumped on his cross, breathing heavily.

Dumbledore began lighting up like a matchstick, feeling the pain of fire consuming him alive. The traitor was helpless in the face of this illusion, Harry thought.

Dumbledore's eyes were rolling in his head, tears streaming down continuously. Harry laughed.

And laughed. His parents would be next. He would torture them with the very eyes they abandoned him for. The very eyes they had given him.

Suddenly, soothing phoenix song ran through his mind, causing his illusion to waver. Dumbledore was barely conscious now.

Feelings he had thought were buried came surging inside harry. Why am I becoming like Voldemort? This world does not need another Dark Lord. Am I going to cause someone else the same misery these cretins caused me?

That thought caused a wellspring of emotion in his chest, and he let go of Dumbledore. Tsukuyomi dissipated, leaving Dumbledore unconscious on the ground.

Harry stared at his watch, seeing what had been half an hour in the illusionary world was only a second in the real world.

Amazing, I really am god in my Illusion. What other powers do these eyes have…?

Phoenix song continued, soothing Harry's hate. He felt at peace as he listened to its song. Fawkes materialized over Dumbledore in a burst of fire, and shed healing tears over the fallen wizard.

Dumbledore stirred and opened his eyes. Then he slowly stood up.

"I deserve that and more, but did that make you happy, Harry?" he asked tiredly.

"It did. But I am an avenger, not darkness. I am not light either. I am like you. To change this world into one of happiness, I will sacrifice anything. Even you, Dumbledore, if you stand in my way. Even those vermin parents of mine. You owe me, and I intend to collect. Are we clear?"

Dumbledore nodded, the pain of the torture still in his eyes. Harry smiled. He had not even begun to tap into his Eternal Mangekyo's strength, and he could still incapacitate Dumbledore.

He had a feeling Dumbledore was only taken by surprise, but to trap someone of his strength…his satisfaction was rising. Once he mastered these eyes, not even Fawkes would be able to break his power.

That thought sent warm satisfaction flowing through him.

Only then would he move against the current Ministry. Killing Dumbledore in cold blood like this would be foolish even if he had the rare element of surprise for once. Time to use Dumbledore's emotions against him.

"So you will consider my offer of apprenticeship?" asked the old Wizard.

Harry laughed. "No, No I won't. I will never trust you. I hate you. And don't even consider the Potters. I will discover and master magic's mysteries alone. I wish for you and the head of the Department of Mysteries to take an unbreakable oath not to manipulate or coerce me anymore. Anything I require, any help, I will ask you. Clear?"

"I understand. Thank you for not killing me in your illusion. And to hear our oath, you can accompany me to Hogwarts in the morning. Croaker and I will say the words there on behalf of the Department. Our only intention was for you to get to Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan."

Harry did not respond. Suddenly there was screaming on the campsite. Eternal Mangekyo active, Harry looked towards the source of the commotion.

Multiple masked men were going through the tents, setting them on fire. He observed the magic they were casting and disappointedly sighed. It was the basic fire spell. Nothing new.

He had to fight one of them if he wanted newer and more powerful spells. Death Eaters were good duellists.

"HARRY!" shouted Hermione and Ron, rushing out of the tent towards him and Dumbledore.

They sighed in relief as they saw Dumbledore. They were safe if the Light lord himself was here.

Dumbledore raised his wand and pointed it at Harry.

"I cannot let the Dark find out about your eyes yet, Harry. I will send you deep into the woods with Miss Granger and Mister Weasley."

Before Harry could object, he waved his wand. The eternal Mangekyo observed and copied the magic Dumbledore cast. The next thing Harry knew, he was standing in woods with a bewildered Hermione and Ron.

He looked about with the Mangekyo and saw something that made his heart beat faster. Dumbledore had sent him directly where the thief of his wand was located.

The thief was still not visible as he had cast some kind of charm on himself. Harry had to take him by surprise and draw out the fight if he had to have any chance of learning true and deadly duelling magic. It was a golden chance.

But first, Ron and Hermione. The two were looking around trying to gauge where they were.

"Ron, Hermione. I know the spell Dumbledore cast on us. I have not mastered it, but I can do it. I can send you back to somewhere in the campsite. Once you go there, tell Dumbledore of what I did. He will get me himself. Understand?"

Hermione and Ron stared at him, freaked by his calmness.

"How will you do that without a wand?" .Hermione looked worried and afraid, presumably for him.

Harry raised his hand, molding magic the way Dumbledore had done. Hermione had opened her mouth in denial, but she and Ron disappeared in a flash of light.

Harry sighed with relief. Hermione was not strong enough, yet. She might be strong with magic, but she was still soft. He had lost that in Azkaban. Hermione would be his anchor to what he was once.

An anchor to ensure he was grey, neither light nor dark.

Somehow he felt Hermione was too good for the world. He did not want her to sully herself with the sins he would commit.

Your Tortures made me hate and want to kill only you, Dumbledore. And you, Potters. I am not fully broken yet, it seems.

He ran hard towards the thief, who had just muttered a spell at a twig, making it glow blue.

The thief touched the twig and began to dematerialize. Harry dived and caught him.

A Portkey. He felt the familiar jerk behind his navel and felt a flying sensation. Suddenly he was upon his foot, a little dizzy.

He looked around, and saw they were just a ways off from the burning campsite. The tents were on fire, and spells flew everywhere. The ministry wizards were trying to subdue the malcontents.

The still invisible thief, ran from Harry to the edge of the clearing and pointed the phoenix feather wand at the sky.


A huge shining green skull, with a serpent coming out of its mouth materialized in the sky. There was dead silence from the campsite for a moment, and the ministry wizards were suddenly pushing the black robed wizards back.

Harry turned on his Eternal Mangekyo, copying the spell. This one was simple enough, and the thief had even said the incantation. He stayed a good distance from the thief, not wanting to reveal his eyes yet. He made sure his eyes were shrouded in the darkness of the clearing.

He pointed his hand toward the thief.


"Protego!" the thief countered and Harry neatly dodged his own spell sent back at him. He observed closely how his opponent cast that shielding spell. Sharingan eyes recorded it perfectly.

Time for some learning. He had to push the thief to using more spells.

He slashed his hand through the air. This was a spell he was intimately familiar with.


The attacker's eyes widened and he dove out of the way frantically. Harry's curse hit a tree branch, causing it to spin off forcefully into the distance.

He raised Harry's wand, pointing it directly at what he could see of his head.

Harry could see large amounts of magic twisting into shape at the tip of his wand. It was menacing. It was felt like death.

Still he looked, not wanting to miss the spell. This was what he was waiting for.

"Avada Kedavra!"

Green light blasted from the tip of Harry's wand, but Harry saw it coming from a mile away with his Eternal Mangekyo active.

He twisted to the side, letting the green light pass him by harmlessly.

"Avada Kedavra!" he said, responding with the same curse with his right hand raised. The thief did not realize he was giving his opponent weapons, and was unprepared for a boy to cast that curse.

It struck him right in the chest, and he flew back into a tree. Harry walked forward in relief, going to take his wand back. He had learnt strong curses today. It was a productive fight.

A strong wave of magic burst from the supine thief, whose features were still invisible. Harry noted with surprise that he was still conscious.

The thief woke up groggily, and Harry saw that his magic was boiling in its anger. The thief was bleeding thoroughly, most of it from his nose.

Harry watched calmly. That last curse needed some practice.

"YOU DARE TO CAST THE KILLING CURSE ON ME, BOY!" The thief shouted, raising Harry's wand in anger.

Harry watched calmly, not betraying his eagerness. He had learnt the killing curse! He observed closely with the Sharingan as the thief gathered large amounts of magic with the wand once more.

He could see the magic taking the shape of animals everywhere. The Eternal Mangekyo suddenly shone, but the thief was caught up in his spell, making complex wand movements.

Harry watched with fascination as the thief thrust his wand into the air and yelled,


A low rumbling fire was born on the tip of the wand and suddenly exploded into a column of fire.

To Harry's fascinated and eternal eyes, the magic that had taken the form of animals suddenly burst into fire.

The fire was growing at an alarming rate consuming the entire clearing. Harry did not care, memorizing how the magic was cast.

The thief stood there, and his happiness was evident to Harry. Massive phoenixes , chimaeras, and basilisks of fire in their multitudes took form all around the clearing and began consuming the forest in all directions.

A phoenix and a basilisk of unbelievably hot fire rushed towards Harry, vaporizing everything in their path.

Harry's skin was burning. He had no option but to mimic the same spell. The eternal Mangekyo shone red as he stood in the epicentre of the fiendfyre, and prepared to defend himself with the same curse.

"FINITE INCATATEM!" shouted thirty voices, trying to suppress the flames. Harry turned towards them, but even his Eternal Mangekyo could not see through the flames. What was this spell. Was it Dark Magic? Is this the power of dark magic?

The thief made to run once more as he could not hold the fire spell against thirty wizards actively suppressing it. He let the flames die out slowly.


Harry caught his wand deftly, disarming the distracted thief. He could see the magic building beyond the destroyed area of the forest, and knew that the wizards were preparing their own spells.

Suddenly he felt something pull him by his navel. He felt himself flying, it was curiously like a Portkey.

He landed on familiar ground, deactivating his eyes and stowing his wand back into his robes.

He allowed himself a small smile as Hermione flung herself into his arms, and Ron patted his back.

Dumbledore looked at the trio with relief, and Harry returned a cold look. The traitor had done something right at last, thought the young Potter. He was not even close to holding off thirty wizards by himself, and he had spied the magic of two of them.

They were strong, very strong. One was as strong as Lily Potter and that was strong indeed.

Good time to bring me back, Dumbledore.