The 'Thing'

Chapter 1

The Discovery of The 'Thing'?

I heard something scatter across the floor to the right of me. I turned to see what it was but it disappeared from my view, behind an old wooden board that through out the years had began to decay. Timidly, I walked over to the decaying wooden board and lifted it above the ground to see what had ran behind it.

The first thing I noticed was a large hole in the wall that was stuffed with a variety of items from a pair of dirty underwear to a designer watch.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a brown leather wallet that looks just like my own... It is my wallet, I know this because it has my initials embroidered into the leather with a dark blue stitching. It some how got from my bedroom down the stairs to here in the basement. I stood in the middle of the basement in deep thought, thinking how it is possible, that my wallet got here from my bedroom.

I was distracted from my thoughts, by a high pitched squeak from deep inside the hole. I took a few paces back with shock. Then it clicked, my wallet got inside the hole, because the 'thing'? that had ran behind the board, had stolen it from my bedroom and brought it down here to the basement.

I walked over to the hole in the wall to investigate what the high pitched squeak was. I held my breath, and step by step, I inched closer and closer towards the wall.

When I was close enough to look into the hole, I began to hear breathing. At first, I thought it was my own, that was when I realized I still wasn't breathing. After I had taken a few breaths in, I ventures closer to the hole. I crotched down beside the wall, to work out what the 'Thing'? Is. I could only see more items and no 'thing'?

I noticed a patch of black fur hidden amongst a hat and a towel in the back of the hole. The breathing was coming from the patch of black, I know this because I can see it lifting up and down. The patch began to move a lot more, just enough for me to see a small head.

Just as I was about to see more of the black patch with a head, my mum called me up stairs for lunch. I ate my lunch as quick as you could say 'Sit Back Down' which is what my dad said as In began to get out of my chair. I sat back down for what seemed ages, but finally I was able to leave the table.

I ran to the basement so hat I could investigate more, but when I got to the hole, the 'thing' was gone, and so was my wallet...