Continuation to my Taste of Forbidden Fruit II entry.

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Crossing the street next to this imbecile made my blood boil.

I wanted nothing more than to punch him and throw him in front of a car. It made me sick thinking he was back and that he just...had a piece of the woman I love.

A part of me understood that they were married and that if Bella didn't please him, she could end up really hurt.

Only I knew all the times I'd seen her eyes blackened or skin purple...

"So any plans for after you graduate?" James clapped me on the back. I felt my muscles straining, resisting the urge to snap and hurt him.

"Nothing concrete," I mumbled, opening the front door of my house.

I definitely had a plan, but hadn't shared it with anyone. I planned to use the funds my parents has saved for my college education to help Bella and her children run away from this brute.

"Already back?" Dad asked from his chair in front of the television.

I cleared my throat. "Mr. Simpson wants to see the kids."

Dad whipped his head around, then stood and crossed the room to shake hands with our neighbor. "Good evening, James. I'm afraid your children are sleeping. Esme just put them down."

"Still, I'll take them home. Your son can help me."

I scowled at the back of his head. "This way," I muttered, marching to my room.

Mom was just leaving when we appeared in the hallway upstairs. "Oh!" Her hands went to her heart. "You're back in town!"

"Yes, I'm staying for a while longer now. My people can take care of the campaign. I think I'm neglecting my family too much."

"I'll help him take them home," I explained to Mom.

She gave me a warning look before opening the door. I headed straight to Suzy, but right before I could pick her up, James threw me an angry look and took her in his arms. Over the time, I realized he preferred her a lot more than Jack. I felt bad for the little guy, because I had no idea how a parent could make a difference between his children. Bella loved them equally—just like I did.

Jack snuggled in my arms, his little head resting against my shoulder as we made our way out of my house and to his.

"I want to thank you, and your family, for helping Isabella with the children. You seem like a good boy," he commented, making me stumble over my feet.

"It's not easy for her to take care of them alone," I told him bitterly.

The door from his house opened, and Bella stepped out to greet us. Her arms wrapped around Jack, taking him from me slowly so as not to wake him. I could see fingerprints on her neck. Her eyes bore into mine, almost pleading me to behave myself.

James turned around, standing next to her. "What do you say about a grill this weekend? Tell your parents about it."

I shifted my eyes to Bella, who was staring at him surprised, then I found his cold eyes. "Alright." Turning on my heel, I went home.

I hoped he wouldn't hurt her.

Please, God.


Keeping Jack pressed against my chest with one arm, I closed the door quietly and followed James up the stairs to the children's room.

I still couldn't believe he just invited the Cullens over. He seemed to have an aversion to them, but maybe he finally understood how much Esme helped me.

When he lay Suzy down, she stirred and gave a loud squeal, hugging her daddy tightly. He laughed and hugged her back, kissing her golden locks of hair.

"Daddy, miss you!"

"Yes, baby. I missed you too," he told her softly.

James was a different person around the kids, especially Suzy. In moments like these, I couldn't hate him.

Jack mumbled something against my neck before he looked around confused. Then he saw his daddy and reached for him. I helped him onto his lap.

It was a sight to be framed and put near the nice memories I had of my husband—him on the bed with the kids, one on each of his legs. I sat next to him and rested my head on his shoulder.

Why can't you be so nice all the time?

He started acting out and being mean with me ever since he made a name for himself in the Government. Right after Suzanne was born, everything started.

Sometimes, I wondered if he had some whore in D.C., but then again I stopped caring when he laid his hand on me for the first time. He can have a line of whores in the city.

I always tried to be the good housewife like my mother taught me.

James was visiting my town when we met. He was one of the Senators for Oregon's people. I was in high school and didn't know better, so when the attractive man dressed in a suit asked me out for a juice, I accepted.

Of course it wasn't juice—not the kind of juice I usually drank. But it wasn't against my will, so when I found out I was pregnant a few months later, I called him, panicked. He helped me run away from home, and I'd lived with him ever since. We had a small wedding ceremony with only two witnesses—his best friend and his wife.

We travelled a lot until we settled where we live today—a small town, three hours' drive from D.C.. A month after we moved here, I had Jack.

The neighbors welcomed us with open arms, never questioning us. To them we were the perfect newlyweds with an oops baby in tow. No one knew my true age, and I left it that way. Especially when I got hired at the public library. James made sure my documents were forged so everyone would believe I was eighteen when we had the baby and got married. In truth, that happened when I was sixteen, almost seventeen.

James had never given me a reason to doubt his love for me.

In my book, he was perfect. He accepted that he had made a mistake and got me pregnant, by marrying me and buying us a house. We had a perfect life until one time when he sat me down and told me about his plans of becoming a senator. I encouraged him. All this might be my fault too, but I refused to think that way.

Shaking myself from my thoughts, I decided to work on dinner before putting the little angels to sleep.

I dreaded our alone time once they were asleep. James could have mood swings like no one else.

I picked at my vegetables, mostly pushing them around the plate. At least, Jack ate all of his making me kiss him, praising him and promising him an extra cookie tomorrow.

After putting them to bed, James took me to our room.

"I'm going to shower, try not to fall asleep before I return," he told me on an amused tone.

"After all the cleaning I did today… Try to be quick," I begged him.

He stopped next to me on his way to the bathroom, put a hand on my cheek and kissed me hard. "You better be awake, Isabella. Or else…" He trailed off heading to the bathroom.

Or else I'd be his punching bag.

Sighing, I went to close the curtains only to find Edward perched on his windowsill, looking at me. He was too far away to read his expression, but I bet it was disbelief. I tried to smile at him as I closed the curtains, also closing my eyes and wishing this wasn't so complicated.

I knew I was hurting him. A lot.

But I couldn't find a way out.

If I'd been a bitch, I wouldn't care about James's career, but I knew that if we divorced or if my affair came out…his career would have to suffer. There was a part of me that still cared for him—he was the father of my children, after all; the man I once loved madly and his word was law.

"Still awake, I see," he commented when he returned to our room.

I was on the bed, looking through a book, not really reading. "Yes, I'm awake."

"Ditch that and come here," he told me on a commanding tone. He stopped at the foot of the bed and dropped the towel.

I absolutely hated going down on him. He'd always been rough, not caring a bit that he was hurting me. This was one of the reasons I never did it to Edward, and bless his heart he never insisted.

"Open." James put his thumb in my mouth, making my lips part. Then he pressed his dick to my lips, tracing them, smearing them in precum before he shoved deep inside my mouth making me choke up, my eyes watering. "Jesus, woman. Can't you control your gag reflex?" he hissed annoyed, pulling out and fisting my hair.

"I can't!" I sputtered out, coughing. "Can't you try to see how far down my throat you get?" I snapped, narrowing my eyes at him.

I just declared war, but, whatever.

He rolled his eyes, going back in my mouth but surprisingly he didn't go deep. So I tried to be the good wife he wanted and pleased him the best I could.


I couldn't believe my eyes.

How could she allow him to kiss her like that?

It was my fault for watching them like this, but I decided to sit on the windowsill and keep an eye on their house in case that fucker was hurting my woman. But to see Bella responding to that kiss…

I thought back on what Mom told me about Bella being his wife and that she was not going to divorce him for me.

My heart sank when I realized that was true.

She'd willingly accept his beating so as not to separate the kids from him or God knows why else. I still couldn't understand her reason for staying and not batting an eye when he punched her.

Just then I realized she was facing the window, staring at me. I knew she couldn't see my face and I was glad. I knew I was crying at the thought I'd never have her, but I'd fight for her. Always.

Bella closed the curtains, and I turned to my bed, falling face first on it.

This weekend I'd start acting on my plan.




Saturday morning, Mom worked on a pie to take with us on our visit to the neighbors.

Apparently, we weren't the only ones invited. The McCartys were joining us too.

"Edward!" Mom yelled up at me.

Having finished school for good, all I did the whole day was sit in my room and either read or try to figure out how to play the guitar I got for my birthday a week ago.

"Yeah," I answered Mom when I made it to the kitchen.

"Could you run to the store, honey? I need cinnamon."

"Sure." I shrugged.

"Can you snap out of it? You seem to be in trance ever since James returned. You need a hobby."

I scowled. "I'm trying to figure out how to play the guitar." It wasn't exactly a lie, but I did miss Bella more than anything. "One packet of cinnamon?" I asked, scratching my jaw.

"Make it two."

I nodded and slipped on my shoes before leaving the house. The store was ten minutes away. After looking for what I needed, I headed to the cash registers, but stopped when I saw my favorite soda. Hmm, Mom gave me more than I needed for her cinnamon. Quickly doing the math in my head, I grabbed a can of soda and went on not looking around. Which resulted in a minor accident.

"Sorry!" I apologized quickly to the person I happened to run into.

"Distracted?" Bella laughed, gripping my elbow to keep herself steady.

"I didn't see you." I took her hand. "You okay? Did he hurt you?"

"Nothing happened, Edward. Though…" Dread filled me. "Someone might get hurt if I don't get home on time. You know how Jack is about his favorite cereal. I came to get it 'cause Jimmy has no idea which brand his son likes."


We walk to the cash register together. "You?"

"Me, what?" I mumbled.

"I haven't seen you much."

"Well, I can't very well come over while he's there," I said bitterly. "As long as you're okay…that's all that matters."

"I am. Don't worry about me."

There were a few other people in the line—all of them staring at us.

"So what about this party?" I wondered.

"Tomorrow is James's birthday," she explained quietly. "He wanted to celebrate like us mortal people." She giggled. "Anyway, I expect him to ask either Esme or Rose to keep the kids for a few days…because he's hinting at—"

"Oookay!" I groaned. "Can you stop talking? I don't want to hear about that."

"Edward, he's my husband. He hasn't…done that in months."

"Whatever," I muttered, pushing my purchases towards the cashier lady.


I paid and turned to look at Bella. "See you later. At your stupid party."

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