To those who read this story, I have an announcement to make. This story has officially been discontinued and will be taken off the site. The reason being is that my co-writer have had little to no time to work on this due to lack of interest. That and our ideas have piled up too the degree where sacrifices have to be made. Again, I'm sorry, but life gets in the ways of things. As for the other stories, Winter Sekirei has been put up for adoption and Familiar Incident has been put on indefinite hiatus. But that doesn't mean I'll stop writing. At the time of this update, a few ideas have been green lit by me and my co-writer and couple new cohorts I've come to call friends. Look to the teaser section or follow me and wait for an update. Again, I apologize to those who've liked and followed this story and hope you can understand.

This is Ronin saying: Good afternoon, good evening and goodnight.