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Preview in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…let's jam.


*"Go Go Cactus Man" begins to play.*

When you need a helping hand…

*cut to an old lady, surrounded by vicious robber thugs*

Old Lady: Help!

Thug #1: Gimme your money!

Thug #2: *waves a baseball bat* Or else!

Voice: I wouldn't do that if I were you…

Old Lady: It's you! *smiles*

When you need to be saved from the forces of evil…

Faye Valentine: *bound and gagged* Mmph!

Evil Guy: Mwahaha! Now to have my way with-

Voice: The only thing you'll have your way with is my mighty sword of justice, fiend!

Evil Guy: *stares in fear* Oh no!

Faye Valentine: My hero...

Or when you just need a guy to lay the unholy smackdown on some roodypoo jabronis…

Syndicate Dude: It's…

Syndicate Dude 2: The space cowboy!

*A man in a cowboy outfit leaps off of a horse and kicks the two Syndicate dudes in the head with one mighty kick.*

Voice: And that one's for the little underprivileged children in the hospitals in the third-world countries without running water or cable TV!

*The man turns around and looks into the camera. He smiles a trademark smile and gives a thumbs-up. The man… is Cowboy Andy.*

Cowboy Andy: Well, who were you expecting? Spike Spiegel? Don't get your hopes up! He's dead!

Coming this Thanksgiving, there's a new protagonist in town… and he's not a stubborn mopey whiner.

*Scene shows Andy and Faye staring down thugs.*

Cowboy Andy: Show me what you've got!

Faye: Ew… you're gay?

Cowboy Andy: Now why would you think something like that, little lady?

Faye: Oh, I wouldn't… *eyes sparkle* dreamy! *facefaults*

Cowboy Andy: Now why does that always happen?

Cowboy Bebop: The Funnier Sessions. Featuring Cowboy Andy!

Cowboy Andy: Howdy there. *gives thumbs-up*

Faye Valentine!

Faye: *flashes her breasts to the camera* Hey, I'm getting paid for this!

Radical Edward!

Ed: *leaps around* Whoo-hoo! Sequel! Sequel!


Ein: *barks* (I speak dog language!)

And… Applederry?

Applederry: World Kickboxing Champ 23 times running! Take that, East St. Louis!

Edward: Uh… that's a city, daddy.

Applederry: Did you say something, Francoise?

Cowboy Bebop: The Funnier Sessions. Making teenage girls cry all over again. *gets more dirty looks* With laughter! Whew…

Coming This Thanksgiving