A/N: This is my first story so please let me know what you all think, sorry if it's a bit boring.

Chapter 1

Jen sat silently at her desk, trying to get her around what had just happened. 'Her eyes, oh those gorgeous green eyes, I have never seen so much hurt or anger in them' she thought. She places her hand on the side of her tingling face. "Why, why did I do that to her again we were getting on so well, you always mess things up don't you!" She says to herself.

Tilly was laid at on her bed at home, her heart pounding as if it was wanting to come out her chest, her eyes stinging from her uncontrollable crying. 'I hate her, why would she do this to me? She clearly knew that I was going to get expelled; she knew how much I wanted to become a GP, well she's ruined my career now I'm going to ruin hers'. Tilly was becoming so angry, tears just kept falling from her eyes, she spotted a couple of paintings that Jen had done for her, she walked over and tore them up, she couldn't stand the thought of anything being in her room that reminded her of Jen.

After a few hours when tilly had calmed down, she sat and thought about her times with Jen this made her smile, she realised that however much she hated Jen for doing this to her deep down she was still absolutely insanely in love with her and couldn't ruin everything that Jen had worked so hard for, however she was never going to forgive Jen for what she has done.

Back at Diane's Jen had just walked through the door; she kicked off her shoes, slammed her bag on the side and ran up to her room. Just before she managed to open the door Diane called out "Jen is that you?"

"Yeah, it's me Diane what's up"

"Oh nothing Love I just wondered if you here for tea"

Diane walked down the corridor and noticed Jens red and puffy eyes. "are you ok Love?"

"I'm fine I'm just really tired that's all, I'm ok for tea I'm not really hungry"

With that Jen walked into her room and slumped down on her bed with a massive sigh.

"How am I going to get her back this time"

Was this the end of Jen and Tilly!