A/N: I. Regret. Nothing.

Don't tell me you're content with the way things are

Don't you ever wish the ceiling was on the floor?

Call me demented, call me insane

But can't you see the fun in my little game?


Evil, schmevil, I'm just playing around

Everything looks much nicer when turned upside-down

You try to reform me, say something's wrong with my mind

Can't you appreciate my beautiful design?


Everyone likes chocolate milk, you can't disagree

And cotton candy too is a treat so tasty

Sprinkle on the chaos, why no laughter in the air?

All I want is some fun, but nobody wants to share


I'll admit I get lonely every once in a while

And stone bodysuits aren't really my style

So if you're telling the truth, if you're being sincere

Maybe I'll take up your offer of friendship, dear


Sure, I can't have everything that I want

But there's something warm in my heart that I've got

I didn't expect it to feel this grand

But I couldn't let go when you accepted my hand


I'm the spirit of chaos, don't expect me to be perfect all the time,

But I won't take you for granted again, Fluttershy.