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Shindou Takuto was Yamana Akane's beloved. He was everything to her; he would even give up her life for him. Because he was what she believes in. He's someone...who would never, ever betray her.

...Isn't he?

"Takuto!" Akane called. Shindou was just playing his usual piano inside his house; Akane was free to go in and out whenever she wanted. She was, after all, his fiance. His soon-to-be bride.

"...Akane." Shindou looked up from his piano keys, and smiled. It looks like a whole-hearted smile to Akane, who was blind from all the love he gave her—from all the affection he showed to her.

In actuality, it was a fake smile; hard to notice nonetheless.

"Takuto, Takuto, let's go to the amusement park!" said Akane.

"I can't today, Akane. I'm pretty busy..." said Shindou, smile disappeared from his face—there was no trace of it at all.

"What are your plans?" Akane asked, disappointment showing on her face.

"I... have to meet a few of my mates to discuss our projects. I wont be out long." Shindou said, fidgeting albeit a little bit. He was a really bad liar.

However; as bad as he is, Akane was still thicker than that.

"I see... I'll text Okatsu then! I'll just go out with her." Said Akane, kissing Shindou's cheek. And then she turned around, walking towards the exit. Okatsu was her bestest friend; the only person that understands her so well.

"No-" Shindou abruptly closed his mouth.

"Huh? Did you just said something?" Akane turned her head.

"I-I didn't."

"Okay, I'll be going then!" Akane, without any suspicion, skipped out of the room.

"...Akane... Okatsu..." Shindou murmured, eyes looking down sorrowfully.

Akane whipped out her phone outside the room. She had always hated when people looked at her texting or phoning someone. It's just... uncanny, you know. That weird feeling.

She quickly typed in a simple message, [Okatsu-chan~ Let's go to the amusement park today!] and walked out of her fiancee's mansion.

While waiting for a reply, she stopped to a nearby park and sat at a bench facing a fountain. The place was void of people save for an old woman along with two children. Here, she was able to text without being watched.

Soon, the anticipated reply came. But what the message contained put up a pout in Akane's lips.

[I'm sorry, Akane-chan! But I'm pretty busy today, so I can't come.] Okatsu's reply reminded Akane of Shindou. What was in today that everyone's so busy?

[Eh? Then, who should I go with?]

Akane replied after, Hoping that Okatsu changes her mind and cancel her work. Going to the amusement park alone wasn't a choice. And even if she takes other friends with her, it would still be boring without her beloved fiance or best friend.

[I'm really sorry, Akane-chan.. I'll just take you out next time alright?] Akane read from her phone and sighed. So she isn't going to change her mind after all..

[Alright...It's a promise okay? Text me after you finish your work.] With that, Akane pocketed her phone. With a sigh, she murmured, "..I really want to go to the amusement park..."

Closing her eyes to think deep in her mind, she came into a conclusion. 'I'll just plead Okatsu-chan to come with me today!' She happily thought as she stood up. She knew Okatsu well; just one flash of her puppy eyes could change the girl's mind. And that was what she's going to do.

'I'll surprise Okatsu-chan and force her to come~' Akane giggled silently as she started to walk.

She was going to give her best friend a surprise visit; that was her plan. But what awaited there was not just a surprise for the black haired friend, but also her herself.

As Akane reached the street wherein her best friend lives, all of her excitement was drowned away by the scene in front of her.

A block away stood Okatsu's home. A car in front of the house that looked vaguely familiar produced a man from the back seat.

..It was not any other man you'd see anywhere.

That brown, wavy hair...A perfect appearance in Akane's eyes...

There was no mistaking it; that man is her most beloved, and precious fiance, Takuto.

But what was her fiance, her Takuto doing in this place? His car in front of Okatsu, her bestest friend's house? Even before she could run up to him, or call out his name, Takuto had quickly approached Okatsu's house and rung the bell.

Takuto had turned his head towards Akane's direction after that, but Akane, for some reason, had ran to a nearby bush fence to hide herself. Worry and suspicion somehow made her heart beat faster. In her mind, words kept repeating...

'What is he doing here?'

Not a second later, the door opened, revealing a black haired girl.

Akane's eyes widened in a heart stopping scene, and finally, she was able to see reality.

The sweet gaze and smile that her most beloved gave to Okatsu... The way Okatsu sweetly returned that smile before they entered the house together...

Ah. So that was it.

Now that she thought about it, the days when Okatsu was busy to go out...So was Takuto.


..What is the meaning of this?

Heart racing in anger and disgust, Akane knocked on Okatsu's door; hiding her suspicions, anger and whatnot. Her face shows a smile, a bright smile that could make anyone blush without knowing.

Surprisingly, the one opening the door wasn't Okatsu. It was her housemaid; Akane knew her well. "Welcome—Ah! Yamana-san! Do you want me to call Okatsu-sama down? She's at her room-" the housemaid said.

"No, no, it's fine! I'll just wait." Said Akane.

"U-um, alright..." Whether the housemaid knew something was wrong, or that she already knew everything from the start, she doesn't have any right to stop Akane from talking with Okatsu, does she? She was only a mere housemaid, after all.

The housemaid lets Akane in, as she said, "Do you want some tea, Yamana-san?" before getting turned down by Akane.

"Alright... then, I should go do my chores now..."

"Oh, yes! It's okay, I'm not lonely... nor am I hungry now." She subconsciously emphasized the word 'lonely', but it seems she still hasn't realized yet.

"O-okay..." The housemaid went to the second floor, bringing her trusty broom along.

After the housemaid went away, Akane's eyes turned cold and ruthless. She was swallowed by anger, frustration, and, deep down, sorrow. Sorrow, devoid of ending. Perhaps... she was enchanted by the devil's voice.

Akane quickly, with soundless, light steps, walked towards the kitchen, grabbing a nearby knife.

The devil's voice has swallowed her whole.

"Okatsu..." said Shindou, hugging the said girl from behind.

"Takuto..." Okatsu replied, touching Shindou's hand.

Suddenly, Okatsu's phone rang as it received a text message.

[From: Akane-chan]

Okatsu flinched looking at the name displayed on her phone's monitor. After all, she was... in a secret relationship with Shindou, her best friend's fiancee. She knew this was wrong, and yet... she couldn't stop. She loves Shindou, and Shindou loves her too; both knew that this was wrong. And yet... it feels right.

Perhaps, she was a bad person, deep down...

With trembling fingers, Okatsu opened the message. Shindou looked at her worriedly, hugging her tighter.

[Okatsu-chan, are you in your room at the moment?]

It was a simple, short text. Okatsu sighed in relieve.

...But why would Akane want to know whether or not she's in her room right now...?

Okatsu decided to reply truthfully. After all... she was already deceiving Akane. A huge lie, surrounded by devils.

[Yes. What's wrong, Akane-chan?]

She clicked send, and sighed.

"Hey, Oka-" Shindou was about to say something as the room door slammed open.


It was Akane.

Okatsu and Shindou's face shows an unbeatable surprise; both almost jumped-Okatsu was the first to recover. She looked at Akane in horror.

"..A-akane!" Okatsu stuttered, "I-"

"Akane!" Shindou said, "I'm-"

"Pfft...!" said Akane, "To think that I was deceived by my fiancee and best friend..." she said again, voice as cold as ice.

"No, Akane..." Okatsu tried to justify herself. But Akane was right.

...She was...betraying her all along.

"Then... I'll snatch everything from you... him, your memories, and whatever else..." Akane whipped out a knife from behind her, and dashed.

She thrusted the knife to Shindou, as Okatsu screamed, crying out...

Song title is "ACUTE" - originally sung by Kaito, Miku, and Luka. If you're into utaite, do check out Pokota, Hanatan, and 96neko's version! I also recommend Sekihan and Piko (the utaite, not the vocaloid)'s. Stay tuned!

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