Harry Potter and the Four Horsemen

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'The Serpent is silent, observant and swift,' Neville thought, still smiling as he saw Harry returning from his night-time washing and changing, his expression weary from the day's events and encounters.

Life in Slytherin was going to be many things…but it certainly wasn't going to be boring…

Chapter 4: Opening Hell's Gates

When Harry awoke on the first morning of his time at Hogwarts, he wasn't surprised to find his brother and sisters-in-arms already waiting for him down in the Common Room, the four of them leaving the dormitories together and making their way towards the Great Hall. As they walked, Harry glanced once to the two female Horsemen before he asked, "Any troubles?"

"Not really," answered Hermione, guessing that Harry was referring to the aftermath of his little speech the night before, "Luna and I are both in the same dorm with a young girl named Tracey Davis: she seems to be one of those who, like me, enjoy showing her intelligence without showing off. But, aside from her, we're pretty much on our own: Parkinson, Greengrass and Bulstrode were in the other first-year girls' dormitory."

"As long as they don't bother you, I don't care who it is," Harry remarked, keeping stride with his words as he moved towards the Great Hall, "Though I wish the same could be said for Neville and I: our dorm is shared by my soon-to-be-cousin Draco Malfoy and he seems to be someone that likes to think he's all that."

"Now, Harry," Neville piped up, "That's not fair; he took your warning last night to heart and hasn't really said anything since then."

"It's only the first day, Neville," Harry reminded him, just as the quartet reached the Great Hall, each of them taking in the splendour of the place through different means. However, as Harry approached the Slytherin Table, his sense of splendour was ruined when he saw his ex-brother walk in a few minutes behind them flanked by the red-head that Harry had noticed the night before. Both of them were laughing joyfully and, as Jason locked eyes with Harry, the young Potter Heir scoffed before he muttered something in Weasley's ear – Harry recalling the name from the Sorting Feast – and, just like an obedient yes-man, Weasley's laugh echoed through the hall.

"Ignore him," Hermione muttered in Harry's ear, taking his hand and leading him to the Slytherin Table, "He's not worth it: not yet anyway."

"I know," Harry growled, his hands curled into fists as he saw an obvious gesture of what could be described as amusement being sent in the direction of the Silver Quartet, before more laughter echoed through the Great Hall, just as the other students entered, some of them confused while others were disgusted at the lack of proper manners coming from the Potter and Weasley children. As a few of the Slytherins joined them, Harry whispered to his friends, "But the first chance that I get, I'm taking it: he doesn't get to think that he can crawl under my skin like…well like one of your little weapons, Neville."

"Just say the word," Neville whispered, keeping a comforting hand on Harry's arm, "And I'll see about something like dragon pox or seriously infected boils being sent in his direction."

"A nice idea," Harry agreed, before he glanced to each of the foursome in turn as he added, "But this year's about recon work: we need time to adjust to our gifts and discover whether or not we have any limits or advantages that we can use. However, as I said, the first chance that I get to teach that scum a lesson, I'm taking it: his soul is mine!"

The torches overhead suddenly began to flicker and sway in a cold breeze, which prompted the other Horsemen to keep close to their leader as they knew that it would be a bad idea for any of them to reveal their secrets in a moment of weakness.

However, if Death came out and decided to strike back, then it would be worse than bad: it would be catastrophic at this stage in the game; no, they had to do their best to control their powers and, for the other three, such a feat meant that they would have to help Harry tackle his demons before he wound up bringing a few to the mortal realm…


Throughout their first few weeks at Hogwarts, the Four Horsemen found that each of them in turn had their own demons to deal with: when you took the shock from a few of the students at the ex-brother of the Boy-Who-Lived as well as a prominent pureblood's heir being sorted into Slytherin, added that fact to the first ever Muggleborn becoming a member of the snake pit and then, on top of all that, recognised the way that the four stuck together so tightly, it was almost child's play for them to become the source of gossip and war-mongering rumours.

Neville was the one that got hit in the worst way: on their second Friday, he had barely sat down to breakfast before a red envelope had arrived with a regal-looking owl, the owl also holding a small sack and the envelope sealed with a crest that Neville identified with the Longbottom Family. With trembling fingers, Neville had opened it and, just in the nick of time, Harry and Hermione had crafted Silencing Wards as a booming male voice had echoed around the Slytherin Table.


Then, just as the letter had finished, a beam of black light had flown from the envelope and struck Neville, sending him to the floor as a powerful magical drain took its toll on his core, leaving him weakened and frightened. Because the other members were busy with their young companion, neither of them saw Harry glance to the Gryffindor Table where his ex-brother looked like the cat that had caught the canary: his smile was Cheshire-Cat like and his so-called dorm-mates were high-fiving him and sharing amused laughs.

"You really have no limits, do you?" asked Harry, his lips only forming the words due to the silencing wards; he supposed that the Gryffindorks were all congratulating Jackass after he'd sent the letter, no doubt aware of what would be the result. It took all of Harry's self-control not to summon his scythe and rip through the Gryffindors, sending their souls through the Veil, though the sudden appearance of Severus also helped as the man met the enraged eyes of his godson.

"My office: bring…Neville with you." His words were commanding, but also considerate and so, with assistance from the other two, Harry led Neville to Severus' office where he was told to leave the man with the Second Rider. Harry didn't want to, but Neville argued that he would be all right and, since they were so close, he would inform the others of what had been said.

It was over two and a half hours later that Neville returned looking much happier and much healthier, his eyes filled with a new light as he asked to meet his companions alone: going to a private area of the Slytherin Dormitory, Harry cast the same wards he'd done in the Great Hall before Neville told him, "Severus…he said that he wants to adopt me: not only because I'm one of his snakes, but also because I'm your friend and ally, Harry. He doesn't care about the secrets that we have or how exactly we're so…unique, he said he just wants to keep his promise to you. I said I'd need time to answer him…so, what do you think?"

Much to Neville's surprise, Harry had answered in the positive, though he did explain that Neville would need to have Harry present at the adoption ceremony so that he could explain any changes that Severus would experience. He also told Neville to hold off accepting until a time close to Halloween, a date that would really stick it to Potter and his sheep-brained cronies.

"Besides," Harry added, a shark-like smile crossing his face as he finished his statement, "I need to show James Potter that payback is a real bitch!"


When Sirius heard the ferocious knocks at the door to his London townhouse, he actually smiled when he considered an old edict about what goes around comes around. The point was only proven when he opened the door and found James Potter standing on his doorstep, his face a deep shade of red and his hand clutching a letter that held the Black Family Seal.

"Lord Potter," Sirius remarked, trying his hardest not to laugh at the sense of humiliation that he could feel coming off his former friend, "What brings you to my humble abode?"

"Shut your mouth, Black," snarled James, thrusting the letter into Sirius' hands as he added, "I want you to have a few words with your son about sticking his nose in where it doesn't belong."

Looking to the letter, Sirius let out a bark of laughter as he saw Harry's handwriting on the letter:

To the Right Honourable – though I use that term lightly – Lord James Marcus Potter,

I won't beat around the bush, you useless sack of deer's shit: I hereby state that you and your son have REALLY crossed a line in trying to get even with me; as if disowning me wasn't enough, your precious blonde bimbo sent a letter to Lord Frank Longbottom announcing that his son, a boy that is considered my closest friend in SLYTHERIN, Neville was one of us: and how did Frank react?

I'll tell you, you pile of – "Where did Harry learn words like that?" Sirius wondered as he read on – he disowned Neville and disinherited him IN PUBLIC, IN FRONT OF THE ENTIRE GREAT HALL! He didn't turn up at the school; no, he sent a Howler and had the magic of the family tied to it; Neville was weakened and, were it not for Severus Snape, our Head of House, he may never have recovered. Thankfully, Jay-Bear, it seems that my godfather knows what true loyalty is and so do I: Neville is like a brother to me, more than your blue-eyed arse of a son ever was, and, on the honour of my family, my TRUE family, I vow that I will protect him and keep him safe and strong, though I should now start calling him Neville Snape as Severus offered to adopt him as Sirius is going to complete the adoption to me.

So, for the record, here's my final word on the matter: your son is now free game! Neville is safe and you have done nothing more than piss me off, James: remember that what happens – and I have a lovely little date in mind for my little repayment – is YOUR doing. I KNOW you gave Frank the idea to do that rather than make it personal and proper: you're not even worth the Lordship you so voraciously flaunt, you sack of shit!

I can't wait to become a Black in every sense because, no matter how strong YOU are, you forget one thing: the Blacks have friends in EVERY corner of our community and, no matter what, I'll make sure that you realise how stupid you were in letting me go; you've taken the chains off, Jamie-boy, well, get ready to meet the vicious beast that you thought you could contain: oh, and don't worry about Jasie: I'll take VERY good care of him and his ilk.

Laters, your Fraudship;

Harry Black

"So…what are you complaining about?" asked Sirius, looking up to James with eyes of victory, "At least my son has the nerve and balls to do what you couldn't; go right for the jugular and it seems that it worked. Also, I have to applaud Frank: I mean you didn't even inform Harry of his disowning, so, ex-son or not, Neville should hold his head high. Also, I guess I'll have a little word with Severus; let him know that, as of this day, he and his new son will be under the protection and House Alliance of House Black. By the way, I don't suppose you know if my son has chosen a new name to get rid of the filth that's stained on that common name of his, do you?"

James didn't answer; too angry to respond, he turned on the spot and Apparated away; however, as he left, Sirius then reached into his pocket and pulled out a letter that Harry had sent not an hour ago, a single word written on the parchment;


'Message sent, received and understood, kiddo,' Sirius thought, liking the sound of the name chosen by his son…



Harry, just leaving Potions, stopped, smirked and turned to see Jason Potter approaching him, his face showing a look of anger and what Harry could have considered determination, if Jason wasn't such a daddy's boy and felt a need to do everything through his fraudship Father.

Adopting a look of innocence, Harry asked, "Something I can help you with, Jasie?"

"Yeah," Jason replied, before he took a swing at Harry, only to have his hand intercepted by Harry's, the young Slytherin shaking his head, a cold smile on his face as he held Jason's hand in a snake-like grip.

"Fighting like a common Muggle, Jasie?" he taunted, "Whatever would Daddy say? Oh that's right, he's not here and he's a bit busy having one of his temper tantrums because someone finally told him the truth: who was that? Oh, that's right…it was me."

"You think that standing up for the blood-traitor will save you from him?" asked Jason, though he couldn't release his hand from Harry's grip, "One owl and you'll be expelled, you piece of filth: how did you like living with Muggles that no-one wanted?"

"I found it very relaxing," Harry reasoned, "No broken record Father thinking that I'm unworthy of his name; no whining little brother complaining that he didn't have the newest broom and, oh yes, no-one to stop me from learning about my magical potential: such as this."

As he said the last words, Harry reached into his magic and dropped the temperature in Jason's fingers, a sound of stiffening bones being frozen rushing through Jason's hands before Harry then lifted his other hand and pushed Jason away magically. Examining his own hand, Harry sighed before he muttered, "Damn, broke a nail: ah well, you may want to go and warm that hand up, Jasie: it'll become infected with frostbite if not treated."

"Filthy snake," growled Jason, drawing his wand with his other hand, though as he did so, he was met with four wands in retort, all four of the wands held by the Horsemen as Harry laughed and shook his head mockingly.

"How does it feel, Jasie? Being outnumbered by someone that has real power, real friends and a real life rather than the preppy cat-walk modelling career that Daddy dearest put onto you?"

"Stupefy!" Jason snapped, though once again, his spell was intercepted by a shield courtesy of the newest Snape Heir, Harry now lifting his own wand in response.

"Serpensortia," he hissed, launching what appeared to be a Black Mamba from the end of his wand, the most poisonous serpent in the non-magical world. Facing the serpent, Harry then asked, "You know something, Jasie? I actually discovered something really interesting in my time at the orphanage: want to see?"

Facing the serpent, Harry took a deep breath before his next words came out in a series of snappish tones and sharp hisses, /I apologise for disturbing your sleep, beautiful creature: I just need you to put the fear of God into this little whelp; do that for me and you may stay with me. I could use a new friend that only I can speak to./

The Black Mamba lifted its head, its jaws parting, revealing its poisonous fangs, a small trail of poison escaping its maw as it then hissed back, /I sense great power in you, Speaker of the Art; I will serve you as you wish of me./

/Good boy,/ Harry chuckled, before he glanced to a petrified-like Jason, who was staring at the fangs and the jaws of the snake with fear. With a dramatic sigh, Harry then added, "Don't worry, Jasie: he won't attack…well, not unless I tell him to: interesting little gift, Parseltongue; my House Founder had it and now, so do I. Ah well: live and learn; oh and don't worry, he won't eat you: I mean he's not, I don't know, a Runespoor or a Basilisk, but, given time, I suppose I could summon one."

"D-D-D-Dark W-W-W-Wizard," Jason gasped, before he turned on his heel and fled like the devil himself was on his heels, leaving Harry to pick up the snake, a few more hisses escaping Harry's lips before he turned to face the other Horsemen.

"Whatever floats his boat," he muttered, before he stroked the head of the Black Mamba with a gentle touch as he added, "Guys, say hello to Lucifer: my new pet."


In their third week of term, Harry was sat in Defence with the Ravenclaws, his eyes lazily drifting over the pages assigned by Professor Quirrell, a stammering fool who couldn't go five minutes without sounding like a jumping CD, before the Rider of Death suddenly looked up, the seal on his neckline growing cold with an alert. Narrowing his eyes, Harry concentrated on the power in his seal before he whispered to no-one in particular, "What's got this thing going?"

"Harry," whispered Hermione from the seat to his left, "We felt it too: but because you're…you know, the First, you can sense it better."

"Sense what?" asked Harry, glancing to the other Horsemen, Neville and Luna sat on his right, both of them sharing in his sense of alertness from their seals.

"A soul," Hermione replied, leaning in close as though she was sharing a note with Harry; however, as she did so, she added in a low voice, "Death's gift is that he can see, sever and affect the soul wavelength of another being: I guess with your power growing and bonding to Ragnarok, you've become stronger in the Soul Perception sense as well. There must be something around here that's triggered it: try to focus on it and you could see where it is."

Clenching his hands, Harry appeared to be checking the book as he whispered, "How do you know this?"

"Damien told me," Hermione answered, looking slightly embarrassed as she explained, "While you took your free lesson last week to study in the library, I went to an empty room and summoned him: he said that our powers would grow and gave yours as an example. Go ahead: just focus on the dark inside you and draw out the Sight."

"Okay," Harry sighed, closing his eyes for a moment while, deep inside him, a strange coldness began to take root inside his stomach, a shiver passing up his spinal cord until it touched the area around his brain. From there, the power started to move through Harry's five senses and, when he opened his eyes again, Harry heard a gasp from Hermione; he would later discover that, when invoking the power, his eyes turned black as night.

"What do you see?" asked Neville, Harry answering him with a shake of the head as he glanced slowly around the room; however, as his eyes fell on Quirrell, who seemed to be moving around the Ravenclaws with a practiced eye, a strange sight met Harry's eyes. In his Perception state, Harry saw the auras and souls of those around him, each of them represented by a light or dark colour depending on their magical alliance; however, on Quirrell's head, Harry's eyes narrowed in suspicion as he saw a blackness that was only matched by his eyes. This blackness seemed to be latched onto the Defence Professor's soul, the blackness shaped like something that was a cross between a serpent and a strange wolf-like creature. As Harry glanced to Quirrell, he gave a cough before he let his mind and instincts as a Rider take over: the soul started to change and shift until it was as clear as day to Harry, Death now showing a look of shock on his face.

"No," he whispered, his hands trembling with a darkened fury as he added, "It can't be."

"What do you see?" asked Hermione, Harry not even having the courage to say it; his eyes, which had returned to emerald in his shock, now flicked to her and Hermione saw what could be described as fear, actual, living fear in the eyes of the First Rider. She also noticed that Harry's quill was scribbling down on a spare bit of parchment before he passed it to Neville, Luna and, finally, Hermione.

As she read the written information, Hermione seemed to understand Harry's fear:

Quirrell's soul is a host vessel…for VOLDEMORT! I HAVE to kill him before anyone else figures this out: his soul…it belongs to ME!

The sound of the bell ringing for the end of class cut off any questions or conversations between the Horsemen, though, as he left his seat, Harry grabbed the parchment from Hermione and fled in a manner similar to what he'd provided for others that had gotten in his way;

Like the devil himself was on his heels…

Chapter 4 and Harry has seen the truth, but can he muster enough strength to take on his enemy for the second time in his life?

Also, what will the outcome be for the new Black Heir and Snape Heir after being humiliated by their birth families?

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Next Chapter: Harry and Neville gain new names as the adoption process goes ahead; also, Halloween comes around and Harry decides to kill two birds with one stone as he exacts his revenge on two parties; and, in the aftermath of Halloween, Harry gains a mysterious new ally and learns a secret about him and the Horsemen;

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